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Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2: Release Date, Manga, Plot, Updates, And Everything We Know

Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2, will it happen?

Original animes have their fair share of criticism, but one can’t deny the effort and creativity that goes into it to meet the fans’ demands.

While adapting preexisting material like manga or light novel continues to be the trend, original anime produced by studios are highly anticipated.

As part of the Winter 2023 slate, Asahi Productions’ original series, Giant Beasts of Ars, made its way to the small screens.

The premise is set in a world called Ars wherein Humans have been waging an endless war against massive beasts who scrouge their lands of resources.

To combat these ravages, humanity has champions called Nagimori who fight using the powers of Kannagi that grant magical abilities capable of uncontrolled destruction.

In an age of swords, heroes, and mythology, humans hunt giant beasts for profit.

The story follows a former Nagimori named Jiiro and a young Nagimori called Kuumi, who has just awakened her magical powers.

The pair form a contract and save a nearby city from a beast attack wherein Jiiro learns that Kuumi has escape from a lab and is hunted by the research facility.

Unsure of the sudden findings about Kuumi, Jiiro reluctantly agrees to help her flee from her pursuers. 

During their travels, they find a new partner called Maya, a young girl with a cat headdress.

The trio of unlikely friends travels around the Ars land amidst the top official scheming plans as they learn that beasts aren’t the real threats after all.

Giant Beasts of Ars Season One was received with mixed reviews, but fans who enjoyed the original series are wondering if there will be a second installment or not.

Keep scrolling to stay updated with the latest news and updates on the highly-anticipated Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2.

Giant Beasts of Ars is rated 6/10 and ranked #8831 with 40k members on MyAnimeList


WHAT IS The Giant Beasts of Ars SEASON 2 release date
Source by Asahi Productions

Giant Beasts of Ars Season One aired from 7th January 2023 to 25th March 2023 for 12 episodes.

As of writing, there is no update from studio Asahi Productions on the renewal of Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2.

Giant Beasts of Ars Season 17th January 2023
Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2Yet to be Announced

Production Studios consider various financial and commercial metrics before announcing a renewal.

As mentioned earlier, Giant Beasts of Ars Season One was a below-average original anime series which failed to impress fans and critics alike. 

Despite having an interesting premise and decent artwork, the series suffers from what most original animes suffer from, i.e., execution which feels uninspired and monotonous.

Excluding the reviews and ratings, another crucial factor for renewal will be the availability of studio and source material.

Currently, Studio Asahi Productions has listed two projects, i.e., B-Project Netsuretsu*Love Call~ (2023) and Gushing over Magical Girls (2024).

While the studio can produce maximum of two animes a year, its not known to do sequels which could spell bad news for fans hoping for Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2.

However, the biggest concerning point when it comes to original anime renewals is the lack of source material which is also the case with Giant Beasts of Ars.

Also, Ars no Kyojuu manga only began serialization on 27th January 2023, which isnt ideal for a swift renewal.

The only good news for Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2 is that the first season ended on a cliffhanger which could be a possible reason for the studio to return unless it seeks other lucrative projects.

All in All, considering the poor ratings and the studio s’ renewal track record, coupled with the series being an original, Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2 won’t be happening anytime soon.

Hence expecting any updates on Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2 trailer and the Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2 release date could be a pointless wait.


_ Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2 PLOT
Source by Asahi Productions

In the final episode of Giant Beasts of Ars Season One, “The Ring s’ Judgement,” Giant beasts are rampaging, which spawns other giant beasts.

In the latest episode, Facade and Old Man Zen engage in a fierce battle, resulting in both of them taking each other out. To add to the excitement, Ms. Kumi, the kind lady after whom our Kumi was named in the first episode, makes a surprise appearance.

In a heartwarming moment, Melan and Myaa return the promise ring to Kumi, while Myaa undergoes a transformation and grows into an adult.

Kumi taps into the ring’s true power and takes down the giant beast and all of the other spawned beasts with it.

The episode ends with a massive portal opening in the sky and numerous beasts ready to attack humans again.

Since the manga was released just a few weeks after the premier of season one, no official plot is available for Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2.

However, since the finale ended with a cliffhanger, the creators have left it open on whether to completed the story with a movie or promote a future Gacha game.

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Source by Asahi Productions

It’s worth noting that Giant Beasts of Ars is directed by Akira Oguro and scripted by Norimitsu Kaiho, two talented individuals who have helped bring this captivating series to life.

Characters are designed by Hiroshi Shimizu and Masato Kato while the music is composed by Akinari Suzuki and Shijii Katayama.

Animatino is produced by studio Asahi Productions, with Emi Sotoya serving as art director.

The opening theme song for Giant Beasts of Ars, titled “Hengen Jizai,” was performed by Penguin Research, while Harumi lent her voice to the ending theme song, “Na mo Nai Hana” or “The Nameless Flower.”

You can find the list of Ars no Kyojuu characters and voice cast below:

 KuumiHina Yomiya
 JiiroToshiyuki Morikawa
 Kuumi KatsuAkeno Watanabe
 TsurugiAsami Seto
 MezamiAtsushi Tamaru
 MeranHiromu Mineta
 KirisuKanato Watai
 ZenKenichi Ogata
 GuunKenji Nomura
 KuryunesuMasaaki Mizunaka
TōkaMayu Aoyagi
 GouzaMotomu Kiyokawa
FaçadeRyōta Takeuchi
BabanTakahiro Shimada
BakuraTakayuki Sugo as
 SharutoWakana Kuramochi
 RomanaYōko Hikasa
 MyaaYū Serizawa
 DeagleItaru Yamamoto
 AhlimKōhei Yanagi


Source by Asahi Productions

The prospect of Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2 happening is very slim due to studio Asahi Productions s’ lack of renewal and poor season one ratings.

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