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When the Chainsaw Man anime comes out, based on everything we know?

The popular manga series will finally be adapted into an anime, and we can’t wait for gore to hit the screens.

There are not too many on the hot shelf as “Chainsaw Man” when it comes to hitting manga series. Brutally dark and gruesome, mixed with compelling characters, this manga written and illustrated by Fujimoto Tatsuki has taken the anime community by storm. If ever an anime adaptation was needed, Chainsaw Man tops that list.

Well, it’s good news for all the manga readers as Chainsaw Man is set for an anime adaptation. The information gets even better as MAPPA studios will be handling the transformation with a teaser already revealing the Chainsaw Man anime release date.

So, if you are a fan of action, gore and MAPPA studios, join me as we look into the essential details and everything we know about the Chainsaw Man.

What is the latest update on Chainsaw Man release date?

What is the latest update on Chainsaw Man release date
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As of writing, MAPPA studios have not confirmed the Chainsaw Man release date, but it’s expected to debut in October 2022. This would be the beginning of the Fall slate as most of the anime releases have already taken up the summer slate.

A small teaser released on 18th December 2021 on Jump Comics YouTube channel also cited the premiere in late 2022.

The Twitter page of Weekly Shonen Manga Jump tweeted earlier on 3rd December 2021 (@WSJ_Manga) that the second part of the manga and premier of the anime shall come out in October 2022. 

UPDATE: MAPPA released a special illustration announcing the release date for Chainsaw Man as October 2022. Check out below:

UPDATE: Chainsaw Man release date is officially confirmed as11th October 2022. Crunchyroll is streaming Chainsaw Man Episode 1 on Tuesday at 12:00 PM Eastern Time / 9:00 AM Pacific Time.


How many episodes will Chainsaw Man Season 1 will have?

How many episodes will Chainsaw Man Season 1 will have
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According to unofficial sources, it’s expected that the anime will run for a three-month programming block. With that being said, the first season can have at most 24 episodes as part of the first season. Assuming the broadcast is back-to-back, the show will run starting from October 2022 till March 2022.

With MAPPA studios at the helm of production, one can expect the Chainsaw Man to run on a weekly Sunday show as Sundays in Japan is a popular day for Shonen anime.

What is the manga update for Chainsaw Man?

When the Chainsaw Man anime comes out, based on everything we know
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Written and illustrated by Fujimoto, Tatsuki Chainsaw Man was first published in Weekly Shone Jump Magazine from December 2018 to December 2022.

There have been 11 Volumes and 97 Chapters released so far, with the last chapter coming out on 14th December 2020. The manga has sold more than 12 million copies as of December 2021 and won the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award in the shōnen category and the Harvey Awards in the Best Manga category.

What is the Plot of Chainsaw Man Season 1?

What is the Plot of Chainsaw Man Season 1
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The plot is set in a world where humans can form binding contracts with devils to use their powers. Contrary, some people are specialized in hunting and employing them called Devil Hunters.

Denji is a poverty-stricken guy who, after his father s’ death, is trying to repay a considerable debt. He forms a contract with Pochita, a devil dog that grants him the power to transform his body parts into power chainsaws.

He makes a living by doing menial jobs and killing Devils for the Yakuza from his newfound powers. He is betrayed by Yakuza and killed by the zombie devil, only for Pochita to sacrifice his life to save his master.

Denji has now turned into a Devil-Human Hybrid and reborn as the power Chainsaw Man. Without giving too much away, the plot follows his journey of killing Devils and forming relationships and realizing his dreams with other Devil Hunters.

Expectations from Chainsaw man by MAPPA studios.

Expectations from Chainsaw man by MAPPA studios.
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When MAPPA Studios are involved in any anime, the expectations are automatically high. Attack On Titans Final Season, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Vinland Saga are some of the best work to come out of MAPPA studios. With blood, violence and gore a central part of the story, it’s not surprising that MAPPA picked up Chainsaw Man.

MAPPA has already blown it away with Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titans’ Final season as fans heaped praises on the art style and quality of production. We can expect the same effort and resources to be utilized in the making of Chainsaw Man.

Furthermore, the teaser revealed a touch of CGI mixed with 2-D art setting up the backdrop of a dark and gory theme. Fans were worried about this particular art style, but it’s only used for the background and teaser; thus, it should not be a cause for concern.

Chainsaw Man Characters Voice Cast and Anime Staff

Chainsaw Man Characters Voice Cast and Anime Staff
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The anime staff working on Chainsaw Man will be as follows:

Staff  RolePreviously worked on
Ryuu NakayamaDirectorJujutsu Kaisen
Hiroshi Sekoscript directorDorohedoro
Kazutaka Sugiyamacharacter designerMushoku Tensei
Tatsuya Yoshiharaaction directorBlack Clover
Makoto Nakazono as thechief directorSSSS.Gridman
Kiyotaka Oshiyamadevil designerDevilman: Crybaby
Yuusuke Takedaart directorVinland Saga
Naomi Nakanocolour designerSword Art Online: Alicization
Youhei Miyahara  the layout designerScrapped Princess
Kensuke UshiocomposerDevilman: Crybaby
Keisuke Seshitaanimation producerJujutsu Kaisen

There is no official announcement regarding the Chainsaw man character’s voice cast. But according to many leaks, Chainsaw Man characters have been already pre-selected. This means that these voice actors are selected but could be changed as of now.The following is the proposed voice cast:

Character  Voice CastPreviously Voiced
DenjiNobuhiko OkamotoBakugo & Nishinoya
Aki HayakawaTakahiro SakuraiGiyu & Geto
PowerSumire UesakaNagatoro
MakimaYoko HikasaFrieda Reiss & Rias Gremory
HimenoKana HanezawaMitsuri
KobeniYumi UchiyamaRudeus & Emma
PochitaIkue OtaniPikachu & Chopper

To touch on the cast and crew, if you had any concerns regarding the action scenes, fret not, as Tatsuya Yoshihara is involved. He is famed for his action direction in Black Clover, and we can expect the same level in chainsaw man. Finally, Ikue Otani, for those who don’t know, is one of the best voice actors to play non-human characters, and she will be voicing Pochita, a significant character in Chainsaw Man.


When the Chainsaw Man anime comes out, based on everything we know
Source by Anime

Chainsaw Man, ever since the manga release, has been crying out for an anime adaption, and finally, we will get one. This anime could be another feather in the cap of MAPPA studios, as the hype and excitement are already massive for Chainsaw Man.

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