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‘The Marvels’ Released Most Anticipated Trailer

Marvel Studios has unveiled a trailer for the movie “The Marvels,” in which Captain Marvel collaborates with Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau, both heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Studios has unveiled the first trailer for “The Marvels,” one of the most awaited movies of the MCU Phase 5 in 2023, which will be a sequel to Captain Marvel. In contrast to the previous film, this one will bring together Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Monica Rambeau. The Marvels will continue the plotlines initiated in WandaVision, which saw Monica gaining her abilities, and in the post-credits scene of Ms. Marvel, where Kamala and Carol swapped positions.

The new trailer for The Marvels movie has been recently released by Marvel Studios, providing a sneak peek into the plot of the upcoming MCU collaboration. You can view it below.

Principal photography for The Marvels concluded in 2022, and there was speculation that Disney and Marvel Studios would unveil the first teaser during this year’s Super Bowl. Nonetheless, no teaser was released, and the Captain Marvel sequel, originally scheduled to premiere on July 28, was postponed to November 10. Furthermore, Marvel Studios disclosed the official summary for The Marvels, presented below.

“The Marvels” from Marvel Studios depicts Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, reclaiming her true identity from the oppressive Kree and seeking vengeance against the Supreme Intelligence. However, Carol unintentionally destabilizes the universe, which she must shoulder responsibility for. When her duties lead her to a peculiar wormhole connected to a Kree rebellion, her powers intertwine with those of Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, a devoted fan from Jersey City, and Carol’s estranged niece, now an astronaut named Captain Monica Rambeau, who works for S.A.B.E.R. Together, this unlikely trio must collaborate and learn to cooperate to rescue the universe and become “The Marvels”.

Everything The Marvels Trailer Shares About The Upcoming MCU Movies

Everything The Marvels Trailer Shares About The Upcoming MCU Movies
Everything The Marvels Trailer Shares About The Upcoming MCU Movies

Since the season finale of Ms. Marvel, the most significant enigma about the character has been how Kamala and Carol switched positions, the trailer for The Marvels clarifies that Kamala, Carol, and Monica’s powers are intertwined and that when they utilize them, they interchange positions with one of the other two. Although it doesn’t fully resolve the mystery, the trailer at least acknowledges their connection and hints that the movie will provide concrete solutions.

In addition, The Marvels trailer accentuates that Nick Fury will encounter Ms. Marvel, who initially believes she’s being evaluated to join the Avengers due to Kamala and Monica’s position exchange in a humorous scene. Later on, when Kamala swaps places with Carol, the trailer reveals the reappearance of Goose, a Flerken, which is a feline-like extraterrestrial. Additionally, The Marvels trailer provides a glimpse into the antagonist of the Captain Marvel sequel.

Although the antagonist in The Marvels is never explicitly identified, Zawe Ashton, who is briefly glimpsed in the trailer, portrays the character. Additionally, the synopsis suggests that Ashton’s villain in The Marvels could be a “Kree revolutionary.” Further details about The Marvels will probably be unveiled in a more extended trailer, which is anticipated to premiere at San Diego Comic-Con in July. Based on the initial trailer for The Marvels, this new group of MCU heroes will be an enjoyable team to watch when the movie is released in theaters in November.

How The Superpowers Of Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau & More. Marvel Are Connected

How The Superpowers Of Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau & Ms Marvel Are Connected
How The Superpowers Of Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau & Ms Marvel Are Connected

In the post-credits scene of Ms. Marvel, just before Kamala and Carol switch places, Captain Marvel ends up in Kamala’s room, surrounded by posters of herself. During this scene, Kamala’s bangle began glowing, appearing to access power from the Noor dimension independently. Furthermore, the series revealed that the bangle was part of a set, with the whereabouts of the second bracelet unknown. Kamala’s great-grandmother discovered the first bangle on a severed blue arm, indicating a connection to the Kree, the alien empire with which Captain Marvel is well acquainted.

Considering the information previously mentioned, the second bangle and its possessor may have linked Kamala and Carol’s powers, possibly due to Carol’s abilities derived from the Space Stone, which has teleportation and interdimensional features. However, it is still being determined how Monica Rambeau’s newfound powers from WandaVision are connected to Carol and Kamala’s abilities, although the wormhole appears to be the most probable explanation. In the trailer, Monica states that their powers have become “entangled.”

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What Causes The Marvels Heroes To Suddenly Change Places?

What Causes The Marvels Heroes To Suddenly Change Places
What Causes The Marvels Heroes To Suddenly Change Places

The Marvels trailer features Monica Rambeau working alongside Nick Fury in space. Still, she enters a nearby wormhole, and Kamala Khan emerges from it, flying towards a confused Fury and expressing excitement about becoming an Avenger. This ties in with Ms. Marvel’s show, where Kamala and Carol Danvers swapped places, and the trailer confirms that this body-swapping was just the start of their entanglement.

Although it is uncertain who or what caused the linking of Carol, Monica, and Kamala’s powers, what is clear is that the three women will have a humorous period of adaptation to their newly shared circumstances. In the trailer, they swap places each time they use their powers, regardless of distance. Although the teaser shows the trio is forced to work together to uncover the mystery behind their situation, there are hints that they will eventually learn to fight as a team despite the body-swapping, including a scene of them battling a Kree general portrayed by Zawe Ashton.

The Kree general featured in The Marvels trailer could play a crucial role in the film’s storyline, especially since she’s the primary suspect for why the trio of superheroes keeps swapping places. She may be the MCU’s General Dar-Benn and is shown wielding a cosmic hammer like Ronan the Accuser. However, she’s also wearing a bracelet that could be the second bangle, similar to Kamala’s. The bracelet glows in the trailer’s final scene as the new Kree antagonist confronts Kamala, Monica, and Carol. She may be responsible for connecting the three superheroes and their powers, intentionally or not.

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