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The Boys Season 3: How Many Episodes are there, and when is the ”Finale”?

The Boys Season 3 is airing on Amazon Prime Video with eight episodes. To know what the audience can expect from the finale, keep reading. 

The Boys Season 3 has already stirred up fans’ excitement with its trailer. Before the trailer was released, fans waited for any information about The Boys Season 3 premiere, number of episodes and storyline. The Season 2 finale of the Boys was released in October 2020, and it’s been a long wait since then. 

After a year and a half, The Boys Season 3 has finally released its first three episodes. The release delay was due to some unforeseen circumstances, including the pandemic, but it is out now only on Amazon Prime Video.

The Boy’s story until now

The Boys season 2 showed the conclusion of Stormfront’s time as a member of The Seven after she revealed her Nazi plan to the public and an explosive run-in with Ryan, Homelander’sHomelander’s son, Stormfront’sStormfront’s part in the series ended on a gruesome note.

On the other hand, Queen Maeve stepped up, taking out Black Noir and simultaneously blackmailing Homelander. The Boys season 3 is based on a timeline continuing after a year of the events in The Boys Season 2. 

Not just that, the main cast, ”The Boys”, have separated their ways too. While Hughie will work with Victoria Neuman, Billy Butcher is joining Grace Mallory’sMallory’s taskforce. But not only are they separating the characters but are also introducing Soldier Boy, a revered and aggressive Super Human who worked for Vought, and other super-powered beings. 

How many episodes are there and their release date?

How many episodes are there and their release date?

Episode 1- 03 June 2022 (released)

Episode 2- 03 June 2022 (released)

Episode 3- 03 June 2022 (released)

Episode 4 release date- June 10 2022

Episode 5 release date- June 17 2022

Episode 6 release date- June 24 2022

Episode 7 release date- July 1 2022

Episode 8 ”Finale” will release on- July 8 2022

Like the previous seasons of The Boys, three will consist of eight episodes, with each not less than 50 minutes and can go up to an hour. The first three episodes of The Boys Season 3 are out on Prime Video and were released together on Friday, June 3 2022. 

After these three episodes, the series will go back to the previous cycle- releasing one episode per week for its last five episodes of the season. It is all a PR trick of the makers; if they had released the season in its entirety, the conversations about the season would not have lasted this as they are going to be now. 

All the details you need for Season 3 Finale.

According to the timeline mentioned earlier, The Boys season 3 finale is scheduled to release on Friday, July 8 2022, at midnight GMT. 

Although the officials have not yet confirmed anything about Season 4 of the Boys, Karl Urban, the actor who plays Billy Butcher, revealed that he would be shooting the fourth season of the series in the next half of 2022. 

The Boys Season 3 was a long wait for the fans, but seeing how much attention the series is getting, the announcement of Season 4 will not be a surprise. Amazon Prime started the first season of the Boys in 2019, and it has been a source of great entertainment for the audience; the plots and schemes, the thrill and adventure, everything has kept the audience hooked. 

It has had two spin-off shows; the first is set at a college for Supes, run by Vought and the second that began in March of this year, the animated series The Boys Presents: Diabolical. 

The voice artist(s) who dubbed the show in Hindi

The voice artist(s) who dubbed the show in Hindi

The previous seasons were dubbed in Hindi by famous actors of Bollywood like Raj Kumar Rao, Disha Patani and Arjun Kapoor. Still, the voice did not seem to do justice to the characters, which led to Amazon hiring professional dubbing artists for The Boys Season 3. Some very talented Indians have dubbed the show in Hindi that is premiering on Amazon Prime Video, they are. 

Homelander was dubbed by the Boys Season 3 voice actor Sanket Mhatre. 

Samay Thakkar dubs Billy Butcher in this season. 

Then comes Sumriddhi Shukla as Starlight. 


Conclusion June 3

The Boys Season 3 promises a lot of thrill, entertainment, and more intense confrontation. The season is going to be eight episodes long, and they are going to be released between the first week of June to the first week of July. They will be hour-long episodes and will be jam-packed with mysteries and adventures.

But the even better news for fans of the show is that it is not over yet. The Boys’ season 4 is promised. We believe the release of the next season of the Boys will not take long. Until then, The Boys Season 3 has already revealed a lot about the storyline and the conflicts that our favourite characters might face in these six weeks.

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