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Project Blue Book Season 3: Release Date Updates, Cast and Plot

Project Blue Book Season 3 is coming soon in the theatres.

The third season of Project Blue Book, i.e. projects blue book, season 3 promises to be more than just the last for our favourite police detective, Det. Bob Lee! Will he finally catch the criminal behind the hit that killed his wife?

That is something, which was left to be suspense in project blue book, season 1, episode 3.

All about the third season

The third season, i.e. project blue book, season 3 of the popular crime show, revolves around Lee’s attempts to close the case he opened with Detective Trooper Danny McCallister. Det. McCallister’s daughter is dead, and Lee is convincing it was the drunk driver’s fault who killed her.

He is determined to find and interrogate the driver, and so far, he has been successful.

How many characters would be there?

Project Blue Book Season 3
Project Blue Book Season 3

This season, the project blue book season 3 2021 has seen a considerable increase in episodes of this popular show. There have been over 20 new characters introduced, many of which will become long-running regulars on this show.

However, some of these additions have sparked interest in the show itself. After all, how many of us loved watching FBI agents Dana Scully, an expert in hypnosis, become Lee’s love interest? Now she is a lead investigator.

Moreover, what do you think about Ben Kingsley’s Inspector Mike Weber?

What does it promise?

The third season of Project Blue Book promises some fun additions to the already exciting plotline. I especially love the role of Det. Vince Faraday, a former CIA operative, turned private eye, who is assigned to the case.

I think it is safe to say that Det. Faraday will become one of my favourites! He is well-versed in counter-terrorism, as well as the workings of the FBI.

Other additions to the cast include Ebonics Kelley as Jake O’Brien, the younger brother of Dana Scully, and Jennifer Santos as Stephanie Powers, an attorney with a questionable past.

The two girls are introduced very slowly and only appear in a few scenes. These two girls make their presence felt, though, as they interact with the other characters. Finally, there is John Banks as Chief Warrant Officer Bob Bailey.

He has appeared in two previous instalments of Blue Book, i.e. project blue book season 1 episode 3, and is one of the cops assigned to the case.

With all these new additions to the Blue Book cast, I expect a great deal of drama and excitement for the next season, i.e. project blue book season 3 2021.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did. If you have any ideas or suggestions for future articles, I would be very honoured and thrilled!

Project Blue Book Season 3
Project Blue Book Season 3

If you happen to have caught up with the TV show or read the latest book, I am sure you already know how unique and thrilling the TV version is. I have to admit. There are times when the book is better! However, I digress.

The exciting part about this new season, i.e. projects blue book season 3, is that we get to see something new and old! I especially love watching the scenes from “Pippi Long Legs,” and I cannot help but compare it to the fight between Beethoven and Mozart in the Piano Concerto.

This new season i.e. projects blue book season 3, also brings us back to favourites like FBI agent Dana Scully and her husband, John B. Right. We have been introduced to some new supporting characters, as well, like Det. Faraday and his assistant, Bob Bailey.

I liked how Det. was still working at the police station, even after leaving the bureau. This foreshadowing of the day-to-day operations of a law office is excellent. In addition, the interactions between Bob and Dana make for a funny couple, incredibly hilarious when Det. It saves the day!


However, perhaps the best thing about the show in the third book season, i.e. project blue book season 3, is that it managed to keep me interested throughout. I never felt bored, and I have even found myself laughing aloud more than once.

That is because the writing style is witty and entertaining. The characters are well written, and I always found myself enjoying this show more than its predecessors did.

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