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The witcher – How Old Yennefer Is At The Beginning End Of Season 1

Netflix’s The Witcher is a story of characters over many, many years. They have seamlessly shown the back and forth time jumps as the story goes on and the viewers have to rely on their wits to understand the timeline. Since many characters were present in both, the stories of the past and the present, looking more or less the same, it is obvious that they do not age like a normal human being. We all know Geralt is around 100 years old but did you notice that, just like Geralt, Yennefer too barely aged during the whole season?

Yennefer looks like she’s in her mid-twenties during the whole season but it is obvious that she’s much older than that. But exactly how old is Yennefer of Vengerberg? And why has she not aged? These questions have not exactly been answered in the show and are left for speculation among the fans. Here’s what we know about Yennefer’s age.

The Witcher narrates the stories of three characters: Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer of Vengerberg and the crown princess of Cintra, Ciri; which are portrayed by actors Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan, respectively. Season 1 of the show tells stories of many years, some of them way before the birth of Ciri, but Yennefer looks the same in all of them, so calculating her age precisely is quite complicated.

The witcher - How Old Yennefer Is At The Beginning End Of Season 1

Being a sorceress, Yennefer uses magic to appear the age she wants which allows her to live longer than an ordinary human being.

Yennefer was 20 when she was introduced in the show. Being disfigured and having a hunched back, she was sold to Tissaia de Vries by her step-father. This happened about 70 years before the Battle of Sodden Hill and the slaughter of Cintra. Considering all this, Yennefer, by the end of season 1, should be about 90 years old. So, the awesome fights and the huge fire wave during the battle in the end of the first season was done by a 90 year old lady who looks like she stopped aging as soon as she turned 25.

In an interview at San Diego Comic-con, 2019, 23 year old Anya Chalotra said that in the Netflix adaptation of the book (The Witcher), Yennefer’s story was told from when she was 14 to 77 years old. Luren Schmidt Hissrich (The Showrunner) said that the story of Yennefer’s was shown through about 70 years. That means that by the end of the first season, Yennefer might be between 80 and 90.

The witcher - How Old Yennefer Is At The Beginning End Of Season 1

In the books and the video games, it has been mentioned that Yennefer’s age is 94 and that she’s supposed to be a few years older than Geralt. Other sorcerers like Mousesack, Stregobor, Istredd, etc., don’t seem to age either but not all of them look like they just don’t age. Which means the ones who don’t physically age found out that their magic make up for an awesome skin care routine and they can basically live for centuries without gaining a single wrinkle. Anti aging spells must be in huge demand in ‘The Witcher’ world, or at least they should be.

It’s complicated to figure out Yennefer’s age in the show since they have not revealed it at any point of time so we don’t really know for sure if she was 14 or 20 when she first appeared in the series. What we do know is that she’s way older than she physically looks and that her real age is between 70 and 90 years.

The witcher - How Old Yennefer Is At The Beginning End Of Season 1

Let us wait for the second season and see if at any point the show decides to hint us on Yennefer’s age.

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