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Why Does The CGI In John Wick Chapter 4 Final Scene Look So Fake?

Although John Wick Chapter 4 has been lauded by critics, its concluding CGI has been criticized by viewers for appearing unnatural.

Unexpectedly, the CGI at the ending of John Wick Chapter 4 looks unreal, considering the whole film has an impressive and sophisticated neo-noir style. The movie, directed by Chad Stahelski, is the fourth entry in the John Wick franchise, featuring Keanu Reeves as John Wick, who manages to take on the High Table after being reinstated into the Ruska Roma family and challenging the Marquis Vincent de Gramont to a duel.

Despite facing numerous assassins, soldiers, and other challenges from the Marquis, John Wick ultimately reaches the Sacre Coeur, picks up his dueling pistol, and walks his thirty paces.

For both John Wick and his dedicated followers who have witnessed his vengeful journey, the climax of John Wick 4 is a heart-pumping moment. From seeking revenge against the men who killed his wife’s dog to challenging the powerful High Table, each installment of the John Wick series has had its unique style and atmosphere crafted by the director and cinematographer.

The fourth movie is the epitome of their creative vision and is the most visually stunning of them all. Sadly, the ending of John Wick 4, particularly the part involving Wick and the Marquis’ proxy, Caine, is disappointingly lackluster.

In the last duel scene in John Wick 4, the CGI is completely off

In the last duel scene in John Wick 4, the CGI is completely off
In the last duel scene in John Wick 4, the CGI is completely off

After eliminating countless individuals across four films and harboring deep animosity towards the High Table’s practices, the final duel in John Wick Chapter 4 is a significant moment. Nonetheless, there is a discernible problem with the CGI in that particular sequence. Although it is meant to be set outside the Sacre Coeur church in Paris at sunrise, it appears to have been shot on a soundstage.

While the lighting on the actors looks satisfactory, the compositing is flawed. As a result, there is a slight shift in the atmosphere of the scene, causing the action to feel slightly out of place and less engaging than the rest of the movie.

If executed skillfully, compositing can merge two or more images to produce the illusion of a single image, and the outcome is often seamless. Visual effects (VFX) can be created with CGI, as in the instance of John Wick Chapter 4, or by using matting, multiple exposures, and blue and green screen techniques.

There may be several reasons why the duel in the movie was partially filmed on a soundstage with compositing, such as scheduling issues for the actors making it challenging to shoot on location. Ideally, compositing should be used to build worlds that can’t be achieved with practical effects, which makes it unusual that this was the only scene where that wasn’t feasible.

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The CGI Sunrise In John Wick Is An Weird Contrast To The Fantastic Cinematography

The CGI Sunrise In John Wick Is An Weird Contrast To The Fantastic Cinematography
The CGI Sunrise In John Wick Is An Weird Contrast To The Fantastic Cinematography

Certainly, without a doubt, it is widely acknowledged that the cinematography in John Wick Chapter 4 is nothing short of breathtaking, surpassing even the impressive visuals of the previous films in the franchise. The use of the Large Format camera, specifically the ARRI-LF, imbues the movie with a sense of richness, depth, and sophistication, setting it apart from other action movies in terms of visual quality.

The result is a grandiose, almost mythological atmosphere that amplifies the storyline and heightens the experience for the viewer. The meticulous attention to detail, from the carefully chosen color palettes to the clever use of wide-angle lenses and the fluidity of the long, sweeping takes, all contribute to the distinctive aesthetic of the John Wick movies, making them truly memorable.

As such, the slight discrepancy in the CGI sunrise in the final scene of John Wick 4 stands out even more, detracting from the overall visual experience of the film.

John Wick Chapter 4 represents the culmination of director Chad Stahelski’s extensive experience directing movies in the John Wick franchise, spanning almost a decade, and cinematographer Dan Laustsen’s expertise in bringing his ultimate vision to life.

The film’s stunning appearance and scope are a testament to the team’s hard work, dedication, and years of experience crafting action-packed movies that leave audiences in awe. Even though some audiences have noted the questionable compositing in the final scene, the film’s overall box office success is undoubtedly well-deserved.

With each new John Wick movie, the franchise’s team has learned from their past successes and failures, pushing themselves to bring something fresh and unexpected to the table.

The filmmakers’ dedication to the franchise’s aesthetics is evident in every aspect of the film, from the use of wide-angle lenses and precisely chosen color palettes to the long cuts that make up the breathtaking action sequences. Therefore, if there’s ever a John Wick 5, fans can expect it to surpass the previous installments and blow them away with even more spectacular action and visuals.

What Happened At The End Of John Wick Chapter 4, is John Wick dead?

What Happened At The End Of John Wick Chapter 4, is John Wick dead
What Happened At The End Of John Wick Chapter 4, is John Wick dead

In John Wick Chapter 4, the main character faces his toughest fight to date, which makes his sudden death, in the end, all the more unexpected. While it may seem abrupt as his gunshot wounds do not seem to hit any crucial body parts, the intense physical abuse he experiences during his journey to the church, including being hit by multiple vehicles and falling down numerous stairs, may have contributed to his demise.

This turn of events may suggest that the previously announced John Wick Chapter 5 may not happen, as implied by the events in Chapter 4.

John Wick Chapter 4 provides a satisfying conclusion to Wick’s journey and delivers some of the franchise’s most awe-inspiring action sequences. However, it provides the possibility for the character to make a comeback.

The film implies that Wick may have faked his death, choosing to appear deceased rather than risk further danger from the High Table and other assassins. While viewers can currently assume that John is truly gone, the ambiguous ending provides enough room for a potential fifth film.

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