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5 Reasons Why Thor got fat in Avengers: Endgame?

Hello, friends; welcome back to Today we will talk about the fat Thor in avengers endgame. Many people just hated the fact that their favorite Thor was fat in an epic movie where two of marvel Trinity were at their peak, but Thor was nerfed down. It is said that it was fat-shaming, and they just used Thor as comic relief.

Marvel never wanted to fat shame, so calling it fat Thor is offensive; hence that form is named Viklin Thor Officially. Now here we will write why this happened with Thor. (These are our views. If you have a different perspective, feel free to use the comment section. We would love to read your opinions, and if they were great, we would love to feature them in this article)

  1. Thor Character in MCU

If you observe that Thor has lost his family and was always losing them in Thor the dark world, he lost his mother who died protecting his Girlfriend (Jane).

After that, in Thor Ragnarok, he lost his father Odin first Because of Loki to make sure that Thor never sits on The Throne. In the same Movie, we were also told that Jane had dumbed Thor even though Thor said it was a mutual breakup, but it wasn’t as depicted by Loki’s hand gesture, then he had To kill his very own sister and destroy his home.

After that, in Avengers Endgame, he lost his best friend (Heimdal), his brother (Loki), who was saving him and half of the Asgardians because he decided to destroy Asgard. After that, he has not gone for the head in the final fight with Thanos because he wanted to have Thanos’s last words. As a result, Thanos snapped, and half of the universe just turned into dust because of him. His guilt was depicted when Tony arrived on earth, and the avengers were having a conversation. At that moment, he was just pissed and thinking about his mistake.

  1. Thor is Most Powerful Avenger

Everyone thought that why only Thor was depressed in Avengers Endgame. In contrast, everyone else was optimistic. This was because every other avenger gave their best even though the banner could not transform into the hulk. Still, he was fighting in hulk buster and killed a Thanos army general (skull obsidian). They remained positive because they gave their best, but thor didn’t.

He staked half of the universe just because of his vengeance. His failure led him into depression, and he started drinking wine to forget what all happened. This reached to level that he didn’t even want to listen to Thanos’s name in the new Asgard. He just wanted to forget what all happened because of him, and to escape from reality, he just chose alcohol so that he could happen what all happened, and alcohol made him fat.

  1. Marvel Didn’t want Over Powered Hero.

During the Avengers infinity war, It was visible that Thor is stronger than Thanos with 6 Infinity stones with him. Now, if Thor would be at his full potential, he would have easily killed Thanos, and we could not see an epic battle of avengers. Ruso’s brother knew That over Powered hero could quickly destroy the Movie. That was the reason why Captain Marvel was away from the Movie till the battle.

Justice League was destroyed because superman just ended the last battle easily. If Captain Marvel and Thor were at their full potential, the final battle would have ended as the way Thanos was killed at the beginning of the Movie.

  1. Future Thor Movie

Marvel had an opportunity to experiment with Thor because he has more movies to come. Still, Iron man and Captain America had their last Movie, so their complete story arc was to be completed, but for Thor, he has more movies, and now we could see him working out in his next Movie.

  1. Motivation

According to the original script, Thor would have lost his weight before the final battle and have been back in shape. Still, Chris Hemsworth opposed the idea and wanted to present himself as a motivation and source of inspiration to people fighting with obesity and wanted to project that even though you may be fat, you can still be a hero.

I hope you will enjoy reading the article and learn new things and knowledge. If you have any queries related to anything, please make shower to comment and if you like this article, then share it with friends and family and be nice to people. Thank you

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