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Flash movie is staring at the sight of the cancellation barrel as Ezra miller continues his antics off-screen.

They say don’t peek behind the curtain as the hero you see on stage could be entirely different in real life. But in the case of Ezra Miller, the veil of secrecy is completely omitted as his erratic behavior could be read like an open book

Miller has had a long list of public misdemeanors over the past 18 months with the actors being the recipients of numerous accusations and continues to remain in the spotlight.

Ezra Miller s’ latest exploits involve a report indicating the missing of three minor children and their mother who were allegedly last seen and living with the actors’ farmhouse.

 Vermont State Police state the lookout for three kids of age five, four and one alongside a 25 year old women has started.

According to Rolling Stone, Vermont State Police had reportedly served an emergency care notice which involved the removal of children from an unsafe environment.

Source claims, the house had guns lying around and in one incident the youngest of three aged one was seen putting a bullet in her mouth. Miller has been accused of hiding the whereabouts of the mother and children as the actor claims “They have not been staying at the house for last three months.”

Police claim the actor is withholding information in an attempt to evade service of the charges.

Looking at the accusations and charges one can assume it will bear heavy consequences for Miller not just legally but also for his career. Let’s take a detailed look of all the past incident involving the flash star and how it can affect DC Extended Universe film, Flash 2023,


Source by Warner Bros.

Despite being only 29 years old, Ezra Miller has had a rather troubled past leading to various legal troubles. Whoever handles the Ezra Miller controversy files, sure would need many folders to contain them.

Miller first action with law started when he was caught hiding weed on 28th June 2011 while riding in a car during his time on sets of The Perks of Being a Wallflower.The actor was accused and charged of drug possession but was later dropped in exchange of disorderly conduct for $600.

Miller dismissed event by stating in the New York magazine, “I don’t feel like there’s any need to hide the fact that I smoke pot. It’s a harmless herbal substance that increases sensory appreciation.”

During the pandemic times, Miller was recorded choking a women at a bar in Reyjavik, Iceland wherein he clearly heard saying “You want to fight, That’s what you want to do”. Following this, he began choking the women and pushed her to the ground that hit her against a rubbish bin as the video cut.

 Rumors were floating around on the identity of the man but a report in Variety confirmed it was indeed Miller who used to visit the bar often whilst he was in town.

Back in March 2022, Ezra Miller was once again arrested and charged for harassment in a karaoke club in Hawai but was released on bail for $500.His Hawaiian antics continued as once again he was arrested for hitting a woman with chair that caused a deep scar on her head . He was bought in court through a Zoom call wherein he pleaded not guilty and was ordered by the court to stay away from the club following a $500 fine.

On May 2022, Miller was caught stealing alcohol from a stranded house following which he was charged with burglary and felony. The police looked at the CCTV footage and pressed charges against the actor. Vermont Superior Court issued a citation to appear for arraignment on 26th September 2022.

For a man who plays the fastest superhero, Miller clearly lacks in thinking quick and right. Clearly, Miller can’t be trusted with chair, drugs, fans and his presence anywhere in Hawaii.

Social media took the mickey out of Miller s’ escapades with the following tweet:


Source by Warner Bros.

DCEU has been under the microscope for quite some while, whether delaying Aquaman to 2023 or canceling the $90 million movie Batgirl amidst production; it’s been a rough ride for DC fans.

The problems never seem to end as currently, Warner Bros. is weighing up the Flash movie after the latest Ezra Miller Controversy.

According to PR expert, Juda Engelmayer believes there’s now “too much invested” for the studio not to release the movie. Engelmayer, the president of HeraldPR told Newsweek:

Warner Bros. Discovery will watch and see how the [legal] cases pan out and look at their belief on what social and public sentiment might be. They have too much invested here, not just the cash, but DC Extended Universe [DCEU] storylines and future programs based on the outcome and success of The Flash.”


The felony, burglary, and housing charges against Miller have been carefully monitored by Warner Bro. representatives who are considering three possible scenarios of the accusations.

The Hollywood Reporters states the first scenario involves the actor seeking professional help after returning home and explaining himself and his actions in an interview. Post which, Miller would be allowed to do limited press duties before the opening of the Flash 2023.

The second scenario states if Miller refuses to consider professional help, Warner Bros. could still release the movie but the actor would neither feature in marketing nor publicity and could also lose his lead role in future projects.

Finally, if Miller doesn’t sort his ways out and push comes to shove, Warner Bros. would cut their ties with the actor and reshoot the movie with a new actor losing $200 million in the process.

Discovery CEO David Zaslav said , “We’ve seen them. We think they are terrific, and we think we can make them even better including The Flash.” 

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Source by Warner Bros.

It’s sad to see such a brilliant actor kicking his career and talent down the drain. DC fans would not only hope Ezra sorts himself out but also there are no consequential effects to Flash movie.

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