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UZAKI CHAN SEASON 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Updates, And Everything We Know

Uzaki chan season 2 is greenlit for this fall release.

The idea of pairing two characters with contrasting personalities in a rom-com setting has resulted in many successful animes, for many such animes are a guilty pleasure, while for others, it’s simply a tick off their bucket list. 

Quiet Boy meets loudmouth girl, admittedly been an overused and overdone trope, yet there is no doubt these shows provide a wholesome feeling. A feeling that we experience while watching Uzaki-chan is wanting to hang out.

Uzaki-chan wants to hang out in a slice of life- rom-com anime based on the manga writings of Take and adapted by Entertainment Graphics Innovation Studios.

The plot follows a pair of college students, Hana Uzaki and Shinichi Sakurai, two characters with dissimilar dispositions. Shinichi is an introverted tall young man who likes the company of no one but himself. He cherishes his solitude so much that he prefers to be left alone in peace than spend time with anyone else.

On the other hand, Hana Uzaki is a petite yet boisterous young girl filled with exuberance who vibrantly lives her life. Her transformation came after she moved to college, where she went from a reserved individual to a chatty patty and outgoing in nature.

Hana and Shinichi are old high school acquaintances who meet in college, and Hana quickly notices the silent nature of Shinichi. Hana is worried about Shinichi s’ introversion and thinks his time at college will be spent the same way as in his high school days.

Hence, Hana Uzaki takes it upon herself to bring about a change in Shinichi s’ personality and end his loner lifestyle. She starts getting involved with the reclusive Shinichi’s’ daily life, which is repulsive to such extroversions, but she enjoys having her around.

Uzaki and Shinichi s’ polar opposite personalities become a source of comedic antics as the two unknowingly develop a charming platonic friendship.

 Uzaki -chan wants to hang out had mixed reception, particularly around Uzaki s’ character design. Many fans found her overdeveloped features unnecessarily sexualized.

Before the release, the biggest backlash the show received was when the Japanese Red Cross used a lewd picture of Uzaki on its poster. 

Despite the controversy, Uzaki-chan wants to hang out had its takers as many fans quite enjoyed the show, and as a result, the demand for a second season was also in high demand.

Fortunately, we have some good news on that front, so keep reading to find out more about Uzaki chan season 2.

Uzaki-chan wants to hang out anime is rated 7/10 and ranked #3893 with 393k members on MyAnimeList.


Source by ENGI

The first season of Uzaki-chan season one aired from 10th July 2020 to 25th September 2020 for 12 episodes. 

After the completion of the final episode, the series was promptly renewed for a second season through a comedic sketch by the two voice actors of the leads and the anime s’ mascot.

It wasn’t a surprise that Uzaki chan was renewed for a second season, but fans were still hoping to get an official release date and a trailer.

Luckily, the official Twitter account of the show released a key visual featuring the two leads and confirmed the Uzaki chan season 2 release date as 1st October 2022.

You can watch the Uzaki-chan wants to hang out season 2 trailer below:


Source by ENGI

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai or Uzaki-chan wants to hang out manga is written and illustrated by Take. It began serialization Dra-Dra-Dragon age magazine on 1st December 2017.

As of September 2022, the manga has been compiled into nine volumes and 51 chapters, with the latest issue scheduled to release on 9th September 2022. Chapters 52 to 58 are yet to be compiled into a volume format.

Despite the controversy surrounding the anime, the first five volumes of the manga sold more than 1.5 million copies as of November 2020. If we include the sixth volume, the sales account for 1.7 million copies sold as of March 2021.

Volume 8 sold 52,920 copies and was ranked 9th in the Oricon charts for the top 30 manga sold from 7th March 2022 to 13th March 2022. Check out the sales performance of the manga below:

performance 1
Source: Erzat

Uzaki-chan wants to hang out manga is rated 7.3/10 and ranked #4058 with 36k members on MyAnimeList.


UZAKI CHAN wants to hang out SEASON 2 PLOT
Source by ENGI

In the final episode of Uzaki-chan, we see the café master gets his back thrown out, and as a result, Ami is made the stand-in manager. Ami asks Uzaki how she met Shinichi and prods on to ask what he looks like when drunk. 

Uzaki has no response to her question, but Sakaki suggests getting the answer by suggesting her a drinking game with Shinichi.

Sakaki schemes a plan of luring Shinichi to drink by making him stay home and enjoy Uzaki s’ cooking. After eating, the two begin watching shark flicks, and Uzaki keeps chugging cans of alcohol which prompts Shinichi to do the same.

After numerous servings, both lie inebriated as Shinichi confesses his love for Uzaki s’ (drum roll) cooking. Uzaki is too drunk to hear what Shinichi says, and both pass out together on the futon.

The following day, Ami and her father are curious about what happened between Shinichi and Uzaki. To their disappointment, neither of the two is sober enough to remember last night’s happenings as Uzaki realizes the summer break is over.

Uzaki and Shinichi meet each other on the first-day post of summer break in school, and the latter states they will be together forever. The episode ends with Uzaki teasing Shinichi about what he meant by forever, and if he did mean it, she would oblige.

The first season ended in Chapter 34 of the manga, i.e., it used up all of volume 3 and the first chapter of volume 4. Hence, Uzaki chan season 2 premiers by adapting chapter 35.

[Spoiler Warning]

In the second season, we will see a big reveal wherein Uzaki reveals to her friends that she is only hanging out with Shinichi as she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

During the festival break, Uzaki wants to hang out with Shinichi but prefers to stay in and play video games. Sakaki asks the two to spend festival time together on a date which receives massive backlash from the pair.

Despite the nay sayings, they go to the festival and visit a fortune teller who only specializes in romance. The fortune teller asks them why they aren’t dating, after all, you hugged each other while sleeping.

Hana is secretly happy that her love is affirmed, and likewise, Shinichi cant get the fortune out of his mind. But Hana, instead of admitting her feelings for Shinichi, begins thinking that Sakurai likes her.

Ami and Sakaki begin staging an intervention whereby the two can confess their love to resolve this conflict. Sakaki scares Hana by informing if she doesn’t confess, Shinichi will have many lustful girls waiting for him.

Her fears are further escalated when Shinichi states he will leave in two years after graduating.

Uzaki chan season 2 will take a more rom-com approach as our two leads struggle to admit their feelings for each other. We can also expect a Christmas-themed episode, as shown in the key visual.



Source by ENGI

Uzaki-chan wants to hang out is directed by Kazuya Miura and written by Takashi Aoshima. Characters are designed by Manabu Kurihara and music is composed by Satoshi Igarashi. Animation is developed by ENGI.

Apart from the old cast and characters reprising their roles, we will see the addition of two characters. Uzaki chan season 2 will feature Miki Ito voicing Shinichi s’ mother Haruko Sakurai, and Tomokazu Sugita will be cast as Shinichi s’ father, Shiro Sakurai.

You can find the list of Uzaki-chan wants to hang out characters and voice cast below;

 Shinichi SakuraiKenji Akabane
 Hana UzakiNaomi Ōzora
 Ami AsaiAyana Taketatsu
 Tsuki UzakiSaori Hayami
 Itsuhito SakakiTomoya Takagi
 MasterYousuke Akimoto
 Miho MihoHaruna Nitta
 AkkyunMasashi Yamane
 Kiri UzakiYuko Sanpei


Source by ENGI

They say, ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and it looks like the ratings and manga sales have been reflective of the popularity of Uzaki-chan, and with season two on its way, it’s only going to get bigger and better.

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