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Green Goblin May Be Hiding A Spiderman: No Way Home Twist


It is said by many that life has many “twists” and “surprises” as it passes on, and we only understand those “twists” and “surprises”(spiderman) by living life and overcoming every obstacle by “will” and “determination.” Such twists and bombshells are also witnessed in web series and movies on our gadgets. Similarly, a new plot twist can be seen in the very well-known “Spiderman” movie.

Now it is said by many media experts that spiderman no way home might reveal new things that may excite the viewers. This article will revolve around all the possible twists concerning the villain Green Goblin, but let us have a brief about the journey of spiderman till now.

Spider Man 3 2021: Spider man 3 Art Pictures Spidey In His New Spider Man Suit In A fight Against Doc Ock
Credit – Marvel


There have been eight different parts of the spiderman series that are majestic as every other aspect had something different or crispy in itself. The ninth part would be “Spiderman: No way home.” Let us have a glance at eight other parts and what special they had in themselves for entertaining the audience-

1. SPIDERMAN- (2002) –

Spider-Man, the first part had everything that the audience would love, a big-budget movie that was thoroughly based on connecting the audience with the character of “Parker.”

2. SPIDER-MAN 2- (2004) –

Spider-Man 2 was the second part in continuance of the first part, which was an improvement to the first part through which “parker” struggled to pay the bills was successful in fantastic everyone with his impeccable humor.

Spider Man No Way Home: Spider Man 3 will feature a new Spider Man Suit with Powers Similar to Doctor Strange

3. SPIDERMAN 3- (2007) –

Spider-Man 3 was the third part that somehow failed to impress the audience. It was a flop show of overburdening of different villains.


The amazing spider man was the fourth part categorized by a young parker who made efforts to fight with a massive lizard.


The amazing spider man 2 was the fifth part in which peter parker faced many challenges with the villains termed as “Electro” and “Hary Osborn.”

Spider Man 3 2021: Spider man 3 Art Pictures Spidey In His New Spider Man Suit In A fight Against Doc Ock
Credit – Marvel


The sixth part was a collaboration between Sony and Marvel which gave a new shape to the whole series.


The seventh part consists of a child who gets bitten by a spacial activated radically and thus develops familiar abilities.


The eighth part was a mere effort to add effects in the film by producing silliness which thus became a source of amusement for the audience and especially the kids.

Green Goblin May Be Hiding A Spiderman
Green Goblin May Be Hiding A Spiderman


It is claimed that Green Goblin would be the villain in the much-awaited movie Spiderman: No Way Home, but a new twist can be there, which is said that Green Goblin might have been hiding another spiderman. Yes, you read that right. Where on one side, it is noted that Spiderman: No Way Home revealed the casting of a green goblin; it is now assumed that the green goblin might be a hobgoblin.

It is considered by many experts that spiderman: no way home might also be the biggest hit as of now. The first three phases of the marvel cinematic universe have unfortunately come to an end. However, the spiderman series is still expected to reveal some new exciting secrets in the form of pristine villains such as green goblin and hobgoblin. Similarly, the MCU is focusing on introducing new villains in other series, which would unleash many challenges for the heroes’.

Green Goblin May Be Hiding A Spiderman
Green Goblin May Be Hiding A Spiderman


The experts might be correct, and their views about the trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home might not go parallel to viewers’ expectations. But on the same notes, it is also fortunate to believe that introducing another spiderman might attract fresh spectators, eventually bringing more money to the producers’ tables.

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