What if Sony purchased Marvel in 1998?

It is sure that in your top favorite superhero list, some superhero characters belong to marvel Entertainment, and in some cases, all superheroes belong to Marvel Entertainment. Marvel word means that filled with wonder or astonishment, and the same thing also deliver by Marvel Cinematic Univers to viewers thought Marvel movies. We never imaging a world without MCU it delivers us pleasure because Marvel movie is a possibility such as for now it is impossible to have Iron Man suit. Still, it might be possible that Elon Musk invents the Iron Man suit in reality or by another person in the future.

In around 1998, Marvel company in the line of bankruptcy from out of this type situation Sony Pictures approach to Marvel and offer a deal to buy all of Spiderman universe right at $7 million,

In retain marvel offer Sony Pictures to buy all Marvel Entertainment characters including Iron man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Thanos, Deadpool, Black Widow, Hawkeye, etc. at $25 million, and excluded X-Men because that 1993, Marvel sold its X-men right including Fantastic Four to 20th Century Fox Studios. But Sony pictures replay that.

Nobody gives a shit about any of the other Marvel Cinematic Univers characters; go back and do a deal for only Spider-Man.”

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What an egoistic decision.

At that time CEO of Marvel & Current Chairman wanted to sell their characters because, at that time, Marvel earns by selling comics in public or sell its character right to other companies. DC belongs to Warner Bros. It means DC has enough money to make a movie on its character, but for Marvel Entertainment, it is a much difficult task due to the shortage of funds. Finally, the deal is made between Marvel Entertainment and Sony Pictures, and they both agreed to a Spidey-only $10 million. What a chance to lose by sony “it is true that if you got something ahead of time, you wouldn’t value it” the same things go with Sony.

After that, many superhero movies came and goes hit, such as Spider-Man, so Marvel decided to launch its universe buy this Marvel Enterprise decided to make a movie at any cost. Marvel Enterprise took a loan chose to make a movie. At last, they agreed to two superhero characters to make the movie one was Iron Man, and the second was Ant-man. Still, they decided to make a movie on Iron Man because starting Marvel Enterprise wants to make a scientific movie. In the end, Marvel Enterprise agreed to make a movie on Iron Man due to Robert Downey, Jr.

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After releasing the Iron Man movie, it was a massive success for Marvel Enterprise. After that, Disney approach Marvel Enterprise to buy the whole company after this Marvel Entertainment and Disney and both agreed to at $4 billion. After that, we know that the success of Marvel becomes a billion-dollar company. In the end, Disney purchased 20th Century Fox Studios it means all characters come back to Marvel except Spider-Man.

What if Sony had said yes to Marvel? Then we this type of movie because Sony main focus is to earn money by the cinema. Still, Disney wants from us to become a fan of superhero and delver heart touching movie. In retaining them from selling movies, toys, t-shirt, making parks for children, etc., we quickly see the difference between Disney and Sony.

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