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Michelle Jones Might Be A Super Hero in Upcoming MCU Project, Says Tom Holland

Michelle Jones might be seen developed into a super-powered hero, as revealed by Tom Holland.


In an interview with Zendaya to promote Spider-Man No Way Home, Tom Holland admitted plans to transform Michelle Jones into a super-powered superhero.


Holland and Zendaya have been on the same screen since the release of Spider-Man Homecoming as the young couple in Spider-Man Far from home and the most recent instalment of the MCU’s Spider-Man series.

In Spider-Man The Last Stand, the two actors have been Jacob Batalon, Marissa Tomei, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alfred Molina, Willem Defoe, Jamie Foxx, and J.K. Simmons: There’s No Way home.

Zendaya’s Michelle “MJ” Jones-Watson is among the most skilled allies to the hero’s young son. In a flash, she can spot Peter’s (Holland) disappearances. She assembles the truth and asks him about his hero alter-ego in an intimate chat during a heart-to-heart in Prague during “Far From Home”.

MJ was a part of the team that helped protect her friends from Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), and Peter later took her to the police station to track down the multiverse villains featured in The Way Home.

Spider Man No Way Home Trailer
Spider Man No Way Home Trailer

In the context of Michelle Jones, along with Peter’s friendship playing a significant role in the story of No Way Home, Holland and Zendaya have been more active on the screen than ever before, even though Michelle Jones could have found herself becoming a hero, as per Holland.

In an interview with the online Russian entertainment program “OK Na Svyazi”, later uploaded to the OK Na Sviazi! YouTube channel Zendaya was asked if she had contacted producers to make Michelle Jones into a superhero. Zendaya denied that she’d requested it.

 However, Holland said they had planned to turn her character into a hero.

She said she’d prefer to let Holland handle the super-powered adventures. She then stated that she was satisfied with her character and praised her director Jon Watts for constructing Peter, Michelle Jones, and Ned’s (Batalon) relationship. These two friendships are essential to helping Peter out.

Zendaya has previously shared her thoughts on being the role of a superhero in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel during a guest appearance that she was happy with her character, despite not carrying any superpower-related burdens.

No Way Home Credits Scene Already Solve the Venom Issue in MCU
No Way Home Credits Scene Already Solve the Venom Issue in MCU

Mary Jane Watson briefly had powers in comics, with abilities like Spider-Man during the 2011 ” Spider-Island” storyline by Dan Slott, later donning the Iron Spider suit to fight the villain Regent.

Mary Jane also became the heroine Spinneret in the ” The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows” series fighting crime with Peter and their daughter Annie May Parker.


While there’s precedent in the sources for an Michelle Jones with superpowers, the choice to make her a regular character hero in Spider-Man”No Way homewas the best choice.

 The MJ’s intelligence, secret compassion, and courage make her Peter’s most essential allies without powers of any kind.

Even though her memory about Peter being erased made her MCU future unclear, Holland’s Spider-Man would not be the superhero that he is today without her.

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