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Secret Invasion Episode 3: Is G’iah Dead? Marvel’s Trailers Hint at a Surprising Twist

Episode 3 of Secret Invasion strongly implies the demise of a particular hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

In Secret Invasion episode 3, it initially appears that G’iah, Talos’ daughter, meets her end early in the episode. This is a surprise, considering that after Maria Hill died in episode 1, it seemed unlikely that any other significant characters would face the same fate in the series’ buildup.

Nevertheless, G’iah is shot and seemingly killed by Gravik in episode 3, following his discovery of her collaboration with Talos against his plans.

G’iah’s death seems to be conclusive, given the circumstances surrounding it, especially the previous episode’s demonstration that Skrulls can be fatally injured by gunshot wounds despite their improved physical capabilities.

This was exemplified when Nick Fury successfully neutralized an enemy engaged in combat with Talos using such a method. However, skepticism arises regarding G’iah’s actual demise, as her passing seemed underwhelming.

Marvel itself provides considerable backing to these doubts, as the MCU has already offered evidence suggesting that G’iah may not be as definitively deceased as Secret Invasion episode 3 implies to the audience.

The Reason Marvel Wants You To Believe G’iah Is Dead

The Reason Marvel Wants You To Believe G'iah Is Dead
The Reason Marvel Wants You To Believe G’iah Is Dead

The apparent death of G’iah in Secret Invasion serves three distinct purposes, both related to the plot and the overall dynamics of the show. Firstly, her demise maintains the status quo for Nick Fury and Talos, leaving them in a similar situation to when Maria Hill passed away. They continue to function as a formidable duo against numerous adversaries.

Secondly, G’iah’s supposed death generates speculation among the audience regarding the mysteries surrounding the Skrull base. In episode 2, G’iah was the one who extensively investigated the base, and if viewers believed she was still alive, it would be evident that she would continue her exploration.

This further intrigues viewers and intensifies their engagement with the show.

Lastly, on a broader level, G’iah’s apparent death adds an element of uncertainty and suspense to the narrative. It encourages the audience to contemplate the various enigmas established by the series as they question the true fate of G’iah and the implications it may have for the unfolding storyline.

At its core, Secret Invasion is a spy drama within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and therefore, it follows a logical course by consistently delivering unexpected turns and character fatalities. The apparent demise of G’iah serves the purpose of fulfilling both of these elements.

Her early death in the episode catches the audience off guard, providing a surprising twist. Additionally, if G’iah were to make a potential return, it would undoubtedly shock many viewers. This is because some might assume that her role in the plot had been fulfilled, leading to her being killed off.

Footage From The Secret Invasion Trailer Already Hints At G’iah’s Return

Footage From The Secret Invasion Trailer Already Hints At G'iah's Return
Footage From The Secret Invasion Trailer Already Hints At G’iah’s Return

Despite G’iah’s apparent demise in Secret Invasion episode 3, the trailer footage for the show presents a contrasting view. The inclusion of Emilia Clarke in scenes not yet seen in the series suggests that her character’s supposed death may not be as permanent as initially believed.

While it is plausible that these scenes could be flashbacks or focus on G’iah’s human counterpart, or even another Skrull impersonating her, the content of the footage indicates otherwise.

The character is seen investigating a Skrull base, which logically aligns with G’iah’s previous attempt in episode 2 to uncover the secrets behind the Skrull experiments.

If G’iah were to be unveiled as alive, it would complement the somewhat unsatisfactory nature of her death. The revelation would suggest that she knew Gravik’s intention to betray her and had orchestrated her fake death, allowing her to continue working covertly.

This explanation would suggest an alternative reason for her apparent ignorance of Gravik’s deceit, as it would suggest that she was intentionally testing him to determine if he would expose her as a double agent.

Considering the death of Maria Hill in episode 1, eliminating two characters with immense potential within such a short time frame might seem excessive. Instead, a classic spy double-twist would be more suitable in the narrative.

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In the third episode of Secret Invasion, G’iah  Becomes A Double Agent

In the third episode of Secret Invasion, G'iah  Becomes A Double Agent
In the third episode of Secret Invasion, G’iah  Becomes A Double Agent

Since her first impression in the pilot episode of Secret Invasion, G’iah, the Skrull rebel portrayed by Emilia Clarke, has been caught between two worlds.

On the one hand, she desires to secure a better future for herself and her people, tired of hiding in the shadows by assuming human form. On the other hand, her involvement in the violent Skrull rebellion puts humanity’s fate at stake.

It places her in direct conflict with her grieving father, Talos, played by Ben Mendelsohn. Initially, she sees opposing her own family as a necessary sacrifice to ensure the survival of her species. However, over time, she realizes that her side of the “Secret Invasion” has evolved into something far more sinister.

Talos plants the seeds of doubt in G’iah’s mind by unveiling that Gravik, the formidable leader of the Skrull rebellion portrayed by Kingsley Ben-Adir, was responsible for the murder of her mother Soren, portrayed by Charlotte Baker in human form and Kate Braithwaite in Skrull form.

While G’iah still harbors grievances against her father and seeks fair treatment for the Skrull race, she becomes a double agent by supplying Talos and Nick Fury with information regarding Gravik’s various terrorist schemes.

As G’iah clandestinely explores the rebel Skrull base, she uncovers Gravik’s grand plan for global domination, revealing his intention to create an army of Super Skrulls equipped with the abilities of Earth’s heroes.

How G’iah Might Reappear In A Secret Invasion

How G'iah Might Reappear In A Secret Invasion
How G’iah Might Reappear In A Secret Invasion

If G’iah were to fake her death through external means or her shapeshifting abilities, it would allow her to return after conducting further investigations. Since Gravik’s Skrulls are actively pursuing G’iah following her supposed demise, Emilia Clarke’s character in the MCU would have the advantage of accessing places Nick Fury and Talos would struggle to infiltrate.

Therefore, her reappearance would provide a unique perspective for viewers, offering insights into the ongoing events. The trailer footage hints at G’iah being surrounded by mysterious devices, potentially the machines responsible for transforming Skrulls into Super Skrulls, indicating that this might be when she resurfaces.

Considering the show’s efforts to escalate the magnitude of the threat faced by Nick Fury and the mention of Super Skrulls in Secret Invasion episode 3, it is likely that this reveal will happen sooner rather than later.

However, it is essential to create enough narrative space between G’iah’s death and her return to avoid the impression that she immediately reappeared after being shot.

Given the numerous twists in episode 3 alone, G’iah’s reappearance in episode 4 might feel smooth, as there is potential for significant developments to occur between these two episodes.

New episodes of Secret Invasion are released every Wednesday on Disney+.

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