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What If Marvel: Marvel Zombies Just Made Black Panther’s Role Way Darker

 Black Panther role in what if marvel looks satisfying and dark


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What If Marvel

What If Is Ruining The MCU's Multiverse Opportunity After Loki
What If Is Ruining The MCU’s Multiverse Opportunity After Loki

Before jumping on anything that may sound new or unfamiliar, let us focus on the brief introduction of the What if marvel series.

With the new release of the highly anticipated movie “Deadpool” starring Ed Norton, Black Belt played by Bradley Cooper, and Diablo played by Anthony Michael Hall, it seems as if the Marvel fans have had their share of fun with what is being called the What if Marvel Zombies.

What if zombies were real, and they walked around right now in our world. I have a great idea… How about a what if marvel Zombie Black Belt? A black belt that transforms into a marvel zombie? Now that is a topic for a completely new marvel zombie movie.

I do not know about you, but I sure do not want to live inside a zombie future. I mean how people are going to survive.

These marvel zombies are after the flesh of human beings telecasted in blood and would eat anything that smells even slightly edible. I also know that these creatures are evil at running, so we will likely see many running around in the movies.

What if Series and Black Panther

what if the marvel
what if the marvel

Now that we know what is “what if marvel” series is all about, there would be hardly anything in a segment that could prohibit us from throwing some light on characters such as Black Panther

Those who are well versed with the evergreen character of Black Panther must not feel surprised to know that the black panther was there in the what-if series as a hero and even managed to survive the zombies in the first half.

However, to be more transparent in terms of facts, it is discovered in the second half that another black panther is found that can be evenly potential to fight against the zombies. 

The what-if marvel series unfolds many secrets and suspense’s, and hence, it could be said that it is the darkest movie that the viewers might come across.

However, episode 5 might not be much better, seeing as how an infected zombie had already begun to invade the nation of Wakanda by the episode’s end.

What If
What If


It is irrefutable to believe that what if marvel series is suspenseful and filled with new surprises for the viewers; however, it may be seen how well the heroes will be fighting with the zombies.

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