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Selling Sunset Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Updates, And Everything We Know

Enthusiastic fans of the extravagant reality show “Selling Sunset” are eagerly waiting the arrival of Selling Sunset Season 7.

This captivating series skillfully intertwines the world of high-end real estate with intense human drama, firmly establishing itself in the hearts of its dedicated viewers.

The show’s immense popularity prompted Netflix to grant it renewals for Seasons 6 and 7, scheduled to premiere in June 2022.

Over the summer, Chrishell Stause, a prominent figure on the show, excitedly shared on her Instagram that production for these upcoming seasons had commenced.

With each season’s conclusion, the burning question revolves around whether the allure of the Los Angeles real estate market, combined with the fiery dynamics among its agents, will make a triumphant return to our screens.

Devotees of the show can finally relax, as “Selling Sunset” is poised for a return and is committed to offering its distinctive mix of luxury and intrigue in its upcoming seventh season.

Selling Sunset Season 7 Release Date

Selling Sunset Season 7 Release Date
Selling Sunset Season 7 Release Date

Netflix consistently delivers for its audience. Acknowledging the immense popularity of the series, they officially greenlit both Season 6 and Season 7 in June 2022.

During the same summer, Chrishell Stause, one of the show’s most recognisable characters, revealed the start of production for these seasons on Instagram.

Furthermore, in a conversation with E! News in March 2023, Heather Rae El Moussa confirmed that filming was well underway, although the precise release date remains shrouded in secrecy.

Nevertheless, if we consider Netflix’s track record of releasing consecutively filmed seasons, fans can look forward with optimism to the release of “Selling Sunset” Season 7, which is likely to arrive in late fall 2023 or early 2024.

Selling Sunset Season 7 Cast

Selling Sunset Season 7 Cast
Selling Sunset Season 7 Cast

Although the Season 7 cast has not yet been officially confirmed by Netflix, it is very likely that important Selling Sunset characters including Chrishell Stause, Jason Oppenheim, Mary Fitzgerald, Emma Hernan, Heather Rae El Moussa, Amanda Smith, Davina Potratz, and Chelsea Lazkani will return.

Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young, the two newcomers from Season 6, have already been given the go-ahead to return in Season 7.

Although there is a chance of introducing some new Selling Sunset characters, it’s improbable that Season 7 will see significant changes to the cast lineup.

However, considering that Heather Rae El Moussa voiced her disappointment at not being summoned back for filming after her maternity leave, the amount of screen time allotted to each cast member may differ.

Her presence as a new mother in Season 7 remains uncertain. In contrast, former agent Christine Quinn, who left the show under unfavorable circumstances, has definitively stated that she won’t be making a return.

What Selling Sunset Is All About?

What Selling Sunset Is All About
What Selling Sunset Is All About

“Selling Sunset” is an American reality TV series conceived by Adam DiVello and featuring Christine Quinn. It tracks the endeavors of real estate agents affiliated with The Oppenheim Group and made its debut on Netflix on March 21, 2020. A second season of “Selling Sunset” is currently in the works.

Upon its Netflix premiere in March 2020, “Selling Sunset” swiftly garnered substantial viewership, ranking as one of the platform’s most-watched programs.

The show delves into the professional and personal lives of real estate professionals associated with The Oppenheim Group, a high-end brokerage firm headquartered in Los Angeles.

“Selling Sunset” has received acclaim for its dramatic portrayal of the fiercely competitive real estate industry and its glimpses into the personal lives of the brokers.

While it is ostensibly a reality show, some viewers have raised questions about the extent to which the series may be scripted or staged.

Selling Sunset Season 7 Plot

Selling Sunset Season 7 Plot
Selling Sunset Season 7 Plot

“Selling Sunset” is a reality TV series that tracks the activities of a cadre of real estate agents working for The Oppenheim Group, a prestigious Los Angeles-based real estate agency.

The show places a spotlight on the agents’ personal and professional lives as they navigate the highly competitive realm of upscale real estate.

Audiences are granted an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes into the glitzy and fiercely competitive landscape of the Los Angeles real estate market. This includes magnificent residences, intense negotiations, and the interpersonal relationships and conflicts among the brokers.

Additionally, the show delves into the agents’ private lives, exploring their friendships, romantic relationships, and emotional challenges.

It often highlights the evolving dynamics and conflicts that arise among them. The storyline primarily revolves around the agents as they showcase and market opulent residences to affluent clients.

Find Out Why Chrishell Stause Is Furious

Find Out Why Chrishell Stause Is Furious
Find Out Why Chrishell Stause Is Furious

Chrishell Stause disclosed that in “Selling Sunset” Season 7, viewers can expect to see more of the ongoing, heated feud between herself and fellow agent Nicole Young.

Nicole, an experienced agent at the Oppenheim Group, made her debut as one of the show’s stars in the previous season. In the absence of much context, it appeared that Nicole held some resentment toward Chrishell.

Eventually, she clarified her grievance with the long-standing fan-favorite star of “Selling Sunset,” and it seemed to be related to a real estate deal they had partnered on several years ago.

The tension escalated rapidly when the group of agents from the Oppenheim Group embarked on a trip to Palm Springs during Season 6.

During an interview with EW, Chrishell provided insights into what viewers can anticipate in “Selling Sunset” Season 7, hinting at several dramatic moments.

Chrishell mentioned that Nicole carried her “attitude” into the new season, which, she admitted, left her feeling somewhat exasperated and once again caught up in the drama—this time during their vacation in Cabo. Chrishell suggested that Nicole may have extended her grievances to other agents as well.

“It’s one thing to target me, but when you start targeting my friends for no apparent reason…it turns into a real mess.” The way Chrishell discussed Nicole indicated that their conflict remains unresolved.

Recent Article –

The Reason Behind Chrishell & Nicole’s Selling Sunset Feud

The Reason Behind Chrishell & Nicole's Selling Sunset Feud
The Reason Behind Chrishell & Nicole’s Selling Sunset Feud

The conflict between these two real estate agents appears to have its origins in a past professional incident involving Jason Oppenheim, dating back several years.

During Season 6 of “Selling Sunset,” Nicole asserted her dislike for Chrishell due to a dispute over compensation related to a property listing they had jointly worked on. Nicole believed she should have received sole credit for the listing, which led to tensions.

What exacerbated the situation, apart from it being a trivial and past issue, was Nicole’s insinuation that Jason had only credited Chrishell because he had a “crush” on her.

This insinuation deeply offended both Chrishell and Jason, especially since Chrishell was still married to actor Justin Hartley at the time.

Chrishell and Nicole persisted in taking swipes at each other and causing scenes during professional events involving their colleagues, even with acting boss Mary Fitzgerald unable to mediate a truce between them.

Mary’s final attempt to reconcile them was organizing a girls’ trip to Palm Springs, but it ended up triggering the most intense argument they had yet.

In what some considered a “below-the-belt” move, Chrishell accused Nicole of substance abuse, an inappropriate allegation. However, Nicole went to great lengths to target Chrishell unnecessarily.

The dispute culminated with Nicole insisting on taking a drug test to prove her innocence and then threatening to pursue a defamation lawsuit against Chrishell.

This explosive feud led to Chrishell being labeled as the primary instigator of trouble on “Selling Sunset,” particularly in Christine Quinn’s absence.

At the time of Chrishell’s interview with EW, the agents had not resolved their issues but had, at least, temporarily ceased their public exchanges.

Although Nicole attempted to initiate a truce following their social media back-and-forth, it remains unclear if any progress was made in that regard.

There is also no confirmation that Nicole ever took the necessary steps to legally pursue a defamation case against Chrishell. While it might seem challenging for “Selling Sunset” Season 7 to surpass the drama of the previous season, it just might manage to do so.

Selling Sunset Season 7 Trailer

There is no trailer for Selling Sunset season 7 yet, but it will be updated here after the release. Netflix provides an excellent platform for enjoying the show and immersing yourself in its dramas and extravagance.

We trust that you’ll relish your binge-watching journey of “Selling Sunset” on Netflix, whether you’re a newcomer or a dedicated returning viewer!

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