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Solo leveling Anime Season 1: Is it Official? Find out More

“Manhwa over! Give us the Solo Leveling anime now!” demand the fans

Fans have been expanding their anime consumption from different parts of Asia now. Ever since the pandemic, the viewership of multi-language anime has only increased. South Korean anime is getting the spotlight now, especially since the popular manhwa Solo Leveling got over.

Solo Leveling or I Alone Level up is a South Korean action fantasy web novel written by Chugong and illustrated by Dubu. The manhwa was adapted into a webtoon from 4th March 2018 until 29th December 2021.

The demand for an anime adaptation is really on the rise, and fans are doing their best to get the attention of famous studios to get it produced. An online petition was started by fans who collected over 150,000 signatures demanding the manhwa get an anime.

The popularity is a good sign as any studio will look first at how well the manhwa has done. The fanbase for this South Korean novel is pretty passionate and engrossed in the writings of Chungong. This could mean an anime adaption is definitely on the cards.

There are a lot of rumors and fake news floating around regarding the anime. So, let’s separate the false from the facts and answer the question, Is Solo Leveling anime confirmed?


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There is no official announcement from any studio or the writer yet regarding an anime release.

Many leaks were claiming to be studio writers confirming that the anime is in production, but we can’t guarantee the validity of these sources.

The popular name doing the rounds is the South Korean producer’s Studio Mir, which has produced shows like Legend of Korra and DOTA: Dragon s’ Blood. One leaked source also revealed a fan-made cover for the anime.

Manhwa readers have had their say on which studio should handle Solo leveling, as Mappa and Ufotable were the obvious choices. But this would be a far-off fetch dream as South Korean anime have a terrible history of showing Japan in a bad light.

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D&C released a small trailer on their YouTube channel, which got fans excited as it had snippets of the action.

K-pop band The Boyz released an OST called “Echo” on 2nd March 2022 on the D&C YouTube channel, indicating a positive step towards the anime release.

But it’s not a lost cause, as the team around solo leveling is planning for a video game and a live-action movie release. The next step would be an anime adaptation to expand the franchise.

Finally, let’s break the suspense; YES! Solo leveling will be getting an anime.

UPDATE JULY 2022:Solo Levelling Trailer has been released during the Anime Expo 2022 and the premier date was revealed as 2023. You can watch the trailer below:-

UPDATE: Solo Levelling Release Date has been postponed and an updated release date will be announced by the creators later.

Solo leveling Anime Plot

Solo leveling Anime Plot
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Solo leveling is set in a world where hunters are the protectors of humanity with special magical powers. The plot follows Sung Jinwoo a weak hunter struggling to live and become stronger.

After surviving a potential Armageddon in a dungeon that kills his team, he is chosen by a program called System to represent them in exchange for leveling up to S-rank hunter.

With new powers and fame, where everyone wants to covet him, Sung Jinwoo decides to go on the path of Solo Hunter. How he deals with monsters and realizes his true potential to become an S-rank Hunter forms the rest of the story.

How Many Seasons and Episodes will Solo leveling Anime feature?

How Many Seasons and Episodes will Solo leveling Anime feature
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The anime source will be the manhwa, with the writers hoping for as few cuts as possible. The manhwa finished on 179 chapters with 13 volumes already out. There are 21 Arcs in the manhwa. Hence the producers of the Solo Leveling anime will be spoilt for choices.

The creators could follow two paths in the context of production on episode-season ratio. First, we would be releasing 12 episodes in Solo leveling season one to gauge the fans’ response. The second approach can be taken by releasing 24 episodes per season and not keeping the fans waiting for more content.

Solo Leveling  Manhwa and Webtoon Catchup

Solo Leveling Manhwa and Webtoon Catchup
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The manhwa was first released in Korean on Kakao Page on 25th July 2016. The English version licensed by web novel was released as Only I Level up on 21st December 2018. The novel is now under Yen Press publication since 16th December 2021.

The manhwa is hugely popular as more than 2.4 million readers have visited the site. The novel is rated 8.7/10 on MyAnimeList. According to Korean Website, Hankyung the manhwa has crossed 30 billion South Korean Won in sales.

Fans who are used to reading Japanese manga may find it different as the south Korean novel follows the American comic book style layout. Instead of scrolling down when reading a manga, readers can go from left to right in the case of manhwa.

The manhwa is a long read with detailed world-building, character development, and interesting power scaling as the dark fantasy aspects add another layer of mystery.

The webtoon is one of the main reasons for the popularity of solo leveling. The first volume came out on 26th December 2019. In Japan, it was released on Piccoma and got over 1 million views. The English version was released on Tapas on 2nd March 2-21

An RPG game was also announced on 27th January 2022, which Netmarble Corp will develop.


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Manhwa readers are well previewed to the number of Solo Leveling characters present in the novel. Set aside recurring characters, more than 19 critical characters form vital plot points.

There is no news on the voice cast as the production itself needs to be confirmed. But you can find some of the characters below and their description without any spoilers.

Character  Description
Sung JinwooProtogainst of the story
Yoo JinhoSung Jinwoo s’ best friend
Sung JinahJinwoo s’ younger sister
Park Kyung HyeJinah and Jinwoo s’ mother


Solo leveling Anime Season 1 Is it Official Find out More CONCLUSION
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There is a lot to be happy about Solo Leveling anime, as the vibes around its release are positive. If anime adaption is done right, this show has the potential to rival some of the mainstream Shonen animes.

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