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E01 -The Witcher Season 2: Producer Lauren S. Hissrich Talks About S2 Episode 1

The Witcher producer Lauren S. Hissrich discloses some exquisite plot details for The Witcher season 2, episode 1. The Witcher is Netflix’s one of the most popular series. The wild fantasy series is inspired by the books of a Polish author named Andrzej Sapkowski. Its plot revolves around Geralt of Rivia portrayed by Henry Cavill, a mutated mercenary whose path crosses with the witch, Yennefer played by Anya Chalotra, and his Child Surprise, Ciri portrayed by Freya Allan. Season one of The Witcher is inspired by Sapkowski’s The Last Wish. Season one’s pilot episode covered the short story titled “The Lesser Evil”. It featured Renfri as a darker version of Snow White.

The Witcher Season 2 Episode 1 Will Be based on the short story “A Grain of Truth.”

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After “The lesser Evil”, fans were hoping to see another short story from the books franchise in season one was, and it was “A Grain of Truth.” The shot story is a twisted version of Beauty and the Beast introducing a character named Nivellen. He’s the head of a gang of cutthroat highwaymen who rapes a young priestess while robbing a temple. The priestess he assaulted curses him to become a “monster in a monster’s skin” as he was already a “monster in a man’s skin.”

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In the short story “The Last Wish”, Geralt comes face to face with Nivellen while interrogating the passings of a trader and a female partner near his manor. After it was confirmed that Kristofer Hivju would portray Nivellen in The Witcher season 2, Netflix shared an image of a script page for The Witcher season 2’s pilot episode highlighting the story of a merchant, his wife, and daughter. From there, it’s was evident that The Witcher Season 2 will ne be based on “A Grain of Truth.”

Recently, Netflix Geeked’s official Twitter account has posted footage of The Witcher creator, Lauren S. Hissrich, unveiling some story details for episode one of The Witcher season 2. Hissrich revealed that they are using Sapkowski’s “A Grain of Truth,” and it is one of her favourite short stories.

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The showrunner agreed that adapting “A Grain of Truth” for the pilot episode of The Witcher sequel is the worst secret they kept. She confessed she thought that they had lost the chance to finish the short stories. However, they ended up adapting “A Grain of Truth” and included Ciri in it. The story is of a father-daughter duo who arrives at a new place together, which doesn’t feel safe for them.

Adapting this story also allowed them to explore Nivellen’s character. The sequel will also explore Nivellen and Geralt’s back story. The shot story was a natural choice to kickstart the second season as it is about family. It will bring forward the lies we tell each other and who we indeed are, said the showrunner.

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By the end of The Witcher season one, Geralt and Ciri finally cross paths with each other. Netflix’s The Witcher sequel will adapt a significant part of Sapkowski’s Blood of Elves resulting in the duo arriving at Kaer Morhen. At the old fortress, Ciri will be trained as a Witcher by the School of Wolf. Aside from Hivju playing Nivellen, other major casting announcements included Kim Bodnia as Vesemir. The upcoming journey is complex, filled with mages and priests who think of The Witchers as an abomination.

Followed by the official announcement of “A Grain of Truth” in The Witcher season 2, it is confirmed that Vereena played by Anges Bjorn, will appear in the premiere episode of The Witcher sequel. She is a powerful vampire who disguises herself as a young woman and falls in love with Nivellen.  

Hissrich mainly talked about family and the monsters that we are from inside. Geralt and Ciri’s father-daughter dynamic will most likely lead The Witcher season. As for Nivellen, fans will have to decide for themselves what type of character he is.

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