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MCU Illuminati & Professor X Connection with Dr Strange 2 - Explained

MCU Illuminati & Professor X Connection with Dr Strange 2 – Explained

In the official trailer of Doctor Strange 2, Stephan Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is arrested by someone who might be MCU Illuminati.

The upcoming movie of MCU, Doctor Strange in the Madness of Multiverse, will be released on May 6, 2022. Recently the official trailer of the film has been released, including a lot for the fans to keep their excitement levels high.

The adventures of the Multiverse in relation to Doctor Strange began in the last premiere of MCU, Spider Man: No Way Home. In No Way Home, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker seeks help from Doctor Strange as his friends, and loved ones are facing many challenges because the whole world knows who Spider Man is. To help Peter, Dr Strange figures out a spell that will make the whole world forget who Spider Man is, but while casting the spell, there were a few distractions due to which the spell went wrong.

Spider Man Yellena Crossover Discussed by Tom Holland and Florence Pugh
Source by Marvel

Wong, the current Sorcerer Supreme of the New York Sanctum, warned Strange that spell is very dangerous, and with the spell gone wrong, the Multiverse opened up, and as a consequence, all the supervillains of all versions of Spider Men entered their universe. But, in the end, everything was sorted out; Tom Holland, among other versions of Spider Men, had cured all the supervillains and, with the help of Dr Strange, sent them back to their universes.

The upcoming thriller, a sequel of Doctor Strange, will be picking up from the events of No Way Home, and as does its teaser and trailer hints, Dr Strange will go through the various dark adventures of the Multiverse.

The recently released official trailer of Dr Strange 2 teases the debut of MCU Illuminati. As confirmed by Marvel Studios, Professor X (Patrick Stewart) will be appearing in the film; it might also hint that the classic team of the original heroes will be coming together. The rejoining forces of original heroes can serve the actual purpose mentioned in Marvel Comics.

Doctor Strange 2 Benedict Cumberbatch Says It Will Make Your Head Spin
Source by Marvel

According to Dr Strange 2 Super Bowl trailer, Stephan Strange will be facing a lot of new dangers and threats in the Multiverse, and he seeks help from Wanda Maximoff, Wong and a new character America Chavez. If one can figure out, it seems that Strange is trying to close the proverbial Pandora’s Box in the Multiverse, but it might be too late as Karl Mordo mentions to Strange, “desecration of the multiverse will not go unpunished.”

Following the sayings of Mordo, Strange was then placed in handcuffs and accompanied by drones who look similar to Ultron. Strange was shown standing in front of a board that seems to include Professor X, which might be shown as Marvel Illuminati.

Besides Patrick Stewart, many others heroes are considered to be involved in the secret society of superheroes, like Iron Man, Reed Richards, Black Panther, and many more. In the Comics, Doctor Strange was also a member of the Illuminati Marvel. However, in the trailer, it seems like Karl Mordo will be taking the place of Strange as Marvel Illuminati MCU. The team has taken it upon themselves to guide the path of Marvel Universe for favorable outcomes, and it seems that MCU’s version will be taking a step forward considering the whole Multiverse.

Who Arrests Doctor Strange in The Madness of Multiverse Trailer?

MCU Illuminati & Professor X Connection with Dr Strange 2 - Explained
Source by Marvel

In the official trailer of Dr Strange 2, Stephan was shown accompanied by some Ultron like drones along with the Iron Legion. These robots were created by Tony Stark to help the Avengers with crowd control before the premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Stephan Strange was taken into a chamber where a few members were sitting on chairs, which looked like the board. However, the faces of the board weren’t visible to the audience, so the members apart from Professor X remained unknown. With Tony’s robots and Stephan in handcuffs, it looks like Dr Strange might be appearing before a live-action MCU Illuminati.

Along with Karl Mordo telling Dr Strange about his crimes against the sanctity of Multiverse, it is a possibility that Karl might be a member of the board or maybe works for them.

Who are the Illuminati? Marvel Comics History Explained

MCU Illuminati & Professor X Connection with Dr Strange 2 - Explained
Source by Marvel

In the year 2005, Brain Michael Bendis created Illuminati for Marvel Comics discloses that Illuminatis has always existed, but in shadows, since the time Kree-Skrull War came to Earth and nearly destroyed the world (mentioned in the premiere of Captain Marvel).

The Superheroes came together in secret and formed a community with the intention of guiding the world and safeguarding it from all the dangers. All the Marvel Illuminati Superheroes brings something crucial to the table to help in the protection of the world.

While Namor stands for the realm of Atlantis along with the antihero mindset, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, stands for the Avengers and the common person with no innate powers. The character Black Bolt stands for the race of Inhumans, and he does give a perspective of the king, a similar role he had like Black Panther or Namor. Another character, Reed Richards, is included in the Illuminati, who brings in advanced science and exploration, whereas Professor X stands for the mutant kind. Our main lead nowadays, Doctor Strange, stands for the magicians like Sorcerer Supreme in the secret society.

The Illuminati Marvel Comics believed that together they have the right to shape or modify the events of the world to keep it safe. But their difficult decisions in the hour of need ultimately made the situations worse. One of the examples is that they accidentally caused Skrull Invasion in their world.

Another example was when they decided to banish Hulk from Earth, and he had to live in space; the results led to Hulk’s return for revenge in World War Hulk. But everything will only happen if the Illuminati remained together, as they did have their fair share of division over the years.

How Doctor Strange 2 is Setting up MCU Illuminati?

MCU Illuminati & Professor X Connection with Dr Strange 2 - Explained
Source by Marvel

In the official trailer, it was shown that the board, MCU Illuminati, before whom Dr Strange stands, are focused on protecting the Multiverse because of which they are punishing Strange for messing with it. In Marvel Comics, the Illuminati had their share of conflicts and battles, but when it comes to protecting their reality, their universe, it might make all the heroes come together to save the same universe.

In that case, the secret group will unite and is made up of variants from different universes like Professor X from the X-Men universe, and rumours have been heard of Tom Cruise being Tony Stark, a variant entering in MCU.

With so many possibilities, the official trailer of Dr Strange 2 does support the theories of the MCU Illuminati protecting the reality of their universe. It might be possible that they have sacrificed the MCU for the welfare of the Multiverse, which might result in making them villains in future projects. Well, the world just has to wait till May 6 for the sequel, Doctor Strange in the Madness of Multiverse.

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