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Iron Man’s Death Set Up Spider-Man No way home’s Ending

Iron Man death has been perfectly set the standards for Spider-Man: No way home’s ending.


The tragic ending of Avengers: Endgame, which was the scene where Iron Man sacrificed himself to defend our universe from Thanos, completely set the standards and provided a stage for Spider-Man No Way Home’s final scene.


This MCU Phase 3 movie event was the scene where Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark bowed out of Marvel’s epic franchise, promising his life to using the Infinity Gauntlet end or stop the Josh Brolin’s Mad Titan.

Then, Iron Man finally lived up to his role as Spider-Man’s mentor.

In most cases, Iron Man’s relationship with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was reductive: the Spider-Man from the MCU was made to be under the shadow of Stark even though his technology allowed instant improvements on Parker’s Spidey suits made from scratch.

Stan Lee Confessed He Created Iron Man to be Completely Unlikable
Credit – Marvel

Regardless of worries that Spider-Man could not direct the story of his individual MCU stories, Stark also stood in for Uncle Ben, proposed astute guidance on Peter’s obligations, and trying to ensure that he was on the right track.

However, due to Stark’s flaws, he balanced his almost paternal feelings for Peter by displaying his signature style of impulsiveness and some wrong decisions.

Not only did he match Spider-Man’s costume with the ability to kill in a flash.

However, he also pressured his character to become an Avenger much too early.

It was only through the death of Iron Man that Spider-Man was capable of stepping out from his shadow. Tony Stark was a thorn in the side of .

However, even his former mentor influenced Peter’s story, which led to the complete Mysterio storyline of Spider-Man “Far From Home”.

In addition, Peter was also tagged with the label of “the “next Iron Man”.

If he does or not in the future is still to be determined the Spider-Man’s self-imposed exile after No Way Home is arguably making Peter closer to Iron Man than he ever was.

In addition, Peter Parker’s selfless decision to erase himself from the memories of his beloved family members in the name of protecting the universe seems like the ultimate, essential knowledge Tony Stark gained from his life.

Spider Man No Way Home
Spider Man No Way Home

It was born out of one of the final Iron Man scenes within Avengers: Endgame. In the final moments of his life, Tony Stark gave Peter the guidance and support he required for saving the universe in No Way Home.

While Holland’s Peter Parker never met the first, roughest, and most basic character, the roughest Tony Stark.

As a role model, the most essential lessons Iron Man could have taught from his own experiences would have been those of dedication to doing anything necessary to achieve his Greater Good.

Iron Man had almost sacrificed himself to stop his involvement in the Battle of New York. He was willing to commit suicide to prevent Thanos from executing his plan during Infinity War.

He willingly subjected teammates to Avengers in The Sokovia Accords in the name of the “bigger picture”.

He might be reckless, and his decisions in his private life (before the time he let himself settle) weren’t the best model for a young person; however, Iron Man was a character from the MCU.


Iron Man lived a life very much in line with Spider-Man’s famous mantra: “with great power comes with great obligation.”

The sacrifice of Tony after Avengers: Endgame was his response to Captain America questioning his altruism in The Avengers, but this also had the more significant motive of inspiring Peter Parker to do the most challenging task.

The decision of Spider-Man to tear out his heart as he did in The Way home was akin to Iron Man’s decision to set aside his family members in Endgame to defeat Thanos.

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