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Fans of Grant Gustin responding to The Flash director’s statement that only Ezra Miller can play Barry Allen

Grant Gustin’s supporters are expressing their opinions in response to the remarks made by The Flash movie director, who stated that nobody besides Ezra Miller is suitable for the role of Barry Allen.

The comments made by The Flash movie director regarding the exclusive casting of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen have sparked a reaction from fans of Grant Gustin.

The Scarlet Speedster is set to make a comeback on the silver screen this summer in The Flash, a DC Universe film developing since 2014. With Ezra Miller reprising his role as The Flash, the movie will delve into the vast multiverse and loosely adapt DC’s Flashpoint storyline.

However, the recent statement from The Flash movie director has generated some online tension among Gustin’s Flash supporters. Andy Muschietti affirmed that if a sequel to The Flash were to be made, no one would be able to replace Miller as the iconic superhero.

This declaration has evoked strong reactions from Gustin’s fans, who expressed their thoughts on the director’s statement in the following manner:

Why Grant Gustin Fans Are Upset With The Flash Movie Director’s Comments

Why Grant Gustin Fans Are Upset With The Flash Movie Director's Comments
Why Grant Gustin Fans Are Upset With The Flash Movie Director’s Comments

While it is highly improbable that Muschietti intended any harm toward Gustin, it is understandable why his remarks have faced criticism. This controversy arose after The Flash series finale on The CW, which concluded the long-standing Arrowverse franchise, predating the DCEU.

Among all the stars in the Arrowverse, Gustin has had the lengthiest tenure within the franchise, including a nine-season television series.

For a generation of fans, Gustin has become inseparable from The Flash, as his portrayal and the success of his show have left an indelible mark on the character’s media legacy.

Naturally, Muschietti’s comments are disheartening, especially considering Gustin and Miller’s versions of The Flash have even shared screen time through the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earth crossover event.

The timing of the filmmaker’s remarks, just a week after The Flash series finale, couldn’t have been more unfortunate.

Furthermore, Muschietti’s statement may have been further aggravated by his earlier revelation that they couldn’t incorporate a cameo appearance by Gustin’s portrayal of the character in The Flash movie, despite it being the most logical choice.

Hopefully, Muschietti will clarify his comments and acknowledge that Gustin dedicated a decade to embodying The Flash. Nevertheless, despite any additional remarks from The Flash director, Gustin’s legacy will forever endure, with the entire series accessible for fans to revisit on Netflix and through home releases.

Fans’ Reasons For Wanting Grant Gustin In The DCEU

Fans' Reasons For Wanting Grant Gustin In The DCEU
Fans’ Reasons For Wanting Grant Gustin In The DCEU

According to Twitter user @Flashverse_yt, many fans perceive Gustin as the ideal representation of Barry Allen (also known as The Flash). As a result, they believe that the TV actor should take over Miller’s role in the DCEU.

The user told Inverse, “We have witnessed this individual portraying the character for eight years, observing his complete growth and development into the role. It would feel strange to see someone else stepping into his character’s shoes.”

PVR, also known as @TOAA_Shill_ on Twitter, is another fan who believes that Miller should face the consequences for their actions and Gustin should assume their position in the DCEU. PVR highlights that the casting of the Flash holds significance because these iconic comic book characters hold significant meaning for many individuals.

PVR expresses, “Superman embodies hope, Spider-Man teaches young teenagers about responsibility, and the Flash represents the idea that one’s past losses do not have to define them—it’s about what they still possess.” PVR further asserts that an actor portraying a character who carries such immense importance to a global audience should not escape accountability for engaging in certain activities.

Alexander Page, known as @PagmystYT on Twitter, expresses their enthusiasm for the potential inclusion of Gustin in the DCEU, emphasizing that, in their opinion, Gustin has consistently delivered exceptional performances, particularly in emotionally charged scenes.

Regarding Miller, Page adds that while they do not wish for anyone to lose their job or jeopardize their career, they believe that if someone repeatedly engages in actions that put the hard work and reputation of others at risk, then drastic measures such as recasting or complete termination should be considered as reasonable options.

Regarding Miller’s situation, PVR believes that Warner Bros., the studio behind the film, bears some responsibility. PVR notes that the studio was aware of Miller’s incident in which he choked a woman in Iceland in 2020. Yet, they continued with the production without assisting or supporting the actor.

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Is It Too Early To Replace Ezra Miller?

Is It Too Early To Replace Ezra Miller
Is It Too Early To Replace Ezra Miller

The details surrounding Miller’s alleged behavior still need to be clarified, leading some fans to believe that discussions of a replacement should not occur at this early stage.

Neb (@NebsGoodTakes) expresses their perspective to Inverse, stating they were not particularly surprised considering Ezra’s previous history. Instead, they were astounded by the ongoing series of unfortunate events that have plagued the movie, causing numerous production delays and pushing its release far beyond the initially intended date.

“I initially had hoped for a positive outcome,” Neb continues, “but as more information regarding their violent actions emerged in the following days, I firmly believe that their career is irreparable unless there is a sudden change in context.”

Neb acknowledges the need for a recast but believes prioritizing rehabilitation is crucial, emphasizing that focusing solely on a replacement at this stage might be premature. They also express the view that there are more suitable replacements than Grant Gustin, as his portrayal of Barry Allen differs significantly from Miller’s, making it unpredictable.

Furthermore, Neb highlights the demanding nature of being the lead actor on The CW for eight years, suggesting Gustin deserves a break and relaxation.

Alexander Zalben, the managing editor of Decider, shares a similar sentiment, stating that while Gustin has done an outstanding job on The CW, he does not believe Gustin should take over the role of The Flash in the new movies.

Zalben explains that casting Gustin would create a sense of being tied to the TV show rather than establishing a distinct and original franchise. Zalben suggests allowing Gustin to conclude his run on The CW’s Flash on a high note and then explore other projects that challenge him differently.

Zalben expresses a lack of enthusiasm regarding Miller’s involvement in the DCEU’s Flash, while Neb concurs that Miller should be dismissed. Additionally, Neb believes that mental health should not be used as an excuse for causing harm to others.

However, they also emphasize that the timing for discussing a replacement is inappropriate when the full details of an ongoing situation still need to be discovered. For example, Neb mentions that the restraining order filed against Miller by the couple in Hawaii has been dropped as of this morning.

Neb remarks, “It reveals your priorities when an important news story like this emerges, and your immediate response is to exclaim, ‘Great! Now we can have the Flash I always wanted!’ accompanied by a poorly photoshopped poster or a low-quality gif.”

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