Will Gangsta Anime Come Back With A Second Season? Here you’ll find everything about Gangsta Anime Season 2

Originally, Gangsta was a manga series written by Mr. Kohse Shinakosa. The manager series was published by Comic Magzine in 2011(gangsta anime). The manga series became quite popular and was later adapted as an anime series with the same title. Gangsta anime season one turned out to be a massive hit, and now fans are eagerly waiting for Gangsta season 2. The latest updates about the Gangsta anime season 2 plot, release date, and cast are here.

All about Gangsta Anime series

Will Gangsta Anime Come Back With A Second Season

After the Gangsta anime received such a great response from the audiences, the makers created to add an audio series and a novel to the Gangsta franchise. When season one of Gangsta was released, fans assumed it to be a crime anime series, but it does not belong to the genre entirely.

Gangsta anime was directed by Shokhu Murase and Keiichi Hatsumi and licensed by Madman Entertainment, Funimation, and Anime Limited. Judging by the title of the series, fans thought the series would be a normal crime drama. However, Gangsta turned out to be more than an average crime show and set the bar higher than expected.

In a very brief timeframe, Gangsta anime gained a lot of popularity and fandom. By the time season one finished airing, fans were already eager for Gangsta season 2. However, the fans haven’t received any update regarding the renewal of the Gangsta anime series.

Why are there no updates regarding Gangsta Anime season 2?

Will Gangsta Anime Come Back With A Second Season

Gangsta season one got a positive reaction from both critics and the audience. Then why is there no confirmation of Gangsta season 2? Will the anime series be renewed? The reason why fans haven’t received any update regarding the release of Gangsta season 2 is that the production house of the series has gone bankrupt since 2015. According to the reports, Manglobe is knee-deep in debt of 350 million yen.

Gangsta season 1 was the last show produced by Manglobe, and then the production house went bankrupt. Therefore, Gangsta season 2 hasn’t been officially announced so far. Furthermore, the finale of the series took a very controversial turn and the ratings for season one weren’t so great either. However, fans are still hanging on to the hopes of getting a second season of the Gangsta anime series.

Well, we have some news for all the Gangsta fans. The author of the anime series is sick ever since season one of Gangsta ended. So far, he hasn’t written the plot or story for Gangsta anime season 2. Even if the author somehow writes a story, let’s not forget that Manglobe Animation studio has gone bankrupt. So it may be long before the Gangsta season 2 arrives. 

The storyline of the Gangsta Anime series

Will Gangsta Anime Come Back With A Second Season

The show’s plot follows two professional soldiers – Nicholas Brown and Warrick Arganzo, also known as the Keepers of the city. Both partners live in the city of Ergastalam and are quite popular among the residents of the city. Even police officers, government officials, and politicians reach out to them when they need help.

Nick was more like a personal guard to Warrick. He was a witness to all the crimes his father committed. Twenty years ago, Nick slewed Vicky’s cruel family in pure psychotic rage after Witness’s father shoved a cigarette in his left eye. Therefore, Nick wears a patch over his left eye to this day. He suffers from hyperthermia and keeps an M19 gun. Kenjiro Tsuda voices the character of Nicholas Brown in Japanese and Brandon Potter in English.

Gangsta season 1 aired from 1 July 2015 to 27 September 2015 and had 12 episodes in total. Animated by the Manglobe Animation Studios, the Gangsta anime series may appear as a series with complex plotlines. However, as you move forward in the series, you can better understand what the show is about.

Will the makers renew the Gangsta Anime series?

Will Gangsta Anime Come Back With A Second Season

If you are a soft-hearted person and like light and fun anime series, then the Gangsta anime series is not your cup of tea. The show features explicit violence in its episodes. With only 12 episodes in the first season, the series has covered a lot of plot.

So far, there are no trailer, teaser, or visuals revealed for Gangsta season 2. It doesn’t look like the markers of the show will be giving any updates about the release of the teaser or the trailer of gangsta season 2 anytime soon. Hopefully, fans will receive a Trailer or teaser for Gangsta season 2 soon if the season gets the green light. Till then, keep calm, and we will inform you if we get any updates about Gangsta anime season 2.

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