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Lisa Kudrow Battled With Body Image Issues during Friends

A famous sitcom, Friends, released on NBC in 1996, entails a few of the characters becoming friends and struggling through the life of New York together. Phoebe Buffay, one of the main characters of the Friends Series taken by Lisa Kudrow, an American actress and comedian.

Phoebe was known for a free spirit and amazing confidence in herself and her life. The character had an eccentric personality with her matching fashion sense, and Phoebe was very optimistic and believed in various superstitions.

Phoebe Buffay Past Live Revelation Theory Biggest Mysteries Solved
Source by Friends

Phoebe was a masseuse and a part-time musician who sang not for money but pleasure. She is popular for the song ‘Smelly Cat’, and the viewers find her weird but love that about her.

Phoebe felt so powerful with her body and her wardrobe in the show. However, in real life, Lisa Kudrow reveals having body issues on the sets of Friends.

Lisa Kudrow: Interview with WTF

In a recent interview in a Podcast of WTF with Marc Macron, Lisa Kudrow talked about her time on the sets of Friends. She mentioned that standing next to the co-stars Jennifer Anniston and Courtney Cox always felt like a big woman and started questioning her body.

“You see yourself on TV, and it’s that, ‘Oh my god, I’m just a mountain of a girl,” Lisa shared the types of thoughts that run through her mind. She thought of herself like a “mountain of woman” standing with her castmates.

Lisa Kudrow Battled with Body Image Issues during her Time on Friends
Source by Friends

It is shocking that the Phoebe we saw on the Sitcom, a confident person who would never think of these types of things, Lisa is struggling to keep Phoebe like it. We never know what is going through someone’s mind.

Some of you may ask ‘how old is Lisa Kudrow?’ well she is not that old, only 55 years old. Lisa Kudrow mentions that she won’t be able to see herself in the show, whereas her husband Michael Stern used to love that show. Lisa stated that going through the body image issues; she left mortified with herself during the start.

Lisa Kudrow mentioned that no one ever commented on her body, but when she used to lose her wait ‘on purpose,’ everyone used to compliment her. Lisa said, “Unfortunately for a woman, if you’re underweight, you look good and that’s all I ever got.”

Lisa Kudrow Battled with Body Image Issues during her Time on Friends
Source by Friends

This cycle of losing wait for compliments became really difficult for her and took a toll on her health. “When I was too thin I was sick all the time, a cold, sinus infection, I was always sick.” – Lisa Kudrow.

Lisa Kudrow witnessing herself being vulnerable to infections and everything, tried to fight back and mentioned that the struggle got better. She still struggles with her body image, but she has gotten over it, thinking that she’s older now and that’s not a bad thing.

Despite all of these struggles, she came to the reunion of Friends happened recently in May 2020. Lisa Kudrow expressed that when she looks back on the time of Friends Sitcom, she feels ‘nothing but good’ about it.

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