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Breaking News: First Look At Jane Foster’s & Thor Costume Revealed From Thor: Love and Thunder

We all wondered that in phase 4, there is no avenger movie, but we think that Thor love and thunder is an avenger level movie, But the real question is what would happen that Jane Would become the mighty Thor. This is also a question that would Chris Hemsworth be any longer be thor, so we want to say that it is not a sequel movie. It is an origin movie of mighty thor so let’s get into it.

New merchandise for Thor: Love and Thunder offers the first look at Jane Foster’s look as Mighty Thor. Directed by Taika Waititi, the project will reunite him with Chris Hemsworth on the heels of Thor: Ragnarok‘s success. Announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, the project will be the first and only fourth solo film in the MCU.


As known by the controversy after Thor the dark world, Natalie portman was angry with the decision to remove patty Jenkins from MCU and not let her directing Thor 3. As a result, she refused to work on a further project of Thor Ragnarok, and as a result, she was not there in Thor Ragnarok, and even in the endgame, they used old shots of Thor the dark world, but now she is returning, and we would see her in MCU.

Comic book origin

Thor 4 New set photos shows Thor's impressive physique and Taika Waititi Korg
Credit – Marvel

In comics, due to Nick Fury, Thor becomes unworthy, and as a result, he could no longer lift Mjolnir even every god became unworthy, and no one was able to move Mjolnir. But the world needed Thor to save them, and finally, Jane picks up the Mjolnir. At this moment, no one could accept jane as Thor at this time no one knew who was the new Thor.

At this time, she was not only fighting enemies. She was also battling cancer. Whenever she lifts the hammer, her treatment would be back to zero, and as a result, she has to start her medicine from the beginning again. Hence if she continues to be Thor, she could die. But she still continues to be the thor and let herself suffer as any other hero, which was why Mjolnir thinks that she is worth it.

What happens to thor during this time

In comics during this time, Thor was unworthy, and Menelik cuts his one hand. But in MCU, Thor becomes unworthy because Thor became unworthy in comics is a long storyline of more than two events. So if they want to give Mjolnir to Jane, they have to make Thor unworthy? This could happen, but they can also show Thor to let Jane keep Mjolnir because Thor doesn’t need Mjolnir any longer, and the hammer is safe with jane as she gave Asgard to valkyrie.

How might Mjolnir come back?

MCU Why Thor's Power Levels Change So Much In Infinity War
Credit – Marvel

As told by Comicon, that doctor’s strange multiverse of madness would speak about the multiverse in MCU so that Mjolnir might come from other dimensions thor.

About Thor

MCU Why Thor's Power Levels Change So Much In Infinity War
Credit – Marvel

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, God of Thunder is known as Thor. Thor is the person who capable of Mjolnir, capable of the king as a role in Asgard, member of Avengers, and the least important thing is he is a kind king.

He is the person in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who lost every thing one by one. In Thor Dark World, he lost his mother, in Thor Ragnarok, he lost his father, sister, and one eye, in starting of Avengers infinity war he lost his little brother and half of Asgard and at the and he lost half universe. So, this is the reason for Thor to go into depression and muscular Thor become fat Thor by alcohol.

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