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Robert Pattinson Reportedly Being Pushed To The Edge By The Batman Director

DC’s upcoming film, The Batman is one of the most anticipated superhero films of the industry. It has been set to release on 4th March 2022. The movie is based on the DC Comics character Batman, who is said to be the most popular superhero of all time. It is a reboot of the Batman film franchise. The movie is produced by DC films and directed by Matt Reeves, who has done other prominent films like Clover field and the Planet of the Apes trilogy. The lead role will be enacted by the Twilight star, Robert Pattinson. With Robert Pattinson portraying the popular Dark Knight of Gotham City, The Batman promises a ferocious, darkened version of the legendary DC character. Although, the new set of rumours claim that he is being reportedly pushed to the edge by the director of the film, Matt Reeves.

Pandemic puts the production to rest.

Due to the pandemic, the production of the movie has faced major obstacles in it’s journey. The movie is said to be in production for a year now. First, the production was halted in March when the pandemic spread rapidly and again in September after Robert Pattinson reportedly tested COVID-19 positive. Last month it was revealed that the film’s stunt team had also been urged into self-isolation after another member tested positive for COVID-19. It’s been a difficult journey no doubt. A new report rising to the surface claim that the director is pushing the lead actor to the edge, to achieve his goal of perfection.

Reeves’s need for perfection

Robert Pattinson Reportedly Being Pushed To The Edge By The Batman Director

Matt Reeves demands perfection and insists on performing scenes over and over again and gets stuck down on extremely minor details. Some­times he doesn’t know how or when to stop himself. Matt has directed block­buster films before, but The Batman is huge. Batman is supposedly the most popular superhero of all and when the film is released. It will be the Dark Knight’s first solo movie in ten years. Warner Bros can’t take any chances with this film as they have invested £90 million in the film. They can’t afford for the fan base to be disappointed and lose them as they are planning for much more than this movie.

Robert Pattinson working under a lot of pressure

Robert Pattinson Reportedly Being Pushed To The Edge By The Batman Director

Robert Pattinson will be seen taking over the role of Bruce Wayne aka The Batman in the DC reboot, last enacted by Ben Affleck in ‘Justice League’. As one of the most desired roles in the industry, it is natural to be under an intense level of pressure from the makers and the fans. Some fans even wrote letters to Warner Bros. headquarters voicing their displeasure with the previous choice of the actors for the lead role.

Michael Keaton was criticised because he was best known as a comedian from movies like Mr Mom and Beetlejuice and Val Kilmer was targeted for the only reason that he wasn’t Michael Keaton while George Clooney was opposed because he was just a ‘TV actor’. Robert Pattinson’s connections to Twilight brought an uprising when he was chosen to play the lead role for the movie. Every actor who portrayed the Dark knight has undergone some level of criticism from the fans after being confirmed for the role.

The filming has been a gruelling experience for star Robert Pattinson as the director, Matt Reeves wants nothing but perfection. A source said that Pattinson is doing up to 50 takes of a scene sometimes, all wearing the hot and heavy Batman suit, which is putting him as well as the crew through so much exhaustion.

Robert Pattinson Reportedly Being Pushed To The Edge By The Batman Director

Reports say that Robert has had a difficult time working in these franchise films before. He hated Twilight by the time it ended, and the last thing anyone wants is for the lead to lack enthusiasm for the high-profile film.

The rumoured tension between Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves has led fans to doubt the position of The Batman. There is a solid chance that all of this could be just rumours and the situation is not as bad as it seems. So hopefully there’s no problem between the director and the actor and the rest of the filming will go unaffected.

We should give the duo of cast and crew of the movie a chance based on the quality of the trailer that was made after facing so many hurdles and that to from just a few weeks’ worth of footages, then imagine how the final product will look like even if The Batmanis facing some issues currently.

We would like to say that no film is made in one night. Behind every film, there are tons of struggle and a huge number of people putting their efforts to make a blockbuster. Sometimes there would be disputes, arguments and feuds but in the end, it’ll be worth it. After watching the trailer and the first look of Robert Pattinson as The Batman, we’re sure that the movie will do justice to all the DC fans out there and won’t disappoint the dark knight fans.

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