Celestial Emergence: Ending Made One Unanswered MCU Mystery More Terrifying

Celestial Emergence became a highlighting point in the eternal ending that even made MCU mysteries unanswered.


The MCU’s Eternals expanded a little on the franchise’s version, but the final battle made one mystery scarier. It’s all about Celestial Knowhere.


Since Eternals was introduced, the Celestials (aside from Ego) have not played a major role in the MCU’s cosmic explorations.

Chloe Zhao directed the Eternals. It introduced the title team. They are an alien race created centuries ago by Arishem and sent to Earth to protect against the Deviants.

While the Eternals helped humanity advance, they weren’t permitted to interfere with their conflicts, such as Thanos’ snap.

The story centres on Sersi (Gemma Chan) and her team’s efforts to stop the Deviants. There is also an event called “The Emergence”. it took some time to learn more about the Celestials, but the end made the mystery about these entities even greater.


Their real purpose was to guide humanity until they reached the prerequisites of Tiamut’s Emergence.

After a complex plan by Phaistos, Bryan Tyree Henry, which required the Eternals’ powers to be combined, Sersi was eventually able to stop Tiamut. It raises questions about the defeat or death of the Celestial Knowhere.

Guardians of the Galaxy was the first MCU movie that addressed the existence of the Celestials. It also featured Knowhere, the location of the Exitar mining colony.

Years later, Tivan Group established mining operations to extract the precious bone, brain tissue and spinal fluid. Because there were no rules or regulations, Knowhere became a haven for criminals from all over the galaxy.

That’s also where the Guardians of the Galaxy met Benicio del Toro.

Celestial Emergence:- Highlighting Point In MCU Mystery
Source By Marvel

It takes a lot of Celestials to kill them, and Tiamut’s struggle to stop Tiamut makes Knowhere’s death even more terrifying.

For Sersi to harness enough energy to use her transmutation abilities to turn Tiamut, an emerging and defenceless Celestial, into marble, it took the combined power of the Eternals.


One hand popped out of the ocean while his head was still intact. Phastos made bracelets with the orb Ajak (Salma Hayek) to combine their power.

Later, Sersi used this to communicate with Arishem, but there was still a lot of room for error. It raises the question: Who was strong enough to decapitate Knowhere?

After the events, this is just one of many questions that the MCU must answer.

They will need to be extremely clever to find the right answer to the question after all the other actions taken by Sersi and others to stop Tiamut.

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