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Made In Abyss Season 3: Renewal Status Confirmed + Release Date Revealed

Made in Abyss season 3 is already on the waiting list for many fans; is it happening any time soon?

The curious nature of humans to explore the mysterious has long been a fascination and the basic setup of many animes. One of the many such wonderments filled with adventure is Made in Abyss.

Made in Abyss is a dark fantasy-adventure anime based on the manga writings of Akihito Tsukushi.

The story starts in the town of Orth, surrounded by a giant hole descending unendingly to the bottom of the earth.

The abyss is central to this world and this bottomless pit encompasses the entire city. Its home to dangerous monsters, and mysterious artifacts, and the rules of the pit have baffled the laws of physics.

The abyss is surrounded by Cave Raiders who seek adventure by diving into this hole to reveal and unlock the secrets it holds.

The tenants of this hole aren’t the biggest life threatening source, as the hole holds a curse which becomes severe as you descend deeper.

The show follows Riko, the daughter of a famous White Whistle raider named Lyza who is training to become a raider as well. During the journey in the first layer of the pit, she is ambushed by the monsters of the Abyss but gets saved by a boy with robot like feature called Reg.

The duo together begins a journey to search for Riko s’ mother whose last known words were

“Meet me at the bottom of the Abyss.”Can they find Riko s’ mother despite the horror the Abyss holds is the central plot of the show.

As of writing, Made in Abyss season two is still running, but fans have already been asking if Abyss season 3 is a possibility or not since the second season took five years to be renewed. Don’t worry, we don’t have to delve into a deep hole to find the answer; keep reading to learn more about Made in Abyss Season 3.

Made in Abyss is rated 8.6/10 and ranked #92 with 1.1 million members on MyAnimeList.


_IS made in abyss RENEWED FOR season 3
Source by Kinema Citrus

The first season of Made in Abyss aired on 7th July 2017 to 29th September 2017 for 13 episodes. The show is currently running its second season, which began on 6th July 2022, and has completed six episodes out of thirteen.

If you are reading this during the second season run, there is no update from the creator and author for the renewal of a Made in Abyss season 3.

As mentioned previously, the considerable gap between the two seasons has raised concerns over the waiting period for the third season.

When the first season premiered, the author had only completed six volumes of the manga, out of which the first three and parts of the fourth were adapted; as a result, a lack of source material caused the massive delay.

Furthermore, the volume releases don’t come on time as the latest issue of the manga only came out on 29th July 2022. Surprisingly, the author has only managed to write 63 chapters in ten years and still gets a second season renewal.

Looking at the ongoing second season and lack of source material for the third season, it is safe to say Made in Abyss season 3 release date isn’t going to be soon. The best we can hope for is a late 2023 or early 2024 premiere date.

For now, yo can carry on with the second season, and when that ends, a 3D action RPG game is something that will keep you busy.



Source by Kinema Citrus

Made in Abyss manga is written and illustrated by Akihito Tsukushi, and it has been serialized in Web Comics Gamma since 2012.

The manga has been collected into eleven volumes with 63 chapters since 31st July 2013, with the latest issue coming out on 29th July 2022.

The first season adapted three volumes and the first half of volume four. The movie Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul covered volume five. The second season will likely end on either volume eight or half of volume nine. The manga has sold over 3 million units as of  February 2020.

Made in Abyss manga is rated 8.7/10 and ranked #37 with 131k members on MyAnimeList.


Made in Abyss Season 3 PLOT
Source by Kinema Citrus

A plot for third season cant be made certain as the second season is still on the air. But that doesn’t stop us from deep diving into a possible plot for next season.

The plot for Abyss season 3 will rely on where the second season ends, and accordingly, showrunners will set up and pick the story from judging by past releases; a second non-compilation movie.

So far, we have seen the anime adapting 2-3 chapters per episode, and the upcoming episode, i.e., Episode 7 titled “Cradle of Desire,” will adapt chapter 50 from the manga. Furthermore, we have seen voice clips from chapter 54 during the fan meet.

Considering the second season runs for 13 episodes, Made in Abyss season 2 will end on Chapter 60, or it may trickle on to Chapter 61.

Either way, we believe the perfect send-off for the second season will be the departure of Faputa from the group as Riko is bewildered that she can hear the voices of White Whistles.

Now coming to the possible plot for the third season, the creators can choose to open the premier with the trio of Reg, Nanachi, and Riko making their into the sixth layer as they are concerned about the well-being of Faputa.

The sixth layer, is called the capital of unreturned and anyone who enters this layer feels the loss of humanity or even death; this is called the white whistle, the last dive.

According to myths, a golden city is seen forming from the sixth layer covered in golden ruins and rumor has it the inhabitants sleep undisturbed.

The third season will introduce more dangerous creatures and new sixth and seventh layers of the Abyss.


Source by Kinema Citrus

The show is directed by Mayasuki Kojima and written by Hideyuki Kurata. Kevin Penkin composed the music, and Kazuchika Kise designed the characters. Kinema Citrus has developed the animation.

You can find the list of Made in Abyss characters and voice actors below:

 RegMariya Ise
 RikoMiyu Tomita
 MarulkAki Toyosaki
 MittyEri Kitamura
 LyzaMaaya Sakamoto
 KiyuiManami Hanawa
 ShiggyManami Numakura
 NatMutsumi Tamura
 OzenSayaka Ohara
 NanachiShiori Izawa
 JiruoTaishi Murata
 HaborgTetsu Inada
 BondrewdToshiyuki Morikawa


Source by Kinema Citrus

They say if you gaze at the Abyss, it gazes back at you; hopefully, our gaze is strong enough to get a third season.

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