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PLUNDERER SEASON 2- All About The Anime

As of November 18th, 2021, At the moment of writing, Geek Toys studio or other company associated with the series has not revived the Plunderer Season 2. We don’t wish to entice viewers into despair.


It is the norm for anime. Since there’s been no declartion for Plunderer Season 2 of the series to date, we have speculated about the chances for a second season.

There are several factors to decide if the series will get an extra season. One of the most crucial factors is whether or not the materials contain the potential to warrant a second season in the series, and another is the popularity.

Plunderer anime is a remake of the manga written by and drawn by Suu Minazuki. The manga, published in the Monthly Shonen Ace magazine, started in December like much famous manga.

PLUNDERER SEASON 2- All About The Anime
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On October 26th, 2021, the final volume was released. It has 77 chapters total, and the chapters aren’t in the tankobon format.

How many of them make it into the first anime season?

The answer is 38 chapters. The anime’s first season extends to volume 10, chapter 38, chapter 38, and the remainder of the stock material is 39 chapters total.

 There is lot of source material that was used in the adaptation of the first season of the show. In this way, manga is a good source of materials to make the following season.

When the show first launched, We did not hear about it , but it was watchable. Recently, we’ve noticed that the show has high searches on across the world.

PLUNDERER SEASON 2- All About The Anime
Source By Anime

The anime, on its own, is at 586th place on Myanimelist. Myanimelist popularity ranking.

 (It’s expectable to be between 3,500 or at least 4,000)

However, it has to be considered that sales of DVDs have dropped in recent times because of changes in people’s approach towards media. If we look at Twitter see the popularity of anime in Japan, we see around 16k followers.

We’ve noticed that approximately 100k people watch the series that was accepted for the new season in Japan.

As of November 2021, the show hasn’t been renewed for the second season. The manga contains plenty of original material and enjoys an impressive reputation. The show is not that famous in Japan and wasn’t successful in distributing the disc.

We’re not worried. However, we’re seeing the potential for a possible new season. If the show is renewed, the time of production is approximately the entire year. It’s not possible to have a season before 2023-2024. Keep an eye on the news.


Bach, Licht

Plunderer’s main male character, Licht Bach is one of seven Legendary Red Baron known as the “Flash Baron”. It’s a mystery when it’s coupled with a desire. He’ll do everything to cover up that he’s a Baron.


Hina is Plunderer’s main heroine, and she is a lonely girl who lives in the mountain with her mother until she suddenly dies. Following the passing of his mother, the boy set off for five years to pursue the famous Red Baron.

Hina is unaware of the potential harmfulness of society and is ignorant about the social norms and regulations.

Mei, Lyne

 Lyne Mei plays Plunderer’s other female character. A sergeant guards Hoemmh near the top of the hill.

Murdoch, Jail

 Prison Murdoch The Prison Murdoch antagonist in Plunderer. Althea is a member of the Royal Guards and is the team leader who holds a rank equivalent to Lieutenant.

Poporo, Pele

 Pele has been promoted to sergeant under Lynn’s command. He is in love with him. A century ago, Pele showed an interest in technology at that time. He is known as an SSU agent, and his code is 120.

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