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How and when did Hulk’s Arm heal in She Hulk?

The newly released She-Hulk trailer shows various aspects of the heroes’ lives. One of which is mysteriously fixed, Hulk’s Hand.

The trailer of She-Hulk was released on 18th May 2022. The Media giant Disney announced that the ‘series’ would be released on the OTT platform on 17th August 2022. Like other Marvel series, the show will be released one episode per week and nine episodes.

Starring in the show, Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, or better said as the ferocious She-Hulk the titular. The other essential and prominent actors, like the main cast Mark Ruffalo, Bruce Banner, and Tim Roth, played the role of the rival green monster in The Incredible Hulk, 2008. Tatiana is making her acting debut in this series.

What are the Details about the trailer and Hulk‘s Arm that you might have missed?

How and when did Hulk’s Arm heal in She Hulk

The trailer shows how Jennifer is on the point that she is not a ‘superhero’. She seems to embrace and handle the Hulk in her but at the same time she refuses to become a superhero. However, there were many more things that viewers were already discussing.

One of the things that have become a massive topic of discussion is, “How Did Hulk Fix His Arm?”

In the last Avengers movie, Avengers: Endgame that came out in 2019. When the Avengers: Infinity War ended and the blip already happened, we witnessed that in order to separate himself and his alter-ego. Bruce Banner is permanently stuck with the Hulk body. He can no longer change into Hulk when he is angry, in fact he doesn’t get angry like before. 

Later, when he tries to ‘snap’ back the universe to its original self, he suffers an extreme blast or blows on his arm, which seems to be fixed in the new She-Hulk.

Although the mystery seems to be unanswered so far, the possibility of our doubts getting cleared is still standing.

What is the Past and Future of Hulk in MCU?

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The very first Hulk movie in the MCU Universe was- The Incredible Hulk: 2008. In the movie, we can see Edward Norton as the lead. Then comes the most loved Hulk so far, Mark Ruffalo. He made his entry into the Marvel world in Avengers: 2012.

When we saw Mark Ruffalo for the second time in Avengers: Age of Ultron, we could still witness the rage and originality of the Hulk. But as we moved to Avengers: Infinity War, we could feel that Marvel no longer showed the importance of the Hulk, and that’s where the major issues regarding Hulk began.

However, in Endgame, the audience knew that Avengers might have never been able to go back in time if it wasn’t for Hulk. But the original piece of work, Hulk, was replaced by Smart Hulk, who is famous and is studying himself to get to know ‘Hulk’ better.

The Endgame Hulk consisted of the amazing combination of the Hulk and ‘Bruce Banner’. Now because the significant part of Hulk was engulfed into Smart Hulk, he no longer had the rage left for battles like his role in previous movies.

Hulk’s potential to fight suffered a lot after he tried to use the Iron Man Gauntlet to reverse the blip, and it ended up severely injuring his arm. During the final battle against Thanos, The Hulk was then barely seen, and his arm still looked the same during Iron Man’s funeral, which was at the end of the movie.

The She-Hulk trailer shows that we will be watching Smart Hulk once again on screen, with Hulk’s Arm fine. The prediction fans can make is that She-Hulk’s timeline could have been from before Avengers: Endgame. The timeline for MCU is still very confusing before and after the ‘blip’. It would support two theories. One, the injury has yet to happen. Two, also why Smart Hulk in his complete professor look, Bruce Banner, is seen in the post-credit scene of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Why is MCU’s phase 4 Timeline so confusing?

Mark Ruffalo Stated – She Hulk takes Torch From Hulk in New Series
Source by Marvel

If She-Hulk is set for after the Endgame MCU universe and not before the blip, then explaining how the Hulk healed from his Avengers: Endgame injury becomes a challenging task, which the mystery will solve only after watching the series. The Hulk has been shown as one of the strongest Avengers, with Thor and Scarlet Witch.

Hulk has had many impressive battle scenes, like in Thor: Ragnarok. But the impact of the Infinity Stones made him weaker, and even Thanos was half-dead after he performed the snap.

The MCU’s Phase 4 timeline has been intriguing and confusing at the same time. Although most of the movies and series released by Marvel of Phase 4 have been set after the ‘blip’. For instance, Black Widow, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Wanda Vision and Hawkeye.

Even if Hulk’s Arm is completely healed, it will have recovered between Shang Chi’s post-credit scene and the latest series.

One more possibility can be explained as Bruce Banner might have been able to human form but realised later that he could only keep his hand fine if he accepted Hulk as his all-time body. 

In this new phase, the Hulk’s presence has been getting dicier with each passing movie or series. Bruce Banner’s role as Hulk is a matter of concern for the original cast fans and could bring about changes that are even more promising than the Avengers series.


Now Hulk’s Arm is being healed in the new, about to be released series, She-Hulk has left the audience in awe. Hulk has become the only main cast Avenger not to have a solo movie since 2008.

The Hulk is everyone’s childhood hero and protector. Not getting to watch him in the series might result in some dissatisfaction amongst fans, but they still believe in Marvel.

Now the time will answer fans’ many other questions through the oncoming series, She-Hulk.

The series will be released in August of this year. As per the trailer, we will receive more tiny tidbits about Hulk’s Arm and She Hulk’s performance. Marvel is habitual of its fans’ new and improved conspiracy theories.

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