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Marvel Just Made Every Wild X Men MCU Theory Possible

For a very long time now, fans have been presenting crazy X Men MCU theories. Viewers are eagerly waiting for the X Men to join MCU. Luckily, Disney+’s Loki series has just made all those wild X Men MCU theories valid. Ever since fox studios and Disney made the incredible deal, fans have been speculating different ways that Marvel can use to introduce Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Magneto, and the rest of them.

Is One Of These Crazy X Men MCU Theories Going To Be Real?

Marvel Just Made Every Wild X Men MCU Theory Possible
Credit – Marvel

Most likely, the debut of the X Men in MCU won’t be as easy as Professor Xavier suddenly coming out of nowhere and drafting a crew of young mutants in MCU phase 5. However, fans acknowledge that since no mutant hero or villain has been introduced in Marvel’s movies, it isn’t possible to introduce them in MCU projects abruptly.

Given their absence in the last 23 MCU movies, Marvel will have to set the stage for their introduction and offer fans an adequate explanation of why the mutants were never present in any MCU movies. There are some theories that the movies and shows will introduce the mutant-kind through the multiverse, but there have been no such announcements made yet. Therefore, it’s hard to say how Marvel will bring mutants into the upcoming movies and shows.

Disney+’s Loki Series Paved A Path For All These X Men MCU Theories To Be Real

The New Loki series Trailer May Reference an Unseen MCU Villain's Favorite Weapon
Credit – Marvel

The second episode of Disney plus Loki suggests that maybe some of these theories are not as crazy as we thought and could be possible after all. After learning about the mysterious time organization, timekeepers, and the sacred timeline, Loki conveys his concerns, but Agent Mobius had a wonderful counterpoint; However, it’s weird; it’s not bizarre than the reality of Asgard and everything related to it. 

Agent Mobius also commented on most of the things in history being dumb. 

Disney Loki Series Loki creates the Multiverse of Madness 1
Credit – Marvel

The Agent was trying to explain that everything doesn’t need to make sense in the multiverse, and that could apply to Marvel introducing X Men.

As Agent Mobius clarified in the second episode, the sacred timeline is already graced with the presence of mystical realms, frost giants, and a God of the heavens. The Agent admits that these things may sound ridiculous, but he chooses to accept them for what they truly are and move on.

How Will Marvel Launch A X Men Timeline?

Marvel Just Made Every Wild X Men MCU Theory Possible
Credit – Marvel

Given this new information, Marvel doesn’t necessarily need an explanation for setting the roots of the X Men in Marvel Universe. It really could take off with something a little unorthodox. Many ideas have been swimming among the fans, including Scarlet witch being the reason behind the mutants’ existence in a reversal of the House of M story, an X Men timeline with mutants being introduced in the MCU with the Doctor Strange sequel or the X Men being made by the smart Hulk when he performed the blip in Avengers: Endgame.

Loki Series Finally Explains Why Endgame Time Travel Didn’t Break The Multiverse
Credit – Marvel

Well, most of these theories are not what we were predicting, but if we consider agent Mobius’ method and accept them just as they have with the notion that they are already a part of the MCU, then there should be no trouble with how Marvel chooses to install the X Men timeline. We certainly feel what Loki is feeling; MCU is weird, so keeping that in mind, a crazy X men MCU debut is uncertain about cracking it.

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