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23 marvel movies that have a great collection on box office

Hello, friends; welcome back to today. We are going to Explore the box office collection of all marvel movies in total, 23 movies have released till now and in infinity saga. There is a total of 22 movie collections, and plus one movie is Spider-Man: Far From Home.


Start our article name 23 marvel movies that have a great collection on the box office.

23 marvel movies that have a great collection on box office

As we as a whole realize that Marvel possessed by The Walt Disney Company, we likewise are known as Disney is an American, expanded global broad communications and amusement combination headquartered is distributed at the Walt Disney Studios complex in BurbankCalifornia.

Suppose we look at the All-Time Worldwide Box Office movie collection by The Walt Disney Company. In the top 10 list of All-Time Worldwide Box Office movie collections, Disney holds eight movies(in table 1.1) right including Marvel movies and Disney movies itself.

Box Office
12019Avengers: Endgame$2,797,800,564Disney
(20th Century)
42015Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens$2,065,478,084Disney
52018Avengers: Infinity War$2,048,359,754Disney
62015Jurassic World$1,670,400,637Universal
72019The Lion King$1,656,141,579Disney
82015Furious 7$1,518,722,794Universal
92012The Avengers$1,515,100,211Disney
102019Frozen II$1,447,549,711Disney
Table 1.1

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films are a movement of American saint films conveyed by Marvel Studios reliant on characters that appear in disseminations by Marvel Comics. The MCU is the common universe wherein the entirety of the movies are set. It is the most noteworthy netting film establishment ever, earning over $22.5 billion in the worldwide film industry. This incorporates Avengers: Endgame, which is the most noteworthy earning film ever.

Marvel has giant fan bass because they delivered a superhero story different and unique way. Each person shows for the first time they came easily understand story and potline and become a marvel fan if a person becomes a marvel fan then they watch all marvel movie and by this Disney earn massive money by Marvel.

Marvel Studios delivers its movies in bunches called “Phase.” In total, there were three-phase(Table1.2)

Here we go list of marvel movie collection

Num.Year Movie Worldwide
Box Office Collection
Phase – 1
1May 2, 2008Iron Man$585,171,547
2June 13, 2008The Incredible Hulk$265,573,859
3May 7, 2010Iron Man 2$621,156,389
4May 6, 2011Thor$449,326,618
5July 22, 2011Captain America: The First Avenger$370,569,776
6May 4, 2012Marvel’s The Avengers$1,515,100,211
Phase – 2
7May 3, 2013Iron Man 3$1,215,392,272
8Nov. 8, 2013Thor: The Dark World$644,602,516
9April 4, 2014Captain America: The Winter Soldier$714,401,889
10August 1,2014Guardians of the Galaxy$770,846,264
11May 1, 2015Avengers: Age of Ultron$1,396,099,202
12July 17, 2015Ant-Man$518,858,449
Phase – 3
13May 6, 2016Captain America: Civil War$1,153,284,349
14November 4, 2016Doctor Strange$676,404,566
15May 5, 2017Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2$869,113,101
16July 7, 2017Spider-Man: Homecoming$880,166,350
17November 3, 2017Thor: Ragnarok$853,958,289
18February 16, 2018Black Panther$1,341,912,319
19April 27, 2018Avengers: Infinity War$2,048,359,754
20July 6, 2018Ant-Man and the Wasp$623,144,660
21March 8, 2019Captain Marvel$1,129,729,839
22April 26, 2019Avengers: Endgame$2,797,800,564
23July 2, 2019Spider-Man: Far From Home$1,129,950,101
Tabel 1.2

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