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Friends: Why Matthew Perry Didn’t Like The Lounge Chair Episode

The series has been a popular favourite among people of all ages since it first aired, and it was recently brought back for a F.R.I.E.N.D.S REUNION. Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Monica, Ross, and Phoebe are the six main characters in the tale. They’re staying together through thick and thin on this hilarious adventure of enormous pleasure. The ‘LOUNGE CHAIR EPISODE,’ for example, is one of the series’ many big moments and sequences.

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In a notable Friends episode, Joey and Chandler refused to leave their chairs. At first, Matthew Perry believed the notion was ridiculous.

Joey and Chandler’s Barcalounge Story

The classic scene in Friends was for Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Matthew Perry (Matt Perry) to relax in their new leathers’ lounges, but Perry did not at first enjoy the reclining narration. This was revealed during the Friends reunion special when the actors went to see reconstructed copies of the show’s famous sets. In the new apartment for Joey and Chandler there were brown leather duplicates of two black chairs of Barcalounger who turned them into potatoes for an episode in Season 2.

The show had a lot to catch up on, including some other wild epic moments, but nothing compares to when the two sit in the leather barcalounge and refuse to leave it, as well as the sound they make while doing so. It was one of the most memorable Joey – Chandler scenes in the whole series.

Credit : HBO Max

The characters of Friends spent much time at their residences and in the Central Perk coffee shop when they spent 10 seasons in New York City. The show ended in 2004, ten years after it initially aired on NBC. Friends was a huge hit when it first aired on television, but it’s now a cult classic with a resurgence in popularity in recent years. On May 27, 2021, the Friends reunion special aired on HBO Max, much to the pleasure of fans who had been clamouring for a reunion for over two decades.

Jennifer Aniston and David Swimmer’s underlying sentiments of love for each other at the start of the series were among the unique revelations presented at the event: the production of Janice’s laugh, Matt LeBlanc’s on-set shoulder injury.

Matthew Perry’s disdain for the Barcalounger idea was another bit of knowledge from the Friends reunion.

The show’s episode “The One Where Ross and Rachel … You Know” is widely acknowledged as the beginning of a connection between Ross and Rachel, both physical and loving. However, another plotline in the episode takes place exclusively within Joey’s flat, which is where each of the primary characters resides. In this episode, Joey, who is now a soap opera star, buys himself and Chandler a big TV screen and two vintage leather chairs for the lounge. The roommates immediately relax on their new chairs with theatrical enthusiasm, and despite their best efforts, the other buddies are unable to persuade them to leave.

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Perry wasn’t a fan of the idea at first because it was such a simple storyline technique. During the movies for the meeting of the friends, he and Leblanc sat in his chairs and LeBlanc presented a famous episode which revealed that the writers of the Friends knew not what the occupation of Chandler was. “Remember how you felt after the draught table at the beginning of the week? ‘It’s so dumb!’ you exclaimed when you came to me “, ‘I told Perry,’ he added. The author says, “And I’ve been like: ‘Yes, but that’s the genius.’

Perry started to come up with the concept once LeBlanc pointed out the episode’s potential, according to LeBlanc. “Oh, maybe with this, we can have some fun.” he remembered Perry, “You were like that. Perry ended up enjoying the sequences after they were shot. “You had a Cheeto on your face, buddy,” Chandler’s deadpan comments, to the two of them who refused to leave their chairs even after the fire alarm went off the building, the episode was very laughing. Nothing throughout the episode, however, seems to be able to match the moment they initially sit down, especially the sounds that follow it.

It became one of Joey and Chandler’s most memorable moments on Friends, and it’s hard to believe Matthew Perry was apprehensive about it happening.

Will FRIENDS REUNION have such entertaining episodes?

In Friends Season1, we had a lot to laugh for and to get entertained. However, with the advent of the upcoming season of Friends, fans are curious if they will see such entertaining scripts in the episodes. From the teaser of Friends Reunion, we think that we will be getting our hilarious actors back on the TV once again.

Credit : HBO Max

The Friends reunion often reminds fans that its presence, which is talked about for as long as the original show is on the air, is a once-in-a-lifetime event. In a more formal James Corden-moderated question and answer part, Kudrow is asked if she plans to do another episode or movie with friends. No, say co-creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman, who applaud them from socially isolated corners of the audience.

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