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The Witcher: 6 Things From The Books We’re Glad Were Never Adapted

The witcher has six dark things hidden for a long time, and we are glad that we did not adopt them anytime soon.


It is boundless to say that the witcher 2019 on Netflix has gained large viewerships that attracted an enthusiastic and updated audience.

The Witcher 2019, though, was an enriching experience where we learned a lot, but there are six things we are glad that we did not adapt to in real life.

Through this article, I will try to highlight those things.

Some Insights

Do you have any idea of how unique the witcher project has been for Netflix? From Vesemir to Geralt, everyone delivered their level best with zealous skills and knowledge that they are generally installable within.

The plot was even reasonable when it persuaded us to believe how cruel and unjustifiable life has been for the witchers. The current timeline of all the witchers also made us emotional in many instances.

6 Things We Are Glad That We Didn’t Adapt

However, there were many things in the witchers that we should not adopt, but notably, there are six things or reasons we should feel relieved that we did not adapt in our lives.

6. Yennefer’s Assault

The Witcher 6 Things From The Books We're
Credit -Netflix

To be in detail, Yennefer belonged to Vengerberg, born in 1173. She represented herself as a fearless woman who was seen as a young love of Geralt of Rivia.

It is portrayed in one episode, i.e., rare species; this is the same episode where the glorifying chemistry of Yennefer and Geralt is seen independently.

According to the plot, both Geralt and Yennefer can be seen in a great and unbreakable bond, but according to many observations.

Yennefer was assaulted to the point that she felt ashamed at many points when her body was exposed completely, and he tore her clothes.

Have you ever thought of how tough it would have been for any woman whose self-respect is spoiled to such an extent? The witcher displays such pity souls.

5. Renfri’s Backstory

The Witcher 6 Things From The Books We're
Credit -Netflix

The first episode was entirely dissimilar to the story as mentioned earlier, where yennefer was exploitable largely. In the first episode, “the lesser evil,” the tale portraits the timeline of conflicts between stregobar and the bandit renfri.

The episode is entirely associated with the darker and scary part of renfri’s backstory, where she felt humiliated and manipulated due to the experiences that she faced in the past.

According to the episode, she is eager to kill stregobar because she feels it is the best way to eradicate her bad experiences.

4. Exorcism of Djinn

The Witcher 6 Things From The Books We're
Credit -Netflix

We until now witnessed some disheartened souls such as yennefer and renfri. Perhaps it was a tough life for them on that specific planet.

However, the story has not ended yet. The character named Djinn was persuaded to know and believe about exorcism, due to which he was feeling scared at the planet, and it was all because of Geralt as he was the king on that planet.

3. Geralt’s Murder History

The Witcher 6 Things From The Books We're
Credit -Netflix

There is no doubt that Geralt was a cruel soul on the planet, wherein he tried every other way to scare people around him and even forced them to believe that he was the best, and none could match his level.

This segment is related to something similar as he tried to comprehend some other pure souls through his inhuman acts,

The case is related to killing drunkards whereby he could have finally narrated, convinced them, and peacefully settled the fight.

2. Geralt and Yennefer

The Witcher 6 Things From The Books We're
The Witcher 6 Things From The Books We’re

The bond between Geralt and Yennefer is in no way hidden from people. The episode remains somewhat the same as Yennefer can be again seen with torn clothes.

Because of his one-sided love, Geralt is willing to complete her wishes, but before this could happen in the novel, they both teleport.

1. Renfri’s Last Attempt

The Witcher 6 Things From The Books We're
Credit -Netflix

As discussed in the previous segments about Renfri’s character that how she was excited to kill stregobar. Nevertheless, she was more eager to kill Geralt, and the reason we are pretty aware already.


The Witcher series is quite inclusive in that she shows a bigger evil side of some characters. Geralt has been so far active in the witcher as he disturbed and destroyed the peace in everyone’s life.

We as humans have this little responsibility to identify the destructive parts in different series and vanish the learnings from the specific sequence.

It is par clear that Geralt’s character in the witcher is not unjustifiable, and every act done by him should be unavoidable absolutely.

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