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Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 Announced + Release Date Confirmed 

Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 gets a release window!

Rom-com is a staple of the anime industry and continues to draw multiple fans each year.

Summer 2021 was just another anime season for Rom-coms as the adaption of Hiroyuki hit the small screens.

The story follows Naoya Mukai, who has recently confessed to his childhood friend Saki Saki who shares the same sentiment and accepts his proposal.

Everything goes smoothly for the childhood friends, now turned lovers; however, their happiness is short-lived when another female student Nagisa Minase proclaims her love for Naoya.

Initially, Naoya rejects her advancements since she already has a girlfriend, but he gets overwhelmed by Nagisa s cuteness and decides to talk to Saki about accepting her as a second girlfriend.

Saki is not best thrilled with the proposition, but looking at Nagisa s’ honesty, she agrees, and due to Naoya living alone, the three move in together.

What are the challenges in this love triangle for each character who finds themselves in awkward situations is the central plot of the show.

Girlfriend Season One was received with mixed reviews; however, fans who enjoyed the anime were wondering if there would be a second season or not.

Luckily, there is a positive answer to that question, so keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2.

Girlfriend Girlfriend is rated 6.5/10 and ranked #6153 with 330k members on MyAnimeList


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Girlfriend Girlfriend season one aired from 3rd July 2021 to 18th September 2021 for 12 episodes.

On 16th September 2022, the anime s’ official website announced the renewal of Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2, and the Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 release date is confirmed for October 2023.

To celebrate the announcement of Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2, a key visual by the original artist was revealed. 

Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 13rd July 2021
Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2October 2023

Unfortunately, the announcement did not feature Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 trailer and episode count.


Girlfriend Girlfriend MANGA CATCHUP
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Kanojo mo Kanojo manga is written and illustrated by Hiroyuki. It began serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine on 4th March 2020.

The manga has been collected into 15 volumes, with the latest issue released on 17th April 2023.

As of February 2023, Kanojo mo Kanojo manga has sold 1.9 million copies for volumes 1-14.

 Kanojo mo Kanojo manga is rated 7/10 and ranked #8507 with 31k members on MyAnimeList


Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 PLOT
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In the final episode of Girlfriend Girlfriend Season One, “Girlfriend Girlfriend”, Nagisa makes sense of when she first saw Naoya.

 She, in a flash, fell head over heels for him and dedicated herself to turning into his ideal girl. Naoya hears this and advises her to quit keeping down. 

Humiliated, he heard everything, and Nagisa escaped. Shino catches Rika, but when Nagisa, Naoya, and Saki run past, they join the pursuit. 

Nagisa demands that she remain subordinate to Saki, or their entire relationship will fizzle. 

Saki, Rika, and Shino fall back from weariness, so Nagisa and Naoya go on without them. 

Naoya, in the long run, gets her and demands that if any issues happen, he will fix them. 

The others compensate for lost time, and Nagisa owns up to Shino that she is dating Naoya. 

Saki acknowledges this and joyfully pronounces they are currently adversaries for the place of senior girlfriends before they escape from Shino and Rika.

 Afterward, Shino condemns Naoya for double-crossing and Saki for tolerating it, yet is stunned when Naoya reveals that he intends to tell Saki’s mom.

However, Saki irately restricts this as Shino chooses to some way or split them up for the good of Saki.

 Girlfriend Season One is covered till Chapter 35 of the manga, which means Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 will begin by adapting Chapter 36.

After the natural spring trip, Nagisa has become close to Naoya since she’s become fairer about her affection for him. Saki feels compromised by this unexpected change in the relationship.

In the interim, Shino is acting ordinary at school, although she most certainly is familiar with the polygamous double-crossing. That is terrible; however, at that point, after Naoya makes sense of how the double-crossing began, Shino’s secret affections for Naoya start to arise.

Later, Shino understands that Saki is excessively acquainted with the family when Saki allows it nonchalantly to drop that they’ve been living respectively for quite a long time. 

Because of this multitude of disclosures, the genuine contort is Shino announces that she’s going to live with Naoya, Saki, and Minase to inspire him to stop his double-crossing!

Sweetheart, Sweetheart Season 2 develops the histories of the relative multitude of characters and permits Saki to manage her sentiments concerning the double-crossing. 

Then a firecrackers celebration closes with a cliffhanger second about Mirika’s arrangements for the mid-year.

The young ladies likewise think of an insane arrangement where Naoya will demonstrate he can control himself by alternating going through the night with every young lady.

The tone of Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 will be slightly different since more recent manga chapters introduced story arcs with slightly serious drama.

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_ Girlfriend Girlfriend CAST, CHARACTERS AND CREW
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Girlfriend Season 2 will be directed by Takatoshi Suzuki with series composition by Keeichiro Ochi. Characters will be designed by Shouko Hagiwara.

The first season was produced by studio Tezuka Production; however, Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 will see changes in the studio as SynergySP takes over.

You can find the list of Kanojo mo Kanojo Season 2 characters and voice cast below:

 Saki SakiAyane Sakura
 Nagisa MinaseAzumi Waki
 Naoya MukaiJunya Enoki
 Risa HoshizakiAoi Koga
 Rika “Milika” HoshizakiAyana Taketatsu
 Shino KiryūRie Takahashi


Source by SynergySP

The love triangle shenanigans of Saki, Nagisa, and Naoya are all set for return in Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 this October 2023.

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