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Phoebe Buffay Past Live Revelation Theory: Biggest Mysteries Solved

Phoebe Buffay, the character played by Lisa Kudrow, is the most eccentric and unpredictable of all the Friends’ Characters.

Friends is a simple yet elegant comedy show about a few friends meeting each other in their lives in New York. Each character got their dreams and desires, which are – Monica, the glue of the group, is a chef, Joey, a struggling actor, Rachel, stunning father’s girl, to run out of her wedding and became a waitress in a coffee house. Ross, a paleontologist, always talking about fossils, Chandler, hates his data processing job, looks gay, and last but not least, Phoebe, a masseuse, and a singer.

Friends: Why Matthew Perry Didn't Like The Lounge Chair Episode
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Everything started in the summers of 1998, first premiered on NBC. It showcased the lives of some people coming together, becoming friends, and going through the struggles of life together. In 25 years, this show created a fan base that shared many theories hypothesizing some of the mysteries about Friends’ characters.

Phoebe Buffay: Character Reveal

In Friends, Phoebe Buffay is one of the greatest and unique characters played by Lisa Kudrow. She’s got a rough yet unclear past, where her mother committed suicide, and her father left her that we know of. She is the strangest character who is blunt and moody. However, she is an excited and optimistic soul.

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Some of the scenes in the show portrayed that Phoebe was highly superstitious, as once she believed that someone would die because her fortune-teller told her, and it did happen; her fortune-teller died. One thing to remember, she is a strict vegetarian, but when she became pregnant, she ate a lot of meat.

She was a beautiful singer who became famous for a legendary song, ‘Smelly Cat’, where she made a song about the struggles of a smelly cat, which no one likes. Apart from singing, she’s got many things inside her heart. She’s very generous and got a huge heart, as giving up the kids you grew in her uterus isn’t an easy challenge, but she did for her brother.

Apart from this, everything’s a mystery about Phoebe’s past. One fan theory states that she might be an American Spy working in Europe in her past. A fan broadcasted his approach on Reddit, stating that she was present in Czechoslovakia working as an undercover American Spy during the Cold War. This theory says that the weird character is designed to cover up her spy past.

Phoebe Buffay Past Live Revelation Theory Biggest Mysteries Solved
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If you noticed, Phoebe Buffay speaks English and can speak French and Italian too, which was shown in the show so far. Phoebe Buffay’s friends don’t know much about the past – it’s all cloaked in vagueness. She once dates a foreign diplomat whom she met while giving free massages. Phoebe gives hints that she’s been prohibited from traveling international borders. When everyone travels to England for their best friend’s wedding, Ross, Phoebe doesn’t go.

In one of the scenes, it’s shown that Phoebe dates Gary, a police officer. Gary brings up a topic about Phoebe’s file that he discovered some bizarre stuff, and she forbid him to disclose any information related to any of that. Interestingly, she is an open book to her friends, and however, she diverges from the topics about her past.

The theory is a lot of fun to think about, but some fans can say it’s most likely to be false. Phoebe is a solid yet independent person who has gone through a lot in her past, which she discloses with her friends. She survived through hell and became the way she is shown; that’s admirable. Yes, the theory is fun to consider, but let’s now forget the realities shown about her personality and her past.

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