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Why [SPOILER] Has The Infinity Stones In What If Episode 7’s Ending

What if the series has yet to reveal a lot about different episodes.

Due to the evergreen phenomena of human evolution regarding different areas, the scope of “questioning” has been witnessed on the verge.

According to different scientists, there has been an eminent growth in some crucial parts of our brain.

The sole reason behind it is that to be successful in life. We must hold command over our questioning power and ensure that the curiosity remains alive in our minds.

Similarly, this article is based on the questioning substance, which contains queries related to the what-if series.

The known what if series has been specially made to develop and enrich the habit of curiosity in young blood.

Inside story of what-if series

What If Is Ruining The MCU's Multiverse Opportunity After Loki
What If Is Ruining The MCU’s Multiverse Opportunity After Loki

In What If episodes that premiere later this year, we will find out that Shuri’s plan to have the one’s in his army defect to the army of the Others was foiled by some Other’s.

In this particular question of spoilers, one very intriguing thing happens, after the Other’s arrive at the base and confront Malory and Rose, they are stopped just as they are about to execute their mission.

They retreat, leaving behind a van containing a stash of gems. Why does this happen? Who knows, but the episode ends with a strange, foreshadowing question.

Will we find out what the gems are in What If episode 8?

The spoilers

What If
What If

We will get to find out soon enough, so hang on to your seat. In What If episode 7, we see that Shuri is meeting with his Other self, and here he learns that the gems are not for him but for someone he refers to as “the girl.”

Now, this makes one wonder where did she come from. She looks exactly like an “elephant”, as described by Alice in Wonderland (I think that is the name she goes by).

In addition, in a fit of foreshadowing, we see Shuri give her gemstones to “the girl,” who then transforms herself into a young woman – the same look as Alice’s young self.

So now, we learn that the “girl” is the mother of one of the characters in the show, Lincoln.

There is also a reference to a mysterious “woman” who is very important in the episode.

However, why does this important character have such important information?

Why was she the one who led Shuri to meet his other self and perform the ritual where the others came from?

These are all great questions that are answered in What If episodes 7 and 8.

We also learn that “Lincoln” was one of the many who were transformed into the “thing” they now seek in the final scene.

Final scene

What If
What If

In the final scene, Lincoln tells Shuri he does not need the MCU infinity stones and that he already knows the answer to which he needs answers.

In the previous episode, Lincoln also said that he would go with “the crowd” if there was something that they needed.

In what-if episodes 7, Lincoln finds out that the crowd is the Many that were turned into the Infinity Gems.

In the final scene, Lincoln discovers why it was converted into gems in the first place.

The Others’ gemstones are the key to unlock the world’s secrets and the reason why the boy was taken away from his home and never returned.

However, how did the “courageous” boy lose his courage, and why was he taken away in the first place? Is he the real culprit behind the whole situation?

The MCU infinity stones clue is the key to uncovering the mystery that was gripping the show and the reason why the show’s main characters, Lincoln and Shuri, did not know the answers to the questions they were faced with.

Why is this mystery still a mystery to the audience?


The answers that were revealed in the previous episodes may be evident to everyone, but it may take some time for some people to watch the episodes again and figure out what is really going on.

The theories that were posted online about the Infinity gems were also very intriguing.

The courtesy of MCU infinity stones in what-if and Ultron voice in the supreme character of Ultron will definitely be one of the most talked-about shows in the future.

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