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The 5 best fictional sports in anime

If you watch your typical sports anime about basketball, soccer, baseball or football, you’ll find it can get quite repetitive, tending to have the same goals and targets in mind. It takes imagination to come up with an entirely new sport that hasn’t been done before.

If you’re curious about these fictional sports, here are five that the world of anime has to offer. And if you’re someone who likes to place wagers on your favorite sports, watching them should give you some fun ideas about what it might be like to gamble on these fictional sports. And when you feel ready to take on the odds again in real-world sports matches, should be your destination to get yourself back up to speed. There, you can bet on virtually all of your favorite sports with ease. Then, watching will be that much more exciting! 

Without further ado, let’s look at these exciting sports and the anime titles they feature in.

Sensha-dō (Girls und Panzer)

When young schoolgirl Miho transfers schools to escape tankery, she is quickly urged to join the new school’s once-popular tankery club to save their school. 

Girls und Panzer revolves around a sport called Sensha-dō, and the anime is all about tanks from various schools, representing different nations. Schools of tanks face off with other schools in a sport with one objective: to destroy the enemy’s flag tank. With tank shells flying around and tanks getting knocked out, dreams are made and broken. 

Whether you’re a history geek or an avid anime fan who enjoys fast-paced sports, Girls und Panzer has widespread appeal.

Gundam Fight (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)

Gundam Fight is all about replacing war with giant Gundam robots to fight on behalf of governments of space colonies representing countries. These battles are used to solve political differences every four years, and the winner gets to rule Earth, which has been left mostly in ruins. 

If you like giant robots smashing into each other, with the world at stake as the first-place prize for at least four years until the next tournament, then this anime is for you.

Crush Gear (Crush Gear Turbo)

This story revolves around young Kouya Marino and his love for Crush Gear. If you enjoy vehicular destruction and an epic tale about a failing school club nearing extinction, Crush Gear Turbo is definitely your thing. 

Similarly to a destruction derby, participants fight using “Gears”, with two contenders smashing into the ring and crushing one another until only one is left. Each fighter must master their own technique to win. 

All-woman gambling sport (Keijo!!!!!!!!)

Keijo!!!!!!!! features an all-woman gambling sport. Participants stand on top of a raised platform known as “land”, surrounded by large pools of water. The entire premise of the sport is to eliminate their opponent by using only their breasts or buttocks, with them eventually knocking their opponents into the water below to claim victory. 

War for Cash (Dog Days)

This anime revolves around Cinque Izumi, who is summoned to another world at the request of Princess Millhiore. Although the princess is trying to protect her country – the Biscotti Republic – during the war against the neighboring country of Galette, there are no casualties. What’s more, the prize for winning the war is cash. 

Will Cinque be able to return home after helping the Biscotti Republic? Or will he be stuck assisting the nation in their strange sport to deliver the country its prize money?

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