Director Stephen Surjik: Witcher Season 4 Has Been Mapped Out

The Witcher series is still filming season 3, and according to the director, Stephen Surjik, Witcher Season 4 is already ahead and currently in production.

The Witcher Series, released on Netflix, is based on novels and short stories of a witcher named Geralt of Rivia, which are written by a popular Polish author, Andrzej Sapkowski. The author, Andrzej Sapkowski, has a huge fanbase, on the basis of which the series, video games, card games and many things were made for the audience to explore all aspects of Witcher World.

Netflix’s Witcher Series is an English translation of the books written by Sapkowski. The main characters of the series are Geralt of Rivia, a monster-hunter, played explicitly by Henry Cavill; Yennefer of Vengerberg, the most powerful mage, played to perfection by Anya Chalotra; and Princess Cirilla of Cintra, Ciri, a young child who has uncontrollable powers, flawlessly played by Freya Allan.

Director Stephen Surjik: Witcher Season 4 Has Been Mapped Out
Source by Witcher

The Witcher Series entered the screen with season 1 in December 2019. The first season basically introduced the characters and set up a baseline for future adventures. One thing which the audience didn’t like very much was the confusing timeline. The events which were explored in season 1 were kind of disorganized. However, this mistake was rectified in season 2.

The Witcher Season 2 was released in December 2021, which not only had a sorted timeline but also included more thrilling action, horrifying monsters and revelation of the biggest villains in the Witcher World. The second season primarily focused on a growing father-daughter relationship between Geralt and Ciri during the time when they both were traveling to Geralt’s hometown, Kaer Morhen. It ended with Geralt and Yennefer coming together to protect Ciri from the villains.

The next season, for which the audience is hyped, Witcher Season 3, is on its way and reached the process of filming. The third season would probably pick up from the events of season 2, where the whole Continent is coming after Ciri, and Geralt and Yennefer are going to protect her from the world.

The Witcher Season 4: Already in Production

Director Stephen Surjik: Witcher Season 4 Has Been Mapped Out
Source by Witcher

The director of the Witcher series released on Netflix, Stephen Surjik, has talked about the Witcher Season 4 in an interview with Brigade Radio. Stephen said, “The writers and producers mapped out Season 4. Oh yeah. I don’t know if I’m part of that mapping program, but at least they told me that they’re mapping it out.”

The director, Stephen Surjik, has directed two episodes of the Witcher Season 2, which are ‘A Grain of Truth’ and ‘Kaer Morhen.’ For the next one, The Witcher Season 3, Stephen is going to return to direct two more episodes. However, for the Witcher Season 4, the above statements don’t confirm that he would be back.

Well, if we talk about the released material, the Witcher Season 2 has become one of the ‘most-viewed’ shows on Netflix. So would make the creative team committed to the Witcher franchise for very long.

The Witcher Season 1 was based on the books ‘The Last Wish’ and ‘Sword of Destiny,’ whereas The Witcher Season 2 was based on ‘Blood of Elves’ written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The Witcher Season 3 is said to focus on the event of the book ‘Time of Contempt.’ And for the next one, The Witcher Season 4, the news about its production has been shared, but no information about which books it will be based on. It would probably cover the events of the following book ‘Baptism of Fire.’ Also, for the Witcher Season 4 release date, no word is out, as the viewers are first focusing on the Witcher Season 3 to be released soon.

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