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The Shannara Chronicles: Will The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 Happen? Here’s The Best Info On Shannara Chronicles Cast, Release Date, and Trailer

Produced by Alfred Gough and Miles Miller, The Shannara Chronicles is an American fantasy TV series adapted from The Sword of Shannara trilogy novels written by Terry Brooks. The drama series has two seasons released till now. Shannara Chronicles season one got quite popular, due to which a second season was released. However, the second season did not perform well, leading to budget issues for the directors. So will The Shannara Chronicles season 3 happen?

What is the Shannara Chronicles about? 

Shannara Chronicles Season 3

The plot of the show is set in the Elfstones of Shannara, which has four mythical lands. After being banished to this world, the demons return to a place called Forbidding. Also, it is closed by an ancient tree called Elekris. The series shows the journey of Amberley, Eretria, and Will. Under the guidance of the previous Druid Allen, all three of them go to keep the tree safe. Together they release the Demons into four different lands to protect the ancient tree.

Is Shannara Chronicles season 3 officially canceled?

Shannara Chronicles Season 3

Shannara Chronicles season one was released on MTV and became popular because of its great imagination and production. Due to the success of season one, the series got a second season. But unlike season one, Shannara Chronicles season 2 was detested. Season 2 of The Shannara Chronicles was released in 2017 on Spike (now Paramount Network). 

Shannara Chronicles season 2 received a meager rating. At that time, the show was being streamed on more than one channel, due to which it received less viewership and the makers had a lack of budget. Therefore, the Paramount Network has canceled The Shannara Chronicles season 3. 

The Shannara Chronicles’ Plot

Shannara Chronicles Season 3

The show’s story follows four mystical lands where the Ellonans guard an ancient magical tree. The tree has many supernatural abilities and holds the demons captive. If the demons are free, they kill Will and destroy the Earth. The main villain of the fantasy drama is the Dagda peacock. With the shedding of Elekris’ leaves, Dagda’s power will increase. Due to a chain of events, the leaves of the tree start shedding, and the demons are released. 

Is Shannara Chronicles available on Netflix?

Shannara Chronicles Season 3

Both seasons of The Shannara Chronicles are available on Netflix. Many viewers came to know about the show when it started streaming on Netflix. Several rumors claim that Netflix might be interested in renewing the series. However, nothing has been confirmed till now.

The Shannara Chronicles’ Cast

Shannara Chronicles Season 3

If The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 happens, then the cast will most likely include the previous members like Poopy Drayton as Amber Alededil, Austin Butler as Will Omsford, Zaid Brophy as Dagda More, and many more.

So far, the chances of Shannara Chronicles season 3 happening are next to zero. It’s sad how such a fantastic show ended abruptly. However, Given the rich source of content, it won’t be long before the franchise is rebooted. Therefore, we suggest the fans not lose hope for The Shannara Chronicles season 3.

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