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Revenger Anime Official Release Date Confirmed + Trailer And Staff Revealed

Revenger Anime gets its first look and premiere date!

More often than not, animes are adapted from source material constituting either manga or a light novel, which in turn is bought to the big screen to boost its sales.

While mangas and light novels are still the origins of most animes, studios stray from this pattern and experiment by creating their original series.

Some of the most popular animes have been original productions that feature Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Code Geass, Death Parade, and many more.

Original anime series have their perks when it comes to watching them, as one cannot be spoilt due to a lack of source material hence maintaining the spoiler-free experience throughout the series run.

Furthermore, original animes are made with no restraints and creative control, which a director doesn’t get while adapting from a manga or light novel. 

Each year there are fair few original series are released in an attempt to create their franchise fandom, which is what Ajia-do Animation Works s’ Revenger anime will look to do as well.

The Revenger anime has been in production for some while, and finally, after the initial adaption announcement, an official release date along with cast and trailer is available.

Are you excited about the Revenger anime, if so, keep scrolling to find out more on the latest news and updates about the new original anime, Revenger.


Source by Ajia-do Animation Works

On 30th September 2022, Visual novel developer Nitroplus and distributor Shochiku announced a new original television anime series titled Revenger.

On 25th November 2022, the official website for visual novel developer Nitroplus and distributor Shochiku released the Revenger anime trailer and confirmed the Revenger anime release date to be 5th January 2023.

A key visual featuring the main lead Raizo Kurima was also revealed, featuring the tagline “I kill people. To oppose this cruel fate.”

The Revenger anime is licensed by Crunchyroll, who have also announced that an advanced screening of Revenger anime s’ world premiere will be done on 3rd December at The Anime Frontier event scheduled to be held from 2nd to 4th December at Fort Worth, Texas.  

Nitroplus is a visual novel video game developer that has developed a number of visual novels, including Phantom of Inferno, Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa, and Smile of the Arsnotoria.They have also collaborated with developer Type-Moon to create the light novel series Fate/Zero.

Shochiku is a Japanese movie studio that also produces and distributes anime movies. They were formed initially as a kabuki production company and have produced a number of anime titles in recent years, including Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll movie, The Ancient Magus’ Bride TV anime, Sonny Boy, and more.

You can watch the Revenger anime trailer below:


Source by Ajia-do Animation Works

Since the series is an original, there is no source material in the form of Revenger manga or light novel, but according to the official website, the plot is described as follows: 

Once upon a time, in Nagasaki, a history different from ours betrayed by what he believed in, Raizo fell into a cowardly trap and killed his fiancée’s father. 

Burdened with an unforgivable sin, he himself fell into a desperate situation, saved by a jack-of-all-trades who is “undertaking all kinds of convenience things.” 

In fact, their true identity was “REVENGER,” a killer who takes revenge on powerless people. 

Yuho is an elegant makeup artist who lives by her secret faith. Tetsuha is a former pirate town doctor who is loved by the townspeople. Nio is an androgynous boy who has both innocence and cruelty. Souji, a gambler who lives from day to day, loves sake and gambling. 

Half-picked up, Raizō ends up joining a group of assassins who have one or two quirks. A strange friendship is born through the life-threatening work between the five people who were born, raised, doctrines, and claims. 

Before long, they become embroiled in a big conspiracy while chasing the truth of the incident that occurred in Nagasaki.

As master assassin Usui Yuen looks into a series of assassinations made on the great samurai clan, the Satsuma, he encounters Kurima Raizo, a member, and survivor of one of the attacks. 

Together, they discover the true nature of these murders is bigger than over-stolen resources. As they get closer to the truth, will they come out alive to exact revenge?

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Source by Ajia-do Animation Works

Revenger anime is directed by Masaya Fujimori, who has previously worked as a staff in series and movies such as Silver Spoon, Zettai Shonen, Pokémon: the first movie, Sprit of Wonder, and YAT Anshin! Uchū Ryokō.

Series is written by Geb Urobuchi and Renji Oki, while characters are designed by Yuji Hosogoe. Music is composed by Jun Futamata, and Akiko Fujita handles the sound direction.

Revenger anime is animated by Ajia-do Animation Works and produced by Nitroplus and Shochiku.

DirectorMasaya Fujimori
Series CompositionGen Urobuchi (Nitroplus)
ScriptGen Urobuchi and Renji Oki (Nitroplus)
Music Jun Futamata
Original storyGen Urobuchi (Nitroplus)
Original Character DesignJiro Suzuki and Yūichi
Character DesignYuji Hosogoe
Art DirectorHotaka Okamoto
Chief Animation DirectorEmiko Endo, Yuji Hosogoe and Yuki Nishioka
Sound DirectorAkiko Fujita
Director of PhotographyTeppei Satō
Color designNaomi Nakano
Theme Song PerformanceMaaya Sakamoto (ED)

Protagonist Raizō Kurima will be voiced by Jun Kasama, who has also been casted in series such as You Don’t Know Gunma Yet, Vatican Miracle Examiner, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, and Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers 2.

Revenger anime will feature another popular voice actor, Yuichiro Umehara, who is cast as Yūen Usui. Yuichiro has worked in titular roles in series such as Goblin Slayer and Classroom of the Elite and is also set to play protagonist Anos Voldigoad in The Misfit of Demon King Academy season 2, replacing Tatsuhisa Suzuki. 

You can find the list of Revenger anime characters and voice cast below:

 NioHisako Kanemoto
 Raizō KurimaJun Kasama
 SōjiShouta Hayama
 Teppa MurakamiShunsuke Takeuchi
 Yūen UsuiYuichiro Umehara


Source by Ajia-do Animation Works

The Revenger anime has a fascinating cultural samurai appeal, which will be a massive draw, especially with the sword fights shown in the trailer. Will it be a success; only time will tell.

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