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Why Did Historia Get Pregnant in Attack on Titans?

Historia Pregnant is the new promising and distinctive topic or news you will probably witness in the well-known “Attack on Titans” series.


The most excellent title this week is “Historia Pregnant in Attack on Titan.” I hesitate to use the word “baby” in such a family-friendly title, but this is a family-friendly show.

For now, the focus should be ‘historia pregnant.’

Thin Insights

Many characters and situations make this a great show to watch with your children. The animation is superb, and I do not even want to talk about it.

The pilot opens up in the year 2497. A worldwide pandemic has caused a massive influx of people to Titan.

It has resulted in many young adults becoming parents, raising their children, and finally being titled “historia pregnant.”

As the baby is being born, Historia gets very nervous. After all, she knows all about pregnancy, and she is just worried that she might have done something wrong. She screams and cries in pain as the baby is born.

Why Did Historia Get Pregnant in Attack on Titans 1

Inside Crisp

We all acknowledge that historia is pregnant, but what was the inside crisp about it?

Historia pregnant is all about the plan delivered by Zeke. Zeke is a person you will counter with a male ego filled with adamancy and a baseless attitude.

Nevertheless, he was not sure the mastermind behind the Historia Pregnant. According to the beliefs and some factual theories, Historia decided mainly by herself.

However, Eren was the one who introduced Historia to the darker side of the clan of titans, wherein she told her about the reality of titans eating up the children. She suggested historia wait for some time. Meanwhile, eren could come up with some plan.

Everyone is amazed, and the baby soon falls to the ground.

She believes that if they bring the body, they may touch the baby, which could cause more harm than good and be known as ‘historia pregnant.’ They decide to leave the body and go back home.

A few days later, the baby sneezes again, so they decide to check it out. They are shocked when they find out that the baby is perfectly healthy.

They rush to the hospital and find that the mother is in labor. They could come through the birth successfully, and Historia Pregnant immediately felt like she was given another chance.


The best thing that could happen to a woman is to have a baby. She can finally start feeling like a real woman again. She gets pregnant in her second month, so this is a beautiful achievement.

All stress and worrying that Historia went through series have been taken off her shoulders before getting pregnant.

She now has a precious little responsibility to take care of, a brand new house to live in, and the title Historia pregnant.”


When Historia and her husband got a second chance, the second chance turned out just like the first.

They were able to have a baby, and the little child must look somewhat like his father. She even gets to attend the baby shower for the next baby and can get her title famous known as “historia pregnant.

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