The Witcher boss reveals why Jaskier never ages: “It was a mistake”

Lauren Hissrich, the showrunner for The Witcher, refers to fan theories. Is Jaskier a non-human creature? Is it possible that Yennefer was once a witch? What exactly is going on with those eels?

Lauren Hissrich, the showrunner for Netflix’s hit fantasy thriller The Witcher, is currently shooting the second season, but she took some time out to talk with TV Guide about some of the most bizarre fan theories. She discussed several topics, but one, in particular, piqued my interest: why does the bard Jaskier (Joey Batey) seem never to age?

The Witcher’s first season lasts several years, but Jaskier looks almost the same when he encounters Geralt at the age of 18 as he does when he’s 40 in the dragon hunt episode. Any people have speculated that this means Jaskier isn’t human, but Hissrich is here to dispel those ideas. She smiled and said, “No, it was just a misunderstanding.” “In our writers’ room, we have this massive timeline that takes up two whiteboards, and it’s how we mapped out the storylines from Season 1, kind of monitoring to make sure everybody blends in. Since Jaskier must have aged a lot in that season, he was still the odd one out. No, he simply had exceptional genetics.”

For the record, Jaskier is 51 when Ciri and Geralt catch up at the end of the season, so either Joey Batey will need some middle-aged man make up for season 2 or Hissrich and company will have to rethink the “he’s just an average human” thing.

Brief about Jaskier:

Netflix Witcher 10 Things They Got Wrong About Jaskier In The Witcher Show
Credit – Netflix

In the second episode of The witcher season called “Four Marks,” Jaskier, also known as Dandelion, will star in shorts and series video games. When Jaskier accidentally encounters Geralt and finds himself a witcher, he offers to go along in his quest for the kill of a monster. Helping Geralt increase his profile, he says songs about Geralt’s adventure will change his reputation as the Butcher of Blaviken and depict him instead as a hero. He offers his services. They establish an unexpected bond over the last several years, crossing paths on many occasions, saving the lives of each other many times.

Due to the reception of “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher,” Jaskier won a large number of followers. The album became an immediate success and is now one of The Witcher’s most unforgettable aspects. With Jaskier announced his return to Season 2, there is a possibility that he will write another hit about the achievement of Geralt of Rivia.

In season 2, the time has passed since he and Geralt met, and it is noteworthy that Jaskier returned. The first season schedule caused a huge number of fans to be perplexed, but the Jaskier and Geralt meetings and the battle against Ciri in the finals of the season can be calculated to have broken over 20 years. Season two starts in the latter case, meaning that Jaskier is far older than the actor who depicts him as one of the few deadly characters at the centre.

Hissrich in her address said about few other fan myths such as:

Ciri is Geralt’s biological mother:

The Witcher boss reveals why Jaskier never ages It was a mistake
Credit – Netflix

Hissrich exclaimed, “Wow.” “No, that completely boggles my mind. That one is beyond my comprehension… It’s amusing because when you take a step back, you think to yourself, ‘Well, she’d be capable…’ But then there’s that, which practically makes my head explode.”

Ciri is clearly a lot younger than Geralt, but this concept would require some kind of time travel, which Hissrich is unlikely to entertain; she had plenty of that when she worked on the first season of The Umbrella Academy. “I’ll never work on another time-travel show because it makes me want to pound a hole in the wall,” she says.

Ciri foresaw change in climate:

The Witcher boss reveals why Jaskier never ages It was a mistake
Credit – Netflix

Ciri is clearly a young lady with a magical gift and one of the reasons why Geralt is at the end of the season her adoptive father. “Verily, I say unto you, the age of the sword and the hammer is nigh, the era of the Wolf’s Blizzard is nigh,” Ciri says, losing control of her skills. The Day of White Chill and White Light, the Day of Madness and Contempt, is drawing near.”

The lines are drawn straight from the Witcher books of Andrzej Sapkowski, but some fans have read them and felt that they were talking about “dumblings” and “colds” that seemed very relevant to our planet, which has a big problem with climate change. Hissrich told us that in the writers’ lounge, they didn’t care about climate change, so it’s up to you how you interpret it. “I mean, like any dream… you can see everything in our universe right now as an example,” said Hissrich. “The greatest fantasy … is a kind of horoscope; you should be in a position to read and relate it to yourself.”

Ciri is using its abilities to control Aretuza’s magic school:

The Witcher boss reveals why Jaskier never ages It was a mistake
Credit – Netflix

One of the strangers of the season was when Yennefer was raised in the enchanted school of Aretuza as a sorceress. She did well and was very strong in her studies, but some of her classmates have become angry. The entire school apparently runs the power they make.

This information was not in the books and inspired some dismay among fans and some believe that Ciri would finally lead the school and do away with it. Hissrich said, “You know, the idea came from people who dislike the ants. “Let us never see the eels again!’ I like eels, personally.”

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The witcher - How Old Yennefer Is At The Beginning End Of Season 1
Credit – Netflix

Yennefer was a witcher before:

The witcher - How Old Yennefer Is At The Beginning End Of Season 1
Credit – Netflix

Another threw Hissrich here. Here’s another one. “How is this going to work?” she inquired. After all, we have seen much of the long life of Yennefer in the first season. There is even a ban on Witcher struggling with women. “This is hard because, obviously, once the books are in your head and a great deal is said to have been written about “women cannot be witchers,” and how can Ciri start to make a difference?” Hissrich said that in the second season he teasing what will happen to Ciri. “Hey, it’s difficult for me to wrap my mind.”

The Witcher Season 2 is now done with the shooting and is likely to release soon. Be with us and comment below if you have any queries.

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