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Junjou Romantica Season 4: Release Date Confirmed?

Junjou Romantica Season 4: Renewed or Cancelled + Release Date Predictions

Junjou Romantica Season 4, when will it happen?

Shounen-ai, or Boys’ Love, is an anime category encompassing the romantic interactions between men with different degrees of intimacy. 

Instead of targeting the sexual components, shounen-ai focuses on the emotional angle of characters with a backdrop of mutual affection. 

Series like Hitorijime My Hero, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, and Love Stage are examples that have showcased romantic storylines among boys.

One such anime which possibly could be attributed to being a pioneer of this genre is the adaption of Shungiku Nakamura s’ manga series, Junjou Romantica.

The story follows Misaki Takahashi, who sees his elder brother being fondled by a stranger. Confused at sight, Misaki learns that the stranger is a popular novelist and his best friend, Akihiko Usami.

While his brother and Akihiko become familiar, the latter becomes Misaki s’ tutor. Elsewhere, Akihiko s’ friend, Hiroki Kamijou, is a university literature teacher on the verge of a mental breakdown after failure in romance.

He meets the university student, Nowaki Kusama, who wants his help in the upcoming exams. Although hesitant initially, Hiroki agrees to Nowaki s’ request and eventually becomes much closer.

Furthermore, when wealthy teenager Shinobu Takatsuki finds out that his older sister has divorced Hiroki’s coworker You Miyagi, he immediately wants to date the same man as he saved Shinobu from a robbery three years prior. 

Even so, You do not feel the same way and attempt to scare him off. However, the educator soon realizes Shinobu will do anything for their destined romance.

Junjou Romantica collects three love stories as they are caught up in a pure romance storm.

Junjou Romantica season 3 was a relative success as compared to other romantic animes, but fans have been wondering if there will be a fourth installment or not.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Junjou Romantica Season 4.

Junjou Romantica is rated 7.5/10 and ranked #1691 with 245,649 members on MyAnimeList


what is Junjou Romantica Season 4 release date
Source by Deen

Junjou Romantica Season one aired from 10th April 2008 to 26th June 2008 for 12 episodes. The series was renewed for a second season which ran from 12th October 2008 to 27th December 2008 for 12 episodes.

Junjou Romantica Season three aired from 8th July 2015 to 23rd September 2015 for 12 episodes. 

As of writing, there is no information from studio Deen on the renewal of Junjou Romantica Season 4. 

Junjou Romantica Season 110th April 2008
Junjou Romantica Season 212th October 2008
Junjou Romantica Season 38th July 2015
Junjou Romantica Season 4Yet to be Announced

Production Studios consider various financial and commercial metrics before announcing a renewal. 

Junjou Romantica became the first yaoi (boys’ love) title to enter the New York Times Manga Best Seller list when it debuted in week 28. According to Oricon and DVD sales data from Animesuki, the first DVD for the Junjō Romantica anime adaptation was released on July 25, 2008. It became a hit, selling 8,406 copies in its first week.

The second season’s DVD sales performed exceptionally well by selling an average of 7,000 to 8,000 copies, which makes it one of the most profitable anime series of the year. 

It was constantly ranked very high on Amazon Japan for the DVD category as well. Fan Reviews and responses were also positive.

Junjou Romantica premiered way back in 2008, and it was only after seven years the series was renewed for a third season.

Meanwhile, Junjou Romantica Season 3, as mentioned previously, was a relative success which is further evidenced by its IMDB user episode rating.

Junjou Romantica Episode 18.0
Junjou Romantica Episode 27.4
Junjou Romantica Episode 38.0
Junjou Romantica Episode 48.2
Junjou Romantica Episode 57.8
Junjou Romantica Episode 68.0
Junjou Romantica Episode 78.3
Junjou Romantica Episode 87.7
Junjou Romantica Episode 97.8
Junjou Romantica Episode 108.0
Junjou Romantica Episode 118.6
Junjou Romantica Episode 128.9
Source: IMDB

While the reviews and ratings are generally positive, Junjou Romantic Season 3 wasn’t as popular as other Summer 2015 releases like Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls, Snow White with the Red Hair, and My Wife is the Student Council President!

Another crucial point which needs to be considered is the availability of a studio. Studio Deen has released two series in the form of Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre and Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Chaos in Urbanrama.

Furthermore, ‘Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi’ has a third Season for Winter 2023, which completely rules out this year.

Hence it is safe to assume that it will be several years wait before a new season including Junjou Romantica Season 4 trailer and Junjou Romantica Season 4 release date gets announced.


_Junjou Romantica manga CATCHUP
Source by Deen

Junjou Romantica manga is written and illustrated by Shungiku Nakamura. It began serialization by Kadokawa Shoten on 30th April 2002.

The manga has been collected into 27 volumes, with the latest issue released on 1st September 2022.

Junjou Romantica manga is rated 8.1/10 and #489 on Popularity with 31k members on MyAnimeList


_Junjou Romantica Season 4 plot
Source by Deen

In the finale of Junjou Romantica Season 3, “True Love is Fate,” Akihiko has massive plans for the vacation with Misake on his 22nd birthday. 

However, his plans are intruded from a call as he is informed about a literature award ceremony that he needs to attend. Reluctantly, the pair attend but leave sooner than permitted to Kamakura.

While shopping for marbles, Misaki explains to Akikhiko how he and Takahiro used to make wishes on marbles. 

While making a beeline for the bathroom, Misaki gets a call from Ijuuin and finds the mangaka standing not too far off. 

Despite coming to Kamakura to take reference pictures and having referred to Misaki was there too, expected to set up a date. He admits again to Misaki, who, with Akihiko standing close by, inconspicuous, figures out how to turn him down.

Junjou Romantica Season 3 is covered till Chapter 68 of the manga, which means Junjou Romantica Season 4 will begin by adapting Chapter 69 or Junjou Romantica Act 33.

Misaki Takahashi and Akihiko Usami are enjoying the former s’ birthday while celebrating Usagi s’ award with Takahiro Takahashi, Manami Kajiwara, and their son Mahiro Takahashi at Usagi’s condo.

Takahiro brings up the subject of Misaki moving out to start his life as an adult to Usagi and Misaki’s dismay and dismisses Usagi’s request to have Misaki stay with him. 

Manami notices that something is upsetting Misaki but does not push it. Takahiro suggests that Misaki would stay the weekend with them as a trial run. 

After they leave, Usagi has little faith in Misaki when he says he should be the one to talk to his brother, but Misaki is determined. 

That night Ryuuichiro Isaka and Eri Aikawa talk Usagi into participating in an autograph session in which he agrees on the condition that Misaki is present.

Junjou Romantica Season 4 characters and their development will further be explored as our favorite boys romance and overcome different challenges.

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Source by Deen

Junjou Romantica anime is directed by Chiaki Kon with a screenplay from Michiko Yokote. Music is composed by Kayo Konishi and Yukio Kondoo. 

Characters are designed by Yoko Kikuchi, with Rie Ogura as the producer. Hozumi Goda directs the sound while Eiko Tsunado designs the art. 

You can find the list of Junjou Romantica characters and voice cast below:

 Shinobu TakatsukiDaisuke Kishio
 Akihiko UsamiHikaru Hanada
 You MiyagiKazuhiko Inoue
 Hiroki KamijouKentaro Ito
 Nowaki KusamaNobutoshi Canna
 Misaki TakahashiTakahiro Sakurai
 Mizuki ShiibaHiro Shimono
 Kyou IjuuinHozumi Gōda
 Fuyuhiko UsamiJūrōta Kosugi
 Takahiro TakahashiKishō Taniyama
 Haruhiko UsamiKousuke Toriumi
 Kaoruko UsamiNana Mizuki
 Eri AikawaNoriko Namiki
 Kaoru AsahinaRyotaro Okiayu
 Ryuuichiro IsakaToshiyuki Morikawa
 Ryou ShizukuishiToshiyuki Toyonaga
 Shinnosuke ToudouWataru Hatano
 Masahiro TakahashiYuuko Yamazaki


Source by Deen

While the series isn’t cancelled, Junjou Romantica Season 4 could be a long wait before anything officially materializes.

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