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Henry Cavill promises a more talkative Geralt of Rivia in Season 2 and other WitcherCon interview highlights

The inaugural WitcherCon on the 9th of July 2021 was a delight for Witcher fans throughout the world, who had many surprises and news and revealed about the next season 2. One was Geralt’s personal interview.

Henry Cavill spoke extensively about his character, his approach to the job, and what we may anticipate from Geralt of rivia for Season 2 in an interview with Josh Horowitz. Some of Henry Cavill’s most important statements about the next season have been selected here:

A more talkative Geralt in Witcher Season 2

In the first season, one of the most critical comments regarding Geralt of rivia and a great source of humor was that Geralt grumbled too much and spoke not so much as his book colleague had. This was deliberate, as Henry explains:

“Without the chance for a huge wading of discussion, I played Season 1 intentionally like the wilds. It was the finest thing I thought since it seems like he thinks more because he talks less. Then that was the purpose.”

Henry has also shown that this is about to change, and Geralt of rivia will communicate more in the next season:

“He’s in the scenario of Witcher Season 2 among the individuals he knew about at his home Kaer Morhen, and I thought I had to be verbose and cerebral, for he is what he’s all about. He isn’t a brute.” He isn’t.

Cavill expanded and confirmed that in the second stage Geralt’s representation of a guy who lived for decades, is more representative than in the books:

“To connect Geralt to the novels as near as vision and narrative would allow for me it was really crucial. And I would want to make him more verbose, scholarly, and representative of a man who has lived and leaned for philosophy for seventy years. Sometimes he can seem mopey, but he’s intelligent, too. He was there. He was there. He’s a lovely man while he has times of discomfort and the ability to be quite violent, but his motives are genuine. As much as possible, I wanted to think about it.

He is a mummy snowman and he’s a comedy, and I wanted to retreat from it in Season 2.” It’s extremely simple to become depressed.

Henry Cavill on Geralt’s relationship with Ciri

Credit : Netflix

Requested about his approach to the connection between Geralt and Ciri, Cavill said:

“Geralt is a guy of wisdom. He’s 70 of them. It is certainly a new scenario for him, although he is 70 years old, presumably having seen a few kids and knowing what they are, he heard the stories of kids considerably harder than Cirilla would be. It’s a new situation.

I wanted him warm. I wanted him warm. If it is not a parent, then certainly it is an Elder Brother, who cares for it. He won’t be very soft, because he had a rough life himself, and she will experience a harsh life.

She’s not a princess any longer, therefore he doesn’t make her smooth any longer, but he goes right along.

This was extremely essential for me, Geralt is humorous and harsh yet still smart and wise, and when it comes to the connection with Cirilla I tried to rely on it as far as possible.”

Henry Cavill on Yennefer and Vesemir in Witcher Season 2

Credit : Netflix

Cavill wouldn’t reveal much about the relation between Geralt of rivia and Yennefer or Jaskier throughout Witcher Season 2, but he had promised many shocks to the fans. Cavill stated of Geralt’s kinship to Vesemir,

“Kim (Bodnia) and I have worked very hard together to build a warm, really loving link between the two. We wanted it sensible. We wanted it sympathetic. This was meant to be their fundamental aspect and not overly driven by any type of conflict.”

geralt 1
Credit : Netflix

Cavill addressed questions from the fan if Yennefer’s loss will affect Geralt in season two:

“It’s vital to me to draw from the original material, and I wanted to stay as close to that as possible. The death of Yennefer is a major setback for Geralt, and it is something he grieves about, but he is a man of action, a smart man, and Cirilla is his primary concern. He’s lost a lot of people in his life, but he’s got a job to complete, and he’s more concerned with being there for Cirilla.”

He said yes to another fan’s query about if we’ll see more signs in season two. In response to additional queries, he stated that Vesemir is the character in the second season that he is most looking forward to seeing, and that Blood of Elves is one of his favorite novels in the Witcher series.

Finally, when asked if there will be any new bathtub scenes, Henry said, “There are no bathtub sequences for me personally, but viewers will not be disappointed since there is enough of male flesh to be viewed.”

You can watch the whole interview here.

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