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The Witcher’s Geralt has instantly become one of TV’s best dads

The Geralt Witcher has been shown as a father to Princess Cirilla of Cintra, Ciri, his child surprise, and has done well in parenting.

The Witcher Series on Netflix recently released its Season 2 where Geralt of Rivia, a witcher, monster-slayer, who gets united with his child surprise, his destiny, named Princess Cirilla, Ciri, who is prophetic to be the end of the world.

Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) has sworn to protect his adopted daughter Ciri from the dangers of the world and of her own. Apart from safeguarding the daughter, Geralt’s character is similar to the idea of modern dads.

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Geralt spends his days killing monsters, earning a livelihood and sleeps with beautiful women from every town in the night. Geralt Witcher is handsome with sleek feline eyes, greyish platinum hair, and a miraculous body that attracts almost everyone in the series.

Princess Cirilla, on the other hand, has always bombarded destruction everywhere she went. And after meeting with Geralt, almost everyone in the world got to know about Ciri being the child with Elder Blood. Elves are trying to find her to save themselves, the white flame has their reasons to get their hands on her, and the Wild Hunt needs her for the power she has inside her.

Geralt Witcher: Fulfills the Concept of Modern Dads

Modern TV shows on Netflix respect children as individuals and showcase the dad-child relationships positively and healthy manner. Let’s take one example from a popular series, Stranger Things, in which Jim Hopper, a Police Officer, takes care of a girl who has various abilities and powers inside her. Hopper accepts Eleven as she is and learns from her, too.

The Geralt Witcher have Conquered the Tag of TV Dad Pantheon
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Geralt is similar to Hopper, where Ciri and Eleven help both of them understand how to discipline their temper with flexibility. It is a difficult concept, as both of their daughters lose control of their powers. However, Geralt and Hopper don’t limit themselves about their parental obligations but embrace them.

There is one thing really appreciating and extraordinary in both of them, i.e., Geralt and Hopper never resist learning from their daughters, setting a fantastic example for the dads of the 21st century.

At the starting of Season 2, the parenting style of Geralt was experienced by Ciri. As when both of them took refuge under the home of Nivellen, Geralt’s dear old friend, both of them responded differently to his hospitality. Ciri, being a child, got wrapped under Nivellen’s stories, but Geralt, prioritizing his daughter’s safety, found out that Nivellen was keeping something from him.

Ciri wanted to protect Nivellen, and Geralt clarified that his priority was Ciri only; he refused to help his old friend and moved on to his journey with Ciri. Ciri felt protected and warm from that incident. Both of them didn’t talk a lot, and a little chat during their journey is making their father-daughter relationship stronger.

The Geralt Witcher have Conquered the Tag of TV Dad Pantheon
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In the Witcher Series, the powerful beings always enforce wishes on everyone on the continent. The more powerful being, more statues, tales sung by the bards, and wealth. Ciri was shown to entail so much power inside her that she isn’t able to control at various times. The reason why The Elves, Nilgaard, Brotherhood, The Wild Hunt, and Voleth Meir are after her.

Geralt of Rivia, however, never treated her daughter like others do, and he never called her with grandiose names like Child of Elder Blood, Daughter of Chaos, etc. Geralt, the Witcher, is one of the very few people who never took Ciri as his puppet. Geralt doesn’t focus on genetics or what others are saying about Ciri but believes in his daughter’s strength and his own.

However, in the world of Witcher, people are prejudiced and don’t like others other than their group of people. As in Kaer Morhen, when Ciri reaches them, the other witchers are making fun of her, challenging her most to tell her that she is not what they are. During the attack of monsters in Kaer Morhen, when Ciri was possessed by Voleth Meir, Vesemir, the mentor to Geralt, wanted to kill Ciri to end all the dangers. But Geralt, nonetheless, never stopped supporting her.

Ciri can get herself stuck in any danger, but Geralt reached there on time and stopped all the people who wanted to hurt her. Even Yennefer, Geralt’s love, betrayed her and took Ciri as her bargain for magic. Geralt saved Ciri from the hands of Yennefer, too, and believed in Ciri’s strength.

The Geralt Witcher have Conquered the Tag of TV Dad Pantheon
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The modern father in the TV series is no stranger to sacrifice. For example, Ned Stark, in the Game of Thrones Series, gives himself up to the Lannisters for his daughter Sansa. Geralt’s character showcases the same value as others. Geralt was ready to give himself up to protect Ciri from the intentions of Deathless Mother, Voleth Meir. Witcher Geralt is like the father to Ciri, which she never had.

However, in the end, a twist came along during the reveal of The White Flame, Emhyr, the birth father of Ciri, is alive. And Emhyer is above sacrificing other children to get his hands on his own daughter, Princess Cirilla.

The concept of sacrifice is vague in the Witcher series, but the consequences following the sacrifice are painful. Killing the child of Elves to get closer to finding Ciri, a master plan of the White Flame, the consequences will be unfortunate. Geralt leaves the Kaer Morhen to protect his Witcher family from the dangers and protect Ciri, too, a great sacrifice Geralt has to make as a father.

Well, no one said parenting is an easy job. It comes with bitterness, chaos, and no certainty of success. Geralt is scared of losing his daughter to the powers inside her. Doing all the things he can lead to losing Ciri’s happiness, but his concern is safety. The journey of Geralt as a father, with Ciri as his daughter, will include many shifts and changes in the future seasons, but so far, Geralt Witcher is like a typical ‘father figure’ to Ciri.

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