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In a new partnership, Amazon Prime Video Brings Animax + Gem Content To India

KC Global Media, and Prime Video, a popular streaming platform in India, have unveiled the Animax + GEM channel pack on Prime Video Channels in India.

The collaboration brings a wide array of well-liked anime series like Haikyu!!, Seven Deadly Sins, Fruits Basket, and others to Prime Video. Through a recent collaboration with KC Global Media, Amazon Prime Video is expanding its collection of anime series.

Through this collaboration, the renowned Asian media company can now deliver Animax and Gem content to the streaming platform. Users gain access to a diverse selection of popular anime titles, such as Haikyu!!, My Senpai is Annoying, Fruits Basket, and others.

This additional content is available as a subscription-based channel, which can be added to the existing Prime Video subscription for an annual cost of Rs. 299.

Subscribers will also enjoy a selection of J-dramas (Japanese dramas) with English subtitles included. Once subscribed, users have the freedom to stream these shows at their convenience, similar to other content available on Prime Video.

George Chien, the Co-Founder, President, and CEO of KC Global Media, conveyed his enthusiasm for partnering with one of India’s top streaming platforms to bring the ultimate Japanese entertainment experience to the country.

He emphasized the significant fan base and dedicated support for Japanese pop culture in India, expressing excitement about catering to passionate fans through this collaboration. Chien emphasized that the partnership with Amazon Prime Video is a significant milestone for them, as they strive to enhance accessibility for Indian fans across various genres of premium Japanese hit series and anime content, accessible anytime and anywhere.

The recent screenings of anime movies like Suzume and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – To The Swordsmith Village in theaters serve as additional evidence of the notable growth of Japanese pop culture in India.

The main highlight of this agreement is the anime series Haikyu!!, which tells the story of Shōyō Hinata, a determined teenager of short stature who becomes inspired to join the Karasuno high school volleyball team after watching a TV segment.

By subscribing to the Animax + Gem channel, viewers gain access to all four seasons of this sports anime, complete with English subtitles accompanying the original Japanese audio.

It should be noted that Haikyu!! is also available on Netflix, although it remains unclear if this new partnership will impact its availability on that platform. The lineup also features noteworthy additions such as the slice-of-life anime Fruits Basket, Seven Deadly Sins, and My Senpai is Annoying. All of these offerings fall under the umbrella of Animax’s content selection.

In the meantime, Gem makes its debut in India by offering a selection of Japanese dramas and variety shows. This includes titles like the boxing drama 10 Count to the Future, the police procedural Outsider Cops, the romantic story Nice Flight!, and more.

Previously, Amazon Prime Video collaborated with Paramount to bring its Hollywood content lineup, which features shows like Star Trek: Discovery and 1883, to the streaming platform. However, these shows were included as part of the base subscription and not as a separate channel.

Recent reports also mentioned that Prime Video has been conducting beta testing for ad-supported MiniTV content on the platform. This would involve integrating an ad-supported carousel, although the specifics of its implementation are currently unclear.

The purpose of this feature is to incorporate advertisements for new releases, product promotions, and brand extensions.

Animax + Gem in India: A Collaboration Between Prime Video and KC Global Media

Animax + Gem in India A Collaboration Between Prime Video and KC Global Media
Animax + Gem in India A Collaboration Between Prime Video and KC Global Media

The unstoppable rise of Japanese pop culture in India was clearly demonstrated when the film Suzume achieved box office earnings exceeding Rs 10 crore. Recognizing the desires of their fans, it is only expected for major OTT platforms to cater to their preferences.

Consequently, Amazon Prime Video has joined forces with KC Global Media, an Asian Entertainment Media Company that possesses properties like Animax, AXN Asia, Gem, and more.

This collaboration means that all anime licensed by the KC Global Media network will now be available on Prime Video through the newly introduced Animax + GEM pack.

For an annual cost of Rs 299, Prime Video’s Animax + GEM add-on subscription offers an attractive deal. It not only provides a wide range of anime series but also includes J-Dramas and various other Japanese programs with subtitles, all ready to be streamed.

This entertainment package is definitely worthwhile for fans seeking a fantastic platform to enjoy Japanese content. However, it would have been even better if it were bundled with the existing Prime subscription.

George Chien, the CEO, President, and Co-Founder of KC Global Media Entertainment, expressed enthusiasm about Prime Video’s Animax + GEM add-on.

He acknowledged the strong following of Japanese pop culture in India and the passionate fan base that drives it.

Chien expressed excitement about collaborating with one of India’s leading streaming platforms to deliver the ultimate Japanese entertainment experience.

Animax + GEM Add-on for Prime Members

Animax + GEM Add-on for Prime Members
Animax + GEM Add-on for Prime Members

Prime members now have the opportunity to access the ultimate 2-in-1 entertainment pack by subscribing to Animax + GEM for an additional fee of Rs 299 per year.

Through Prime Video Channels, which serves as Amazon’s marketplace for video entertainment, viewers can conveniently enjoy a wide variety of premium content from various streaming services all within a single platform, accessible through the Prime Video website and app.

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Entering the Indian market for the first time, GEM, a prominent Japanese entertainment brand in Asia, introduces an intriguing collection of popular Japanese dramas and variety shows that showcase Japan’s renowned celebrities and hosts.

Indian fans now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in beloved drama series and experience the captivating storytelling and distinct cultural aspects of Japanese entertainment.

As mentioned in the statement, both Animax and GEM content will be presented in their original Japanese language, accompanied by English subtitles.

This commitment ensures an authentic and immersive viewing experience for the audience, allowing them to fully appreciate the content while maintaining its original essence.

With the introduction of the Animax + GEM channel pack on Amazon Prime Video, audiences are provided with an extensive range of Japanese shows that can be conveniently enjoyed at any time and location.

This channel pack caters to the diverse preferences of viewers, offering a wide selection of fresh content, popular hits, and on-demand titles from Japan.

Prime Video Channels

Prime Video Channels
Prime Video Channels

Prime Video Channels enrich the entertainment experience for Prime members by granting them access to a vast collection of thousands of additional titles spanning 18 OTT services.

In addition to Animax + GEM, subscribers have the opportunity to explore content from prominent streaming platforms such as Lionsgate Play, discovery+, Eros Now, and others.

All of these offerings are conveniently accessible through Prime Video Channels, providing Prime members with a comprehensive and diverse range of entertainment options.

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