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Lookism Anime Series Release Date Confirmed + Trailer And Key Visuals Revealed  | SuperHero ERA

Lookism Anime Series Release Date Confirmed + Trailer And Key Visuals Revealed 

Lookism Anime Series gets its first look!

Back in 2014, the Line webtoon website and the app were launched, which allowed readers to browse unlimited web comics and novels from all genres. Fast-forward six years, the Webtoon became the largest extensive library, with more than 5 million readers a week and 35 million readers a month.

Amidst the many offerings from the house of Webtoon is the platter called manhwa, i.e., South Korean comics and print cartoons whose popularity has grown massively in recent years.

With the advent of Line Webtoon and the increasing fandom of manhwas, anime adaptions have also become more frequent, with series like Tower of God and Solo leveling featuring in the list of high anticipations.

Many popular production studios have begun investing in manhwa anime adaptions which have also seen big streaming sites like Netflix come into the fray. 

Speaking of Netflix and manhwa adaptions, writer and illustrator Park Tae-joon s’ Manhwa drama series titled Lookism is the latest in line to hit the big screens.

Lookism is a term used to refer to the positive stereotypes, prejudice, and preferential treatment given to physically attractive people or, more generally, to people whose appearance matches cultural preference.

Lookism follows the story of high schooler Park Hyung Seok(Daniel Park), who is unpopular and looked down upon due to his obese appearance and harassed every day by fellow schoolmates.

He constantly argues with his mother and, as a result, gets transferred to a new school in Seoul. Before his new beginning, Park wakes up to a new muscular, tall, and handsome body which changes his perception of others. 

His body is switchable by waking up the sleeping, as when the body sleeps, the other is in use. He transforms into the handsome Daniel during the daytime and his original body during the night.

Lookism follows the dual life of Daniel Park, wherein he realizes the discrimination faced by his obesity and the special treatment due to his good looks. 

Lookism anime series is one of the most anticipated manhwa adaptions, and fans have wondered when it will release. Are you one of them? If so, keep scrolling to find out more about Lookism Anime Series.


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On 25th September 2022, during the Netflix Tudum event, the Lookism anime series adaption was announced, and Studio Mir was confirmed as the production studio.

On 26th October 2022, Netflix Anime’s official Twitter account released the Lookism Anime trailer and confirmed the Lookism Anime season 1 release date as 4th November 2022.Additionally, the Netflix Anime official Twitter account also revealed a key visual for Lookism Anime Series.

Lookism Anime Series Adaption Announced25th September 2022
Lookism Anime Series Trailer Released26th October 2022
Lookism Anime Season 1 Release Date4th November 2022

The episode count is yet to be revealed by Netflix, but when it’s officially confirmed, we will update this section accordingly. You can watch the Lookism Anime Series Trailer below:


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Lookism Manhwa was written and illustrated by Park Tae Joon and began publication in Naver Webtoon in November 2014. As of writing, Lookism manhwa has been collected into 19 volumes and 394 chapters, with the manhwa still ongoing.

Currently serialized on LINE Manga and Naver WEBTOON, Lookism has a staggering 8.7 billion views globally. 

Lookism Manhwa is rated 7.91 and ranked #895 with 34k members on MyAnimeList.


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Netflix is yet to confirm an official plot and number of volume adaptions for Lookism season 1 but looking at the trailer, and we can expect an introduction to Daniel Park s’ life in the first couple of episodes.

Although, we might not have an official plot and number of volume adaptions, a fair assessment of the Lookism anime series s’ tone can be made through the Lookism Anime trailer.

The Lookism Anime trailer opens up with Park Hyeong-Seok seeing his new body with blue eyes in the mirror as he questions, “Who is this Person.” The camera pans to Park Hyeong-Seok s original body, battered and bruised by all the bullying, lying in a deep sleep.

Then we have a flashback of Park Hyeong-Seok s’ life wherein he explains his lowly societal status due to his obesity as tears streams down his face.

In the following scene, we get to see the working of Park Hyeong-Seok s’ dual body, where we find out that when one body sleep then, only the other can wake up.

Park Hyeong-Seok decides to use his handsome face and tall, muscular physique during day time and his original body during the night.

After acquiring his new body, Park Hyeong-Seok goes into his new school and is immediately showered with female attention and praise.

Not only is Park Hyeong-Seok handsome, but he is also athletic, which enables him to showcase his fighting prowess against the school bullies. 

The trailer ends with Park Hyeong-Seok accepting both his bodies as one and realizing that many people with unattractive looks are bullied daily. Is there a solution to this problem? What Park Hyeong-Seok can do is the question he asks himself in the final scene of the Lookism Anime trailer.

Since Netflix is licensing the Lookism Anime Series, we can expect some of The main themes of the show, including bullying, extortion, animal hoarding, cults, and murder, to get covered.

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Lookism is directed by Kwang ll Han, and the music is composed by Kyung Hoon Han. Woo Lee is directing the art while the OST of the Lookism anime series is sung by famous K-pop singer Ateez. Animation is developed by Studio Mir.

You can find the Lookism Anime characters and voice cast below:

 Daniel ParkYoshitsugu Matsuoka
 Zack LeeWataru Urata
 Euntae Lee (Vasco)Shunsuke Takeuchi
 Vin JinDaisuke Ono
 Duke PyeonTsuguo Mogami
 Zoe ParkSaori Hayami
 Mira KimNatsu Yorita
 Crystal ChoiReina Aoyama


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Lookism could be another gem coming out from the manhwa gauntlet; only time will tell if it shines or not.

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