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Netflix The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf’s Writer Talks About The Upcoming Vesemir Prequel

The excitement levels for the premiere of the Witcher: nightmare of the wolf are touching the sky as less than two weeks are left for the most awaited prequel’s arrival. The upcoming prequel will focus on one of the most fan-favorite characters from The Witcher series, Vesemir, Geralt’s old mentor.

Why did Vesemir was chosen as the lead for The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf?

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The writer of the upcoming anime prequel, Beau DeMayo, spoke with CBR and The Verge about his experience on this project. The writer revealed that he is a big fan of the Witcher books and games. He chose to focus the prequel’s plot on Vesemir because he was a natural choice as the Witcher is about families and how their legacies move forward to future generations.

DeMayo has further explained that Vesemir was the mentor and father figure in Geralt’s life, making him the perfect protagonist for the upcoming prequel. Also, choosing Vesemir as the protagonist allowed the team to explore something new and different from the show’s events, and it also helps them pick an entirely different kind of lead.

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Even though Vesemir and Geralt are both Witchers and mutated professional soldiers who Kill formidable creatures in exchange for gold, they are two completely different persons in terms of personality and characteristics.

He also revealed that Vesemir in the nightmare of the wolf is very different from the one we saw in games and the book so far. The upcoming prequel will feature a young charming, and dashing version of Vesemir. He shared his own childhood experience of how he turned out to be the complete opposite of his parents. Therefore, if Geralt is so grumpy, Vesemir would be an outgoing and charming personality. 

Filling the gaps in the story was a complicated process, says DeMayo

The Witcher showrunner on the perfect casting of Vesemir and other WitcherCon highlights

DeMayo confessed that the whole experience of filling the cracks of the story was scary, but he did his best to tell a story that examined Vesemir. He revealed that he thought like a fan and what they would want to know. Also, he admitted that there is a lot we don’t know even after reading the books.

When asked about creative liberties taken while adapting the lore, DeMayo said he is a Sapkowski fan himself and followed his own instinct as he knows how passionate fans are about the characters. Also, the writer was asked about his favorite scene from the Nightmare of the Wolf, to which he vaguely responded that it takes place at the end and is very crazy.

Which character did he find most relatable?

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The writer was asked which character he related to the most, and he replied that it’s Tetra. He likes the sincerity of her personality and sees a lot of himself in her. He wishes he could relate with Vesemir and his confident, charismatic self, but that’s not who he is.

From creatives to production, the writer shared a lot about the upcoming anime prequel. It was truly enlightening and gave fans more clarity about the project. The Witcher: Nightmare of Wolf is scheduled to release on 23 August 2021. We can’t wait to see what’s to come with this new adventure, but we’re sure that it will be mind-blowing.

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