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Vikings Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Updates And Everything We Know

After the season six of the show, fans are eagerly waiting for Vikings Season 7. Here are the complete details about the show.

Apart from Game of Thrones, the historical action series Vikings, which was created by Michael Hirst, stood out as one of the most popular and acclaimed TV shows during the 2010s.

Interestingly, despite its immense viewership, the show’s creators made the decision to conclude the series, leaving many of us wondering if there would be a Vikings Season 7.

Unfortunately, Vikings Season 7 will never be produced as the production team believed it was in the best interest of the show not to overextend its storyline, ultimately making it a creative choice.

Nonetheless, here’s some positive information to share. A follow-up series named Vikings: Valhalla has already been launched, boasting several seasons already aired, and there are more seasons in the pipeline. Therefore, here’s a comprehensive overview of what you should know about the show.

Vikings Season 7 Renewal Status

Vikings Season 7 Renewal Status
Vikings Season 7 Renewal Status

The prospect of Vikings Season 7 coming to fruition is nonexistent, which means there’s no forthcoming release date to await. Nevertheless, this doesn’t signal the conclusion of Viking-themed storytelling.

Vikings: Valhalla, a sequel series that debuted in early 2022, provides a new angle on the Norse society, where a significant portion has adopted Christianity.

Set over 100 years after the original series, Valhalla introduces a new cast of characters navigating their own agendas in the changing world.

While it features impressive battles and cinematography, the series primarily explores the Danes’ internal struggles with their evolving beliefs and is rumored to depict the conclusion of the Viking era.

Valhalla is gaining momentum, as a third season has recently been confirmed. It’s distinct from Vikings Season 7, with an entirely different cast due to the time jump. However, if you’re curious about the next chapter in the story, you can watch it on Netflix.

Vikings Season 7 Release Date

Vikings Season 7 Release Date
Vikings Season 7 Release Date

The conclusion of Vikings Season 6 signified the culmination of the History Channel’s depiction of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons’ epic journey.

Nevertheless, the narrative persists with the second season of Vikings: Valhalla, ensuring the saga endures.

While Vikings Season 7 never came to fruition, this sequel/spinoff series returns viewers to the familiar setting of Kattegat.

As of now, there is no established premiere date for the series, as it has not been granted a renewal. But we can expect it somewhere between mid or late 2024.

Vikings Season 7 Cast

Vikings Season 7 Cast
Vikings Season 7 Cast

The original series featured amazing characters brought to life by incredibly talented actors such as Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, and Alexander Ludwig.

However, an important factor that made the idea of greenlighting Vikings Season 7 seem less appealing was that nearly all of the main Vikings characters met their death by the end of the final season.

On the other hand, Vikings: Valhalla brings forth a new group of actors as part of its ensemble cast. Sam Corlett takes on one of the lead roles as Leif Erikson, alongside Frida Gustavsson, who portrays his sister Freydís Eiríksdóttir.

They are among the last true Vikings as the series begins. Conversely, Leo Suter portrays Harald Sigurdsson, who is a Christian prince with Danish lineage.

While Valhalla does an admirable job as a Viking-themed show, it inevitably falls short when compared to the original, specially during the Norse Golden Age.

This is another reason why fans may have preferred Vikings Season 7 over a sequel. However, since that’s not on the table, Valhalla seems to be the next best option.

Vikings Season 7 Plot

Vikings Season 7 Plot
Vikings Season 7 Plot

Vikings, an immensely popular series, captivates its audience through a mix of warfare, drama, action, and adventure. At the core of this particular show lies the tale of Ragnar Lothbrok, whose exploits and journeys, accompanied by his family, including his spouse, sibling, and offspring, propel the storyline.

The characters in Vikings hold steadfast beliefs in their Norse deities, reflecting the deeply rooted spirituality of that era.

Additionally, the show incorporates a range of historical traditions and events, taking inspiration from the narratives of the Norse and Icelanders.

Spanning from the year 793 onward, Vikings embarks on a journey through several decades, immersing viewers in the world of the Vikings.

Instead of continuing with Vikings Season 7, which would have focused only on Ragnar’s sons, the History Channel made the decision to shift the narrative towards another equally tumultuous and violent chapter of Norse history.

The Vikings exerted a lasting cultural influence across Europe for many centuries, leaving behind a wealth of source material to draw upon.

By exploring a more extensive timeline, the show can delve into fresh and captivating narratives while shedding light on lesser-known facets of Viking history.

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Vikings Season 6 Quick Recap

Vikings Season 6 Quick Recap
Vikings Season 6 Quick Recap

The enthralling historical drama series Vikings came to its conclusion in its sixth and ultimate season, debuting on December 4, 2019, on the History Channel in Canada.

This season continues the sweeping narrative that revolves around Ragnar Lothbrok, his crew, and subsequently shifts its focus to the adventures of his sons.

Bjorn learns that he can no longer rely on his mother, Lagertha, who has her own agendas and schemes while he struggles with the duties of kingship. Ivar is simultaneously put in a precarious situation by the Kievan Rus, who are ruled by the harsh and unstable Prince Oleg.

Prince Oleg emerges as a formidable adversary, presenting perhaps the most significant challenge Ivar has ever faced.

Vikings Season 7 Rating And Review

Vikings Season 7 Rating And Review
Vikings Season 7 Rating And Review


If you haven’t seen the show yet and are unsure of its calibre, It’s very amazing, I can say that with absolute assurance! It boasts a amazing IMDb rating of 8.5/10, and on Rotten Tomatoes, it holds an 87% average audience score.

So, in my opinion, this show is worth watching. If you’re still on the fence about giving it a shot, you may want to read reviews from other people to gain more perspective.


Aside from the intense pain I get while saying goodbye to the characters I’ve grown to love over the course of six seasons, I am at a loss for words to fully laud this drama. It has amazing performances from a cast that is simply outstanding.

Vikings Season 7 Trailer

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a return date formally announced, thus there isn’t a new caravan either. We hear that filming hasn’t started yet, so there won’t be any immediate progress.

However, stay tuned here, as we assure you that we’ll provide the latest information as soon as we get any updates.

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