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7 Reasons Why People Like James Bond No Time To Die.

If you came here wondering about what is special about James Bond, then we might have something here for you. James Bond is not only a notorious womanizer but his charismatic on screen presence makes him a masculine icon. Agent 007 or also known as the peerless spy is part of the British Secret Intelligence Service. The Bond films are a sequel that has promised us nothing but sheer action and a great place to find all the latest trends! And we are excited about the latest Bond movie, No Time To Die. The franchise has made a strong footing since 1962; however, there came a dark age where the quality of the movies dropped. Fans were not feeling them, but the producers have taken a whole new take on the franchise.

Moreover, not all superheroes come in capes, even though the future of James Bond is uncertain but 2015 was an interesting spot to pick up from. It keeps us intrigued about what to expect next in the next movie, No Time To Die. Some of you might have heard that Daniel Craig might be retiring as the iconic role of secret agent, James Bond. Here is our list of reasons to binge watch the James Bond movies the next time you decide to meet your friends.

Picks off where they left off

Fans complain about the long gaps of almost four to five years for Bond sequels. Furthermore, the same trend continues with No Time to Die, which has been loaded with all adventure and is going to be released on the pre planned date of 8th October 2021. The last movie before retirement is to help rescue the scientist from the villain who is on the mission to get hands on technology that might change the power dynamics. This fall we will be blown away with a legacy Daniel Craig’s that no man could ever match. In an interview, he said that prepared to be blown away with all the plot twists and an end to an era.

Familiar faces in No Time to Die

The legend, Daniel Craig is leaving behind a legacy but his co-stars in the upcoming Bond movie. The supporting cast has some familiar faces, such as Jeffrey Wright, Ralph Fiennes, Lea Seydoux, Naomie Harris, and Ben Whishaw. But let’s talk about the sensational, Christoph Walts who has taken the role of the evil villain upon himself. This time all hell is unleashed with Ernst Stavro Blofeld kidnapping the scientist to end the world but Agent 007 has other plans.

Zurich Film Festival

We are excited to announce that for the first time since decades of producing James Bond, it has finally been selected for the 17th Zurich Film Festival to premiere on September 28th. This is the 25th James Bond movie but the first to be directed by the artistic, free – spirited, Christian Jungen.

A retrospective of Daniel Craig as James Bond

The premiere is going to give us something the whole world is waiting for. All the recent bond adventures will be celebrated in retrospect to every last detail. It sends out the message the James Bond movies starring Daniel Craig are trying to portray. The selection committee has worked tirelessly to highlight all the important cinematic moments.

Timeless statement pieces

This might be one thing every Bond fan can agree on without a doubt that it is the one stop for all our fashion needs. The cut and stitch of the three piece suits are what brings our attention towards premium quality formal wear. It is hard to find all the latest trends in just one movie. So, why not revamp your mundane style before the theatrical release? Dress to impress like Agent 007.

No Time to Die is worth the wait!

Even though the shooting was delayed due to the pandemic, with hard work and effort they managed to pull off before the release. Trust us, we know it was worth the wait because Bond is back! London’s Royal Albert Hall will be the venue for the first premiere, whereas throughout the world different premiere dates are released like October 8th in the US and September 30th in UK and Ireland.

Daniel Craig changed James Bond forever

The three – dimensional character is played to utter perfection by Daniel Craig who redefined the iconic role. He adds his own pizzazz to the classic vibe of the soulful actor’s plate. He shot his last scene and set the barrier so high that the shoes will be too big to fit anyone. Even though he is 52, he looks too good.

So, what are you waiting for? We love the world famous spy in his last James Bond movie celebrating 25 years of his Bond career. Hop on the bandwagon to celebrate all action and style with the upcoming release!

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